First-born, sandwich children tick, nest: the Birth order says about your child

Firstborn: weakness show the Oldest children are often perfectionist, it's hard to give things out of Hand. You rules and regulations are usually very importa

First-born, sandwich children tick, nest: the Birth order says about your child
Firstborn: weakness show

the Oldest children are often perfectionist, it's hard to give things out of Hand. You rules and regulations are usually very important. You need to learn that even the best previously-organised Plan can fail. Some things can't be forced. You will need to be patient and take the time to ask your child from start to finish to go through. Through talk to you for a different solution paths for a Problem. You consider together with your child, as a Plan B, C or D might look like.

For the first-born, it is typical to want things that you have made yourself, be sure to reach. First-born to touch your life often as a struggle, it's about Winning. You show your child, therefore, whenever it is possible, that it doesn't have to be perfect to get your recognition and love. Parents can be a good role model and person show by admit own mistakes and weaknesses and your child to live that error for the life that you don't succeed at everything directly, and that this is not the end of the world. Remember, you are the role model for your child. There is no brother or no sister can Orient where it. It looks up to you.

If you pay attention, you can contribute effectively to the fact that her eldest child is slightly better from the expectations and demands of others delimit. Take the time to make as a parent with your oldest child is also something alone. The first-born of the undivided need to be together with their parents. Make sure your aging first-born not to charge more and more responsibilities. Take it to him rather and transfer to the Younger.

sandwich children: Aware

exercise Middle children often feel under pressure. You can feel squeezed in their role. There is not only the parents, the authority of broadcasting and life experience, but also an older sibling. And then it's tick, there is still the sweet little nest. The middle child is too young for the privileges and too old for pranks and jokes. This pressure leads to the fact that middle children often feel superfluous and inappropriate.

they Strive, therefore, to convey to him a sense of peculiarity. They ensure that there are in your photo album of pictures of your middle child. They also make time to take pictures of your child without seeing his brothers and sisters. A clear to him and to small privileges. Take, for example, in the case of a registration once only your middle child and you use the time to get into the conversation. Listen carefully when your child tells you something and explains. It often has the desire to displace conflicts, and to avoid, because it wants to attract any attention. Ask your middle child in his opinion. A tie in decisions. You can provide your child with many opportunities to Express his feelings, and sensations to communicate. Make your child the courage, controversial and sensitive topics and feelings.

don't Leave it with a "How are you?" between the door and the Angel. You take your time. To ask and stay tuned. You meet up with your middle child. You lead a conversation among four eyes. For medium-sized children's friendships are particularly important. Because it may be that it occurs at home is superfluous, a take friends a big priority. To promote and support these friendships, invite his friends to his home. This is also a good way to show your middle child, it is in your family is welcome and belongs.

youngest member of the family: autonomy promote

the Youngest children often experience parents who are more compliant than their older siblings. You have to press more of an eye than for Large ones. Parents have the desire, your favorite the way of life to pave especially, after all it is "Small". This quickly leads to parents removing their youngest child things and tasks for your child to take that could it myself. The acceptance to help your child with this, however, is a fallacy. So quickly can give the impression that "The world revolves around me."

Especially last-born children must learn to become self-reliant and independent and to not rely on parents or older siblings. You don't make your child therefore easily. You are transferring to him responsibility for what it can create itself. They will ensure that it takes small household duties and other work for it, because it is so small and "helpless". Make sure that even your youngest child adheres to the family rules.

On the other hand, it is important that your child is between the "Big" below. Youngest children can sometimes have the impression that "I'm not important". Everything, what does your youngest child have done the other before. Development steps tend to be taken at the edge note of that and not so greatly celebrated. Expose the services of your youngest child, therefore, from time to time. To hang the "artwork" your child will be visible to all, so that it is represented on an equal footing with the big brothers and sisters.

Every child in the view

Basically, it is so important to be attentive to each individual child in view and to reflect on the own educational behaviour. The Knowledge of the sibling constellation can also be a good help. However, this is only a piece of the Puzzle from the overall picture of a person. Just as the educational behaviour of the parents is, of course, the way each family lives their everyday family life and the individual personality of each child a role. Every child is different and unique.

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