Arrowheadlines: Chiefs should trade for Brandin Cooks, if they are available

Headlines from the Chiefs on Thursday, October 28

Arrowheadlines: Chiefs should trade for Brandin Cooks, if they are available

The pros and cons of a Brandin Cooks Trade for KC

Yates is right to point out Cooks' talent and cost, which would make him an excellent fit for many teams. That's also true for K.C. He's also a proven playmaker. Cooks is a proven playmaker and currently leads the Texans in all receiving categories without any other player. Cooks is the only danger target on the team, so it's amazing that he can produce any amount of anything. He should see two teams each week and have a game plan that nullifies his effectiveness.

Cooks is the only threat to the Texans' passing game. He has 45 catches and 64 targets in 2021, for 502 receiving yards in just 7 games. These numbers are not exactly Pro Bowl-caliber, except for one touchdown. However, as an offensive unit, it isn't as if the Texans are reaching the end zone every so often.

Cooks, a former first round pick, should be well-known in Chiefs Kingdom. He has accumulated five seasons of at least 1,000 yards receiving despite his extensive travels.

Kansas City Chiefs C Austin Blythe to Dallas Cowboys

Kansas City gets: Pick 2022 in the seventh round

Dallas receives: C Austin Blythe

Many veterans are traded after being supplanted with surprisingly talented rookies. This is what happened to Austin Blythe when the Chiefs signed him for the veteran minimum $990,000 guaranteed. Blythe will not be able to meet the $760,000 performance incentive. Blythe has not seen a snap since the Chiefs selected Oklahoma's center Creed Humphrey, in the second round 2021 NFL draft. He quickly established himself as a solid starter throughout camp and into the regular-season.

Blythe is not a strong starter on the offensive line. There's a reason why he was eligible for the veteran minimum. But he was a three year starter at center and guard for the Rams prior to signing with the Chiefs. He could replace a few of the currently rostered center in the league, such as Cowboys center Tyler Biadasz who has struggled tremendously in his second year as a professional. Failed snaps between Biadasz, quarterback Dak Prescott, have been so common that Jerry Jones was asked about them earlier this month. Biadasz's pass defense, even after a successful snap is a disappointment, is also a problem. Connor McGovern, the Cowboys' backup interior offensive lineman, has been practicing snapping in practice. This is a clear indication that they are open to other options but has apparently also struggled with it. The position of center in Dallas is worth watching, considering Jones's history with trade deadline acquisitions (Amari Cooper (2018), Michael Bennett Jr. 2019 Eli Ankou 2020).

7 - Patrick Mahomes


While he is helping the Chiefs to stay afloat financially, he isn't playing very smart. While everyone would be quick to sign up for his gifts right now, the decision-making is poor enough that we prefer other gunslingers. (-3)

10 Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs * 5 Year Anniversary

2021 stats: 7 games | 67.5 pct | 2,093 pass yds | 7.6 ypa | 18 pass TD | 9 INT | 219 rush yds | 1 rush TD | 4 fumbles

This ranking feels awkward. It is a reminder of 2021 play. Mahomes had not struggled in the past, but it's not that he didn't. Mahomes is currently sixth in QBR, and fifth in EPA/CPOE Composite, which are both worthy efficiency metrics. His picks are just as worrying as his four fumbles, nine sacks and three INTs over the past three weeks. Each defense follows the same game plan. They rarely blitz, flood the field with defensive backs, and limit deep plays beyond the numbers. This strategy is becoming more popular.

Bengals Wire

Many people thought that the Cincinnati Bengals could be fourth in the AFC North, while the Kansas City Chiefs were considered a potential Super Bowl contender in the permanent market.

Now, the Bengals are the AFC's top seed and the Chiefs struggle to get to a 3-4 start.

This is a great example of how fast things can change in NFL, and it's also a lesson in the cliche "That's why they play"

According to Brent Musburger, a sportscaster and managing editor at Vegas Sports and Information Network Brent Musburger stated that the Bengals were the favorite in a head-to–head matchup.

"If both teams were healthy and the game was played at a neutral site, who would be favored - Cincinnati or Kansas City?" I inquired.

Pause. Pause.

Giants Wire

It's tempting to grab Patrick Mahomes, even with Daniel Jones emerging as a quarterback. But is he capable of weathering the storm in New York. Similar issues are affecting his life in Kansas City.

There's also tight end Travis Kelce who could be all that Evan Engram isn't. Tyreek Hill is a wide receiver, which makes it nearly impossible to track and cover.

Chris Jones, defensive lineman, is an interesting option but we won't bore you or create a stir with this choice. It is solely based on desperate need.

We've decided to grab center Creed Humphrey from K.C., with Nick Gates out of the season and Billy Price in trouble.

Humphrey's theft may raise eyebrows as the Chiefs already have a lot of problems with their offensive line. He's been among the top-rated centers throughout the seven weeks of the season. He is an elite pass protector and run blocker and has had only one penalty against him.

The Mothership

Kansas City Chiefs' home will be a beacon of light throughout the holiday season. Guests can enjoy the excitement of stunning lights displays that feature familiar holiday favourites, accompanied by a festive music. New displays will be available, including Prehistoric Christmas and Big Foot Monster Trucks, and the Snow Flurry Tunnel. Magic of Lights classics such as the 12 Days of Christmas and Toyland, and the Enchanting Tunnel of Lights, will also be on display. The Illuminating Mega Trees will be new to Magic of Lights in 2021. They feature 40 feet of dancing lights that are synchronized with popular holiday songs. Magic of Lights, which features nearly one million lights, is a festive and nostalgic experience that guests of all ages can enjoy.

