Kirchheimer SC: the First tentative units with a lot of fun | district München

soccer-country-League club Kirchheimer SC to be running the Training again. Kirchheim – they are all tense a little bit, how you arrive there with your mouth-

Kirchheimer SC: the First tentative units with a lot of fun | district München

soccer-country-League club Kirchheimer SC to be running the Training again.

Kirchheim – they are all tense a little bit, how you arrive there with your mouth-nose protection and in full training gear. Only your soccer shoes need to lace up the players of a country League Kirchheimer SC, then it is on dull, rainy holiday morning finally came Three months after the last common unit on the sports complex at the Merovingian court (12. March) practice together – in times of Corona-pandemic, however, under very special conditions.

"action for the restricted training mode" is the name of the 16-page Info-Script, which has been elaborated by the KSC according to the specifications of the Bavarian football Association for this purpose. "There has been a number of meetings, until the concept until we were sure that we can comply with the hygiene rules. Also Petra Mayr and Magnus Harlander were in constant contact,“ says head of Department Christian Boche from the lively exchange between the Chairman of the Kirchheimer SC and the Chairman of SV Heimstetten.

For the past three weeks, the athletes of the KSC in small groups to train, since Monday, the youth footballers from U12 upward. Boche: "The children are disciplined super." The men will be all right upon arrival without a hitch, as A group à 13 man meets under the leadership of Co-player-coach Fabian Löns on the Green lawn next to the art space, the other group à 13 man game trainer Steven Toy at the top starts on the main square. After an hour the groups switch places – of course, so that you will come to the enclosure. This is your way in the new normal... Until convalescent, Thomas Branco de Brito – space, tourist, Maximilian Baitz and Morris Duggan (prevents) has been working in the fitness is the complete squad at the Start. Plus Angelo Mattina (30): The selbsst rebellion event Manager lives since April, in Untergiesing, and introduces the sample of training, as last of the offensive left-footed for 1 played. FC Rechberghausen in the district League Neckar/Fils.

Toy recalls his wards once again to the main rules – how to Comply with the distances to the already contact-free Training as well as the prohibition of the use of Changing rooms and shower rooms: "And don't forget, today the fun is in the foreground. Enjoying time on the Ball.“ After warming up it goes to the first Exercises, and all of which are designed as duels between two Teams. Some struggles at the beginning, in the case of tasks, all will be looser. "You've been practicing flanks in the Ostpark diligent, is it?" Ricardo praises Jacobi Keeper Ivan Babic, who had inserted with his colleagues Michael Franz and Markus Magdolen under goalie coach Sascha Jager last a couple of special layers. One half of the Toy group beating within a narrow, through cones marked corridor-wide balls, the other half of a goal shot training completed, wherein the edge encoder colleagues running the first Slalom due to its closely spaced metal. "The Old cheat again to win," blasphemes Marwin Bindner. And Denis Zabolotnyi replies dryly: "you're so lost."

Also under the Co-Trainer during world the players are in a good mood, and disciplined in the matter. "After the shot, you have to get the Ball, we only have eight!", calls Löns. The Corona Officer, supervisor Dominik Achilles, posted promptly as a ball boy behind the Franz Jager-kept box: "The course is in great condition, but have you seen all the Mushrooms? If the Merovingian court gets a new host, there is first of mushroom soup...“

In the Toy troupe is almost commented on each shot loudly. And even if in the end it is not clear which Team has actually won, I the good mood not detract.

As Fabian Löns asks after almost two hours of 11.49 at his charges, the cones collect and then to leak ("the Four great rounds!") asks, as the sun from the blue sky laughs, but in fact down. For the final Disinfection of balls and cones no volunteers are found, and so it hits Matthias Ecker, Noel Pfeiffer and Alexander fürth Maier, who had only delivered at the last minute, your signed "consent for small group training on the sports grounds during the Corona pandemic". "You can show the Fürthi someone where the ball kammerl is it?" Steven Toy quips, while Marco Wilms grabs his bag: "I'm glad that finally back a bit of what happened," he says – and his team-mates, clearly from the soul. "See you next Thursday!"

Date Of Update: 14 June 2020, 00:34