Saudi king transfers to the Spanish king 100 million

Why shall pay to the Saudi the king of Spain 100 million dollars? This question is currently on the Geneva public Prosecutor's office. You determined against t

Saudi king transfers to the Spanish king 100 million

Why shall pay to the Saudi the king of Spain 100 million dollars? This question is currently on the Geneva public Prosecutor's office. You determined against three persons, including an Ex-lover of Juan Carlos I, who was until 2014 the king of Spain.

The story begins in the middle of the global financial crisis in 2008. In August, the then Saudi king transfers the $ 100 million of Abdullah to an account with the Bank Mirabaud in Geneva. The account was in the name of a Panamanian Foundation, whose sole beneficiary is Juan Carlos I. was. While his country suffered from the economic crisis, benefited the Spanish king of the secret office in Geneva. Four years later, he left the major part of the money, around EUR 65 million, to his former lover pay. To Sayn, Princess Corinna-Wittgenstein gave the money to an account in another Bank in Geneva in the Bahamas.

These transactions to the Public were unknown until today. The Geneva Prosecutor's office has, however, created some time ago suspicion. The First Prosecutor Yves Bertossa opened Laundry 2018 a procedure because of suspected serious money. This has been confirmed by many with the case of familiar sources.

Incriminating audio recordings

the trigger of the procedure were Sayn recordings of Corinna to Wittgenstein, the Spanish online media had published. The 55-year-old Dane claimed that Juan Carlos I had hidden money abroad, especially in Geneva. Also called a Geneva lawyer and head of the Geneva company Rhône Gestion as the contact persons of the former king. And the Princess said something yet: Juan Carlos I have a Commission for a contract for the construction of a train-high-speed line in Saudi Arabia want to claim.

Prosecutor Yves Bertossa suspected a connection between the 100-million payment and the construction of the railway line between Mecca and Medina. In Spain, an investigation is going on, that's why. A Spanish consortium had snapped up the billion-dollar contract in 2011, the French competitors with your TGV under the nose – thanks to a discount of 30 per cent, of the Spaniards in the last Minute had granted. The suspicion: The Saudis have paid for Juan Carlos I to the Spanish consortium for lower prices to get cheaper, a new railway line to.

The then Saudi king Abdullah (R) during a visit to the former Spanish king Juan Carlos I in Madrid in the year 2008. Photo: Reuters

The Thesis is daring. In a letter to the state Prosecutor Bertossa from the 12. November 2019 point to Sayn, the lawyers of Corinna-Wittgenstein on timing discrepancies. Why has happened to the money already in August 2008, although the order was first announced in October 2009? And if in fact, corruption was in the game, wouldn't it have been the Spaniards, the Saudi leader would have had to pay in order to get the contract, and not Vice versa?

The attorneys argue that the payment was a simple gift of king to king, without any consideration. The the Geneva-based asset managers of the Juan Carlos I. in their surveys said. To do this, you must know that Saudi Arabia actually has the reputation to give a gift to friendly countries and their leaders generous – at least, that 2008 was still the case, as the price of Oil was at a record high.

Bank exchange after elephant hunt

The Declaration, which had 100 million is a Royal gift that was the first time in 2008, apparently, the Bank Mirabaud, to take the money. However, in 2012, the Geneva-based money house went on the books. An elephant hunting in Botswana, brought Juan Carlos I and his mistress in Spain ingloriously in the headlines. Mirabaud decided for reputational reasons, which include Royal million own it free and clear. So, the Spanish Monarch had to Sayn 65 million euros to Corinna Wittgenstein transfer. A lawyer for the Princess says, the money was to Sayn a kind donation to Corinna Wittgenstein, and their son. The banks would have checked the legitimate origin of the million and confirmed.

not Sayn nevertheless, now determines the Geneva public Prosecutor's office against Corinna Wittgenstein, a Geneva lawyer and the head of the Rhône Gestion. The two men had managed the Panama Foundation, Juan Carlos I. The lawyer of the company's Manager says his client did nothing wrong. The judiciary was interested only because of the prominence of the parties Involved in the matter. The involved attorney does not comment.

The investigation directed against the Bank, Mirabaud. According to research, have already been held several rounds of interviews and house searches. It is the presumption of innocence applies to all persons Involved.

The now 82-year-old Juan Carlos I. do not belong to the accused of the Geneva justice. He is protected by his immunity as Monarch ahead of law enforcement.

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