"We are thrilled to bring Magic of Lights into the Kansas City community at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, and we hope it becomes an annual tradition," stated Ken Hudgens (Owner of Magic of Lights).

Vice President of Arrowhead Events Jeremy Slavens stated, "We are delighted to be working alongside the FunGuys Events team to bring Magic of Lights into the parking lots at GEHA Field Arrowhead this holiday season." We are always looking for new ways to create memories for our guests, and this winter light show experience is sure to be a huge hit with both adults and children.


After officiating at the Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs match, Carl Madsen, an official of NFL replay, died Sunday.

He was 71.

Metro Nashville Police received a call Sunday at 4:46 PM. Officers were dispatched to the scene of an SUV that was stopped in a traffic lane on Interstate 65 northbound near Metro Center. Don Aaron, spokesperson for MNPD, told The Tennessean.

Aaron stated that Madsen, driver of the vehicle, "appeared unresponsive" in the police report.

Officers saw the driver, who was apparently unconscious, and used a baton on the passenger side window to smash it. The doors had been locked, so they were unable to get in the vehicle.


Sources say that Arizona Cardinals DE J.J. Watt will likely undergo season-ending shoulder surgery

Sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter Wednesday night that defensive end J.J. Watt will have what is most likely to be season-ending shoulder surgery. The procedure has not been scheduled.

On Thursday night, the Green Bay Packers will host the Cardinals in a matchup to take control of the NFC. Arizona is 7-0 and Green Bay is 6-1, making it the most exciting Thursday night Super Bowl game. This is the highest combined winning percentage (.929) in a Thursday game in October during the Super Bowl era. It also marks the first time that two teams have at least 13 wins each since the 1970 merger.

Watt was in his first season with the Cardinals. He injured his shoulder during the second quarter on Sunday. However, he managed to continue playing the remainder of the game. He was awarded a tackle for loss, and a quarterback hit.

SB Nation

Mac Jones, New England Patriots

174-for-247 (70.4% completion), 1,779 yards, 9 TD, 6 INT -- 92.8 passer rating

Mac Jones, the lowest-ranked quarterback in the draft, was the perfect fit for New England. He had a high ceiling that the Patriots could use from the jump. The New England offense is used to accommodating physical limitations. Mac Jones quickly became comfortable and looks like a long-term starter.

He's doing it right

Jones plays in a manner that is very appropriate for a Bill Belichick football team. Jones isn't making too many mistakes, which could cost his team the game. He has demonstrated an ability to move the chain and keep the team in contention. After his 307 yard touchdown against the Jets, Jones's career was in high gear and we can see that his skill level has increased.

What he is doing wrong

Jones must make more plays downfield in order to go from "very good" and "excellent". Although this has improved in the last two weeks to his credit, it is not enough to be able to complete a lot more passes and move the chains. You need a quarterback who can routinely gash defenses for 20+ yard when they make a defensive mistake. Jones has not shown this aspect of his game.

Grade: A-

SB Nation

Tom Brady looks better than ever

Tom Brady is great at football. The thing is, while everyone knew Brady would be a good quarterback, I don’t believe anyone predicted this season. The Buccaneers' quarterback is not only thriving but he's also obliterating every NFL player from the pocket. This is a change we haven’t seen since 2007, when he threw 50 touchdown passes.

Because of the 17-game season, projections are difficult this year. Let's normalize it for a 16-game slate and compare it to Randy Moss' record-setting year.

2007: 398-of-578 (67.9% completion), 4,806 yards, 50 TD, 8 INT -- 117.2 rating

2021 (projected): 464-of-692 (67% completion), 5,200 yards, 48 TD, 7 INT -- 108.2 rating

This season will be Brady's greatest ever, with the addition of 17 games. At 44 years of age.

Arrowhead Pride - In case you didn't see it

Three things you need to change about Chiefs' player rotations

1. Play Nick Bolton instead of a healthy Anthony Hitchens

The Titans' rookie linebacker, with 15 tackles and 4 losses, was the star of this game. He was the most important player in neutralizing Derrick Henry's running back, and he did it more than any other team this season, except Week 1.

Hitchens was injured in Week 6, so Bolton was forced to be the MIKE's starting linebacker. But, we believe that the team shouldn't look back. Bolton displayed more explosiveness than Hitchens, and was able to run through gaps.

Bolton was unable to effectively cover his hook zone during passing plays, but Hitchens is no better.

Although it's unlikely that Hitchens will be on the bench the remainder of the season, Bolton should be there -- and playing the middle-linebacker position -- as often as possible.

Chiefs' loss was due to a lack of a running game and getting pushed around by other factors

John: The Chiefs did not have to abandon the rush

While looking through Sunday's snap count data, I found that Kansas City had failed to score on 81% its offensive snaps. This was the highest percentage of any Chiefs game, in both this season as well as last.

The top-level analysis would say that the team gave up on the run because they were behind. Even though Kansas City had the lead, and Tennessee was down 27-0, the second half was just beginning. The offense still had enough time to run the ball at minimum some of the time. The Chiefs abandoned the running game, which had been fairly successful over a few iterations. This made it easier for the Titans' to defend the pass on every snap.

Yes, running the ball on certain plays can take extra time -- but not as much as driving without scores.