The country give a Smile: Italy is back on the Ball | football

Three months was because of the Corona of complete quiet in the Italian football. At the beginning, it goes in the Cup right to the point. But the teams themsel

The country give a Smile: Italy is back on the Ball | football

Three months was because of the Corona of complete quiet in the Italian football. At the beginning, it goes in the Cup right to the point. But the teams themselves are deep drawn of death and suffering in the Corona-crisis.

Rome (dpa) - the coach of The Italian first division club Atalanta Bergamo, thought to the death, so bad he felt. Later, Gian Piero Gasperini was tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Juventus Turin are some of the best players such as Paulo Dybala has been positive. AC Milan icon Paolo Maldini infected with the Virus and criticised at the same time, that in the midst of the pandemic, more football was played. It was "madness", the games of the Champions League as Liverpool FC against Atlético Madrid, and compete to where you already knew to fire as Madrid.

Italy football world stood still for only three months because of the Corona-crisis. Players, Manager and club staff were also directly affected by the Virus, the beat, especially in the North of Italy, and more than 34,000 people dead.

"I lost friends and Acquaintances: dramatic moments," said Inter Milan Manager Giuseppe Marotta, the "Corriere della Sera". "My Love and I are not ill. But it is impossible to stay away from the many dramas unaffected, which we have experienced. Although we live in the Golden world of football, we were helpless."

as of Friday, the Ball's now back in Italy. And since it's just around the Whole. In the Cup semi-final record champion Juventus Turin compete on Friday with Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and AC Milan are against each other. Ronaldo had fled during the crisis on his home island of Madeira, other Juve Stars such as Gonzalo Higuain went to Argentina, or as Sami Khedira to Germany.

On Saturday, Napoli and Inter Milan to follow. The final of the Coppa Italia scheduled for this coming Wednesday (17. June) will be played. The series A, the highest League, then takes the 20. June your game on. Twelve in-game days are still to come.

infections in Italy, going back for weeks. But until the League, government and football Federation FIGC weeks are passed scuffled had, and the continuation of the season, it was decided, full of strife and Chaos.

Many looked longingly at the Bundesliga. Newspapers compared the Start in Germany, with the moon landing, so historically precious the Moment was. "The Germans have figured out how to do that, and it is then immediately put into practice," said recently in an Interview, Marco Tardelli, world champion in 1982. "We have lost time fighting and not a good spectacle. Now we start again and try to enjoy it."

How big is the enjoyment, it will show. In Italy, all matches will be played without Fans. The security Protocol for the Clubs is strict. Almost 40 pages long, the Handbook of the football Association and the government. It ranges from disinfected team buses up to the shower instructions and the exact length of the microphone rods for Interviews. Of course, all the players need to be tested for the Virus.

a player or an employee of a club Should be positive, the whole team two weeks in quarantine. For the case that the Start be made still later, or in the series A must at an early stage to be interrupted again, has announced the Association Playoffs. This should not be possible - for example, because the interruption is too close to the deadline in August - to decide on the points average-based algorithm the final table and the participants on the Europa Cup and Relegated. A master, if this is not fixed yet, would not then be crowned.

However, even if a possible new crash like a sword of Damocles hanging over the football world: the anticipation outweighs the first game. "We are almost there...we can hardly wait for it", wrote the Inter midfielder Antonio Candreva in the social networks. "The green turf, the players, the emotions, which gives us only this Sport. We hope we can give the Fans and the whole country after these months of suffering and the difficulties of nonchalance and a Smile."

Interview Marotta

notice football Federation FIGC to recovery

Updated Date: 14 June 2020, 00:33

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