SVN Munich: Top-Eleven of Coach Florian Lanz | district of Munich city

Florian Lanz is currently a coach in the district League team SVN Munich. The 37-Year-old in his Top Eleven on the two fighting machines, victory types, and a d

SVN Munich: Top-Eleven of Coach Florian Lanz | district of Munich city

Florian Lanz is currently a coach in the district League team SVN Munich. The 37-Year-old in his Top Eleven on the two fighting machines, victory types, and a doctor.

Munich - Florian Lanz is currently a coach in the district League team SVN München . Prior to that, he already trained the U23 of the FC Deisenhofen , as well as the U17 and the men's team of the FC Stern München . For soccer suburban / FuPa upper Bavaria the Coach has selected the Top Eleven of his career so far.


Luke Hohenberger (SVN Munich)

Than my current Keeper in Neuperlach he is, of course, also here the number one. Luke has in our Multi-cultural force with the foresight and confident with his Social Skills. He is one of the Top keepers in the district League East.


Fadhel lived up to his youth (Wacker Burghausen)

Fadhel, I trained at FC Stern München in the U17, as we played at the time, the rise in the national League. After that, he made the breakthrough to the Regionalliga. Of course, I am proud to have these talented and good boys with trained.

Tamay Aykut (SV Waldperlach, currently in the United States)

With Tamay I worked at FC star in the Mr area. In the meantime, he is Dr. Tamay Aykut. He is one of the most intelligent players I've ever coached. The mixture of genius and the emotional powder keg is unique. Off the pitch he is a leader with strong analytical skills and the place of the Leader, who also plays dirty. After his stay in the USA in Stanford, I expect a change to Neuperlach.

Fabian Giesen (FC Deisenhofen)

Fabian was like my foster son. FC Stern München in the U17-BOL, we have developed a very strong interior defender. Our Team had won by far the fewest goals against and Fabian chief, as the captain and defensive through its doors, many 1:0 wins for the Team. After that, I steered him to Deisenhofen, so he could develop more. A few years later, he steered me to Deisenhofen, as coach of the U23. There, I had years with him, two very successful and beautiful. Last year Fabian was our Trip to Istanbul with.


Alex Naples (SVN Munich)

Alex can play both left-back and in left midfield. He is one of our best players and always want to win 100 percent. He is ambitious, determined and eager to learn. A human incomprehensible great player with tremendous quality.

Lukas Shoe (FC Deisenhofen)

Without Luke ran at the U23 of FC Deisenhofen little. In the physically hard Kreisliga Zugspitze he was a guarantee for success. He is a battle machine with great Timing, Tempo, and focus. In addition to the square, Lukas is still a very quiet and gechillter type. For me as a Coach it was a great time with him.


Kerem Tokdemir (SVN Munich)

The current captain of the PEP laugh is absolutely in my Top Eleven. Then in the U17 at FC Stern München Kerem was one of the outstanding players. He appreciated our work as a coach immensely. I steered him along with Fabian Giesen to Deisenhofen. Through the excellent youth work in the South of Munich aged Kerem to a strong Mr player who was, unfortunately, thrown by injuries from time to time back. In Wolfratshausen, he scored nine goals in the national League, and had finally arrived. I'll never forget, as my Co-coach Semih Yildirim and I called him in the spring and told him that we take care of the SVN Munich. He immediately said, and hesitated not a second.

Rudi Gerhart Reiter (SVN Munich)

speedy outside player followed me in 2019 FC Deisenhofen to Neuperlach. In the South of Munich Rudi made the breakthrough in the first team and played often for me in the U23. He is a very intelligent and great Kid, fits in my concept of the SVN Munich. He has matured into a solid member of the Team feels very comfortable and has made the right decision.

Evrad Ngeukeu (FC Deisenhofen)

Evrad, nickname "Uli", I was in the first year at the U23 in the South of Munich as an average player communicates, should establish themselves in the County League. Very early on I recognized the potential and developed by Uli for high-performers in the U23. I was convinced that the Boy belongs in the First. In part, my opinion was ridiculed almost, while Uli has developed getting better and better. After a season in the U23, he made New Coach Hannes Sigurdsson from the breakthrough and master players. The highlight of the climb was in the Bayern League last year. In the Bavaria League heard also for the first Eleven. Personally, Uli was a real Highlight in my coaching career.

Atiba Scheffler (SVN Munich)

With Atiba I connect a very long past. It is only in the youth of FC Perlach, then in the men's area at FC Stern München and now we work together with SVN Munich again. He developed the FC star-the undisputed leader and captain. In the circle League, the star achieved the best placing in the club's history, with the fewest goals in the entire League. After I was changed after Deisenhofen, moved Atiba to Neuperlach. In three for him, difficult years, he managed to be a fixed size. He brought it to operations only a few Short and was more of a supplementary player. When he learned of the coaching change, he took again to hope and built and built. With much confidence of the coaching staff, he made it to the current Top scorer of the team. Atiba is also a personal success story for me, because nobody believed, except for the two of us and my former Co-coach.

Adrian Kohsiek (SVN Munich)

Adrian changed only in the Winter from the BSC Sendling to us. Still, I wanted him to be a part of my Traumelf. Adrian is a Motivator, a Winner, the other players can implant the winner of the Gene and is. With him we have in the back round is the best chance to reach the Relegation and promotion to the national League. Of course Adrian with us strong competition, but this will inspire him even more to be getting better and better. He is a team player through and through and for him only the power thought that counts.


Gürkan Karahan (former head of the NLZ from FC Augsburg)

By Gürkan, I've learned a lot. He has a lot of know-how is Second to none. At all times, and he stands out to me with advice. In terms of expertise, he is not outbid and to be human is a great guy.

Text: Patrick Huljina

Updated Date: 28 May 2020, 10:34

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