LIVE. Déconfinement act II : the results are good for health - The Point

The basics Under high pressure to loosen the vise, Édouard Philippe and his government have act II of the déconfinement Thursday, with easing expected from th

LIVE. Déconfinement act II : the results are good for health - The Point

The basics

Under high pressure to loosen the vise, Édouard Philippe and his government have act II of the déconfinement Thursday, with easing expected from the 2 June in light of a health situation, which is encouraging.
one of The main issues relates to the maintenance, or not, of the restriction of travel beyond 100 kilometres. According to a source cited by Agence France-Press, it could be deleted with effect from 2 June.
The reopening of bars and restaurants in the green areas and terraces in Paris, as well as parks and gardens with the port of the mask may also be announced, according to the same source.
may 28, Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Burgundy, Franche-Comté and the Big one Is are the last four regions still in red on the map of the déconfinement. The last three should go green, but doubts remain as to the Île-de-France yet. This should not prevent a reduction of the measures put in place in recent weeks.

17: 21 - Olivier Véran unveils four new indicators

Olivier Véran, the minister of Health, took the floor. It unveils four new indicators that will be taken into account by the authorities to follow the development of the epidemic. The first will be the impact, understand the pressure of an epidemic, the number of persons infected per 100 000 inhabitants. Two thresholds have been put in place. Between 10 and 50 people, the threshold of vigilance will be reached. In excess of 50 people, it will be a single warning.

17: 19 - gatherings of more than 10 people still banned

Multiple measures will stay in force during this second phase of the déconfinement. This will be the case for the prohibition of gatherings of more than 10 people, which remains in force in the whole of France. Édouard Philippe states that telework remains encouraged when it is possible, that wearing a mask is always recommended in the public space and gestures barriers are always preferable.

17: 18 - schools, colleges, and high schools will reopen in the green area

Edward Philippe has announced that the reopening of schools and colleges would be accelerated in the green areas. "We have decided in particular to the acceleration of the reopening of schools and colleges in all of the areas and schools in the departments of green", according to the Prime minister. Jean-Michel Blanquer, the minister of Education, should take the word a little bit later during the press conference and is expected to unveil other details about this.

17: 17 - Guyana, Mayotte and saint-pierre and Île-de-France particularly monitored

the Three departments that will benefit from special conditions and to be most framed for this phase two of the déconfinement, namely French Guyana, Mayotte and saint-pierre and Île-de-France, where the virus is circulating in the worry a little bit more.

17: 13 - The Val-d'oise and Mayotte do not go green

Two of the departments do not spend the green for all indicators, the Val-d'oise and Mayotte. All other counties are in green, the point of vigilance unveiled by Édouard Philippe. "It doesn't mean that the virus does not circulate. The virus is still present in varying degrees throughout the territory," said the Prime minister.

17: 11 - "The news is rather good", according to Édouard Philippe

The Prime minister shows up with a little more than 10 minutes late and starts by recalling the timing of the déconfinement, with phase 3 scheduled to begin on 22 June. "The results are good for health," says Edouard Philippe, who confirms that "the news is rather good."

16: 32 - Paris has already announced the reopening of its parks

The squares, gardens and parisian parks will reopen from the 2nd of June : it is in any case what is shown in the Web site of the city of Paris, even before the announcements of the Prime minister. Since the middle of the afternoon of Thursday, the site of the capital ensures, by example, that the Buttes-Chaumont will be again accessible to the public, from Tuesday, from 7 hours to 22 hours, the same as the Tuileries, between the Louvre and the place de la Concorde, will be available to visitors 24 hours on 24 from the same date. The opening of parks and gardens of Paris, until now, was the subject of a bitter battle between the mayor of the capital, Anne Hidalgo, who was in favor, and the government, which refused, arguing that Paris was rated as "red".

15: 33 - re-launching the economic machine

the urgency for The executive to relaunch the economic machine, while the unemployment jumped from 22 % in April with 843 000 additional job seekers, announced on Thursday that the Pôle emploi. Approximately 84 % of French say they are worried about the recession that is expected to greatly exceed the 8 % envisaged by the government this year. In the second quarter alone, the fall in GDP could reach "about 20 %", was estimated Wednesday, Insee. Between January and march, the sales of old dwellings have fallen by 22 % in the Île-de-France, according to figures released Thursday by the notaries.

15: 32 - the movement of The virus is slowing down

Nearly three weeks after the beginning of the déconfinement committed on may 11, the sanitary conditions are improving, with reflux continued gravely ill in the icu (1 501 Wednesday, 54 less than the previous day). Since the beginning of march, the virus has killed 28 596 persons (+ 66 in 24 hours), of which almost half were living in long-term care facilities and other institutions. "The circulation of the virus has largely slowed," according to the first conclusions of the device of tracing the social Security.

15: 30 h - ad-17 hours

It was at 17 hours, the Prime minister Edouard Philippe will present the decisions taken in the morning to the defence Board, chaired by Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée palace.

Updated Date: 28 May 2020, 11:33

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