Simeone: it Appeared the heart

Chronic Live Preview The full guaranteed in the opulent stadium King Abdullah and the sounds that erupted from the stands confirmed that the major claim of thi

Simeone: it Appeared the heart
Chronic Live Preview

The full guaranteed in the opulent stadium King Abdullah and the sounds that erupted from the stands confirmed that the major claim of this Supercup exported for fans of saudis is Leo Messi. The first image of his that came out issued by the videomarcadores the tribunes entered on the boil. When it came to heat, the acclamation and the reverential Messi, Messi, Messique is paid at the Camp Nou was played with furor by the fans Arabic to enthusiastic genuflexiones and cheers with his arms. Messi has been the only player who has starred in agglomerations in the arrival of the teams at the airport of Jeddah, and to their respective hotels. The veneration of Messi contrasted with the jeers generalized to Ernesto Valverde, in what was a startling transmission of the challenge facing the coach. When he was given his name over the pa, and his face appeared on the screens, you heard those boos.


Atletico win in the kingdom for Messi

he Also received his load of whistles Atletico, in an unexpected aversion of an audience that is supposed to be more neutral with the opponent barca. The team of Simeone was found in an adverse environment, as if it were a visitor hostile. That paper combined with the defensive party that ran in the first time after an output alegre. The local staff attended a classical lesson of order and the withdrawal and defensive of Atletico Simeone. Watched the fans saudis how a chain of synchronized movements to fill the spaces may despair at times at the very Messi. “We face one of the best teams in the world in terms of associated game. The first time we suffer a lot, the second has already started different. They responded with the intensity of the game our goal until the 75th minute, but there appeared the heart, the claw, the believing, the search, and in a difficult situation and impossible I appreciated the feeling that if empatábamos we could win and it happened,” analyzed Simeone.

The public was able to attend the clash of two styles opposite. Found how the best player in the world lives of the ball, or how a central, Felipe, you can touch more balls, although out-of-head in the clearances, that the rest of his teammates. “The party drove well for Barcelona, we knew that long match we had options because we had strength,” continued Simeone, that also pointed to the VAR as a key element for the lifting of his team: “The second goal that knocked out did that out of frustration with our move to yours”.

The match data

Possession pass. Barcelona, stayed with the ball 72% of the playing time, while Atletico made the 28% remaining.

Messi auctioneer. The argentine was the player who most often shot (7), although only three of his attempts were on goal. Barcelona racked up a total of 16 shots, six of Atletico. However, Messi was also the one who most balls lost the game: 31. With her so much yesterday, gets up to 31 against Atletico, and he has only scored more at Seville (37).

key Victories. The last three victories of Atletico on Barcelona have meant the elimination of the Catalan (two in the Champions League and this in the Supercopa of Spain). Have been, in addition, the unique triumphs of Simeone to the box barca.

The display of the wall of red and white was likely to be strengthened with the goal of Koke. The captain of Atletico went into the break for the mexican Herrera. The first ball he touched was a goal. A quick combination between Saul, João Felix, and Strap the sank Koke. With that advantage, the landscape presented itself ideal for the Athletic, ready to continue with your lesson defensive. Simeone celebrated the goal with rage and set out to give orders inviting the calm and the tranquility. He hoped atletico coach your team to survive as long as possible and found the tie of Messi right away. “They attacked a lot, it was not easy to contain them. But then, with the entrance of Llorente and the change of position of Belt the game was for us,” said El Cholo.

The rebound with the penalty on Vitolo brought to the rojiblancos. There, the fans attended already to that tone heroic that has characterized the era Simeone. Morata launched the penalty despite the attempt of João Felix by throwing it away. What turned from a push, and ran the launch that tied the game seemed to send the match to extra time. Until you Strap worked a miracle in final. Atletico went from wall to hammer and stood in the final against the unbelief of the majority barca fans that found success this time it was not for Messi, but the Athletic. “In the first part I dropped the goalie over, and I had a blow very strong, but I was able to follow. The match was very rare. We started down, but we were able to reverse the situation, it was a triumph of faith,” held Strap.

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