New remains the number 1 in the Bayern goal, also because of his wish was fulfilled

While most of the professional clubs to massive losses due to the economic consequences of the Corona-fear of a pandemic and therefore currently hardly with pla

New remains the number 1 in the Bayern goal, also because of his wish was fulfilled

While most of the professional clubs to massive losses due to the economic consequences of the Corona-fear of a pandemic and therefore currently hardly with players to negotiate, is the German record champion anti-cyclically and will be extended with a service provider to the other. The Ball is rolling again - The Top games LIVE on Saturday to see (display)

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the Munich follow the old stock market wisdom, especially in times of crisis, is likely to Ex-President and shares take a Fan of Uli Hoeness with Pride. Also, the chosen new bearers of hope has taken on Oliver Kahn after a short time in the Board office is already in control of the action in the Hand.

For the end up unexpectedly silent agreement with Manuel Neuer, there were also several valid arguments, especially for the captain:

1. Good compromise

the Two sides failed to do with the new contract until 2023, apparently, the New called "Win-Win-Situation", in which each kept his face. Bayern did not have to deviate from your internal requirement to extend with players over 30 years more than two years and a calculated are thus dealt with despite the age, the risk of (new age contract running until 2021). Conversely, the 34-Year-old has a clear perspective to the city for a professional high age of 37.

And his previous salary of reportedly around 15 million euros per season, it was again increased to estimated 17 to 18 million. In both respects the parties have met, so apparently, in the middle, finally, a New should have demanded a contract until 2025 and a salary of 20 million euros, even if his Advisor Thomas Kroth denied the specific Numbers.

2. Koan mole

about a month ago, had Interview a New in a picture to the public about his supposedly aimed at the press launch of the receivables complained (which are also wrong). Especially as already several times internals of the negotiations had become public, what had angered the Keeper is Reportedly difficult. Responsible for the indiscretions of his side made relatively open, Hasan Salihamidzic, to call him by name. The sports Director denies this suspicion as before. imago images/Lackovic, Sven Ulreich, Manuel Neuer, Christian Früchtl (v. l.) FC Bayern Munich

it was, however, relatively quickly and noiselessly return to the agenda, and two days later to resume the talks. What was also due to the fact that FC Bayern did not sensitive to a monetary penalty, although the veteran with the Interview had breached the club's past against its contractual obligations. And after this new condition is that the agreement should not be re-inserted before the media, also met.

3. Option on further years

If you believe the information from usually well-informed circles, was made a New signature, with an Option to extend tasty. The world champion and Champions-League should show winner so its current shape in three years, is likely to be postponed to the end of career for the Benefit of all Stakeholders through 2023.

The Ex-Schalke is convinced that he can play as so many successful goalkeeper up to the 40, especially since he's counting on his long forced break due to a mid-foot fracture in the season 2017/18 quasi as an additional year on top of it. ONLY ON SKY: The Top game on Saturday (display)

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Good examples, there are enough: Jens Lehmann, with 38 years with Germany in the Euro final 2008, Andy Köpke played with for 36 years, the world Cup in 1998 and stopped until three years later, Uli Stein was 42 years old, the second oldest player in the history of the Bundesliga, and Italy's goalkeeper Idol Gianluigi Buffon is in the same age currently at Juventus.

4. Advocate Kahn

"can I put myself in the Situation of Manuel is, inside," said Oliver Kahn after the contract extension. No wonder, finally, was the former world goalkeeper of the individual and with the FC Bayern not only as successful, but ended his playing career in 2008 at the age of 39. imago images / ULMER press picture Agency of Bavaria goalkeeper-the giants then and now: Oliver Kahn and Manuel Neuer

for the Last time extended Kahn at Bayern in December 2005, ahead of schedule by two and a half years, "After careful Consideration, I've come to the conclusion: I'm too good a shot to stop," said the former captain. A year later, the 20-year-old New master was goalkeeper at Schalke 04.

Since then, appreciate both, so that Kahn even before his official activities as an advocate of his successor appeared to him recently as a "figure of identification of the FC Bayern", to be referred to.

5. Extension with Toni Tapalovic

New and Tapalovic know from the Schalke youth, as the Croatian supervised New for the first time as a goalkeeper coach. During his exchange in 2012, New Tapalovic took to Munich, according to tight the connection is.

"I don't know if there is in the League once again, so a relationship with the goalkeeper coaches. Just a look is often sufficient, and we both understand what is meant. This also helps us in certain game situations, if you can give the outside of one or the other tip," said Tapalovic for cooperation. SID-IMAGES/Firo/, In plans taken into account: Toni Tapalovic

In times of lock downs together trained both day, two hours in the new garden at the Tegernsee. Therefore, Bavaria's number 1 made the renewal of his Familiar to a condition for the whereabouts of: "it was important to be able to continue with our goalkeeping coach, Toni Tapalovic work. Since this is now resolved, I see with great optimism in the future", was Later quoted in the press release, which desire was fulfilled.

6. Extension with Hansi Flick,

Also the extension with the successor of Niko Kovac to 2023 was crucial for the New, for the perspectives were, according to his own statement, important for the extension than the financial issues. With a Flick, he sees the Munich ready in the next few years, also international attack again.

"Hansi is a super Trainer. That's why his contract renewal was also for me a Signal," said the goalkeeper, who knows the coach from the successful times for the DFB, including the world Cup 2014. Wherein he back-Flicks, had referred to him several times as the clear number 1, also can be according to the obligation of Alexander Nübel sure.

7. The lack of Alternatives,

new career plan was part of never a Station abroad, especially as it feels sporty, and privately in Bavaria, probably. Currently, there are no giants, the acute needs of the goalkeeper position and in the current Situation, the necessary resources.

Only Chelsea have signalled interest, but of the 80 million committed to Spaniard Kepa is under contract and sporty, the London would have been New also is no improvement.

  • What is surprising in the case of new contract and what he has for consequences
8. Finale Dahoam

In an Interview with the club's own TV channel has announced a New award the Champions League final in 2022 in the domestic Allianz Arena as another reason for his extension.

Apparently, seeks to make amends for the bitter defeat against Chelsea in the first final Dahoam 2012. At the time national had been a goalkeeper at the time after his move from Schalke was very good from the Bayern Fans receive, with "Koan Neuer"-posters. Due to his outstanding achievements he was able to convince then, but many critics and had took up a significant proportion of the catchment to the final, in which he will shoot in the ultimately lost in a penalty even as a shooter and hit.

After all, the turnaround was on the ground, destroyed the club, thanks also to New then: the historic Triple in 2013, and a total of eight German Championships in a row. According to the new request, it should go on.

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