Sorry, But Buzz Lightyear Is Hot Now

Buzz Lightyear is back! This time, he fucks! He fucks! Pixar released yesterday the teaser trailer to Lightyear, its animated feature. 

Sorry, But Buzz Lightyear Is Hot Now

The movie, named Buzz Lightyear, will tell the story of Toy Story's beloved little astronaut man. The film will also introduce Buzz Lightyear, the human Buzz Lightyear. This is his story, and the reason he was made into a toy. It can be confusing. Please keep trying to keep up.

You shouldn't be offended by the idea of a hot Buzz Lightyear, which is rude considering that the OG Buzz Lightyear was also handsome. However, Chris Evans is the one who will voice our space-bound prince. The project is very sexy if Chris Evans is involved. The new Buzz Lightyear will be a bit freaky. Sorry, I don't follow the rules.

This means that Tim Allen won't be portraying Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies. Although Disney has not yet revealed the casting decision, and I don't think they will ever, some speculate that it could be due to Allen's conservative political views. Perhaps it's because Allen claimed that being conservative in Hollywood today is like living in Nazi Germany in 2017. Moving on!

It is possible to look at Buzz Lightyear's new creation and say, "But his chin." You may think, "But his chin!" To which I reply, "What about it?" A man with a distinctive feature is a man we love! Give us that big chin! Look at that tousled hair! Buzz, did you hide that under your purple cap all of this time?

Evans tweeted his excitement at being part of Lightyear. He wrote, "I'm covered with goosebumps." Same.

Lightyear will be released June 17, 2022. You can think about your tiny chin dimple until then.