Open letter from Mahmoud Charr

Due to the Corona pandemic, I had a lot of time to Think. For this reason, I have decided to write this open letter. First of all, I would like to apologise to

Open letter from Mahmoud Charr

Due to the Corona pandemic, I had a lot of time to Think. For this reason, I have decided to write this open letter. First of all, I would like to apologise to all the people in Germany! I had sworn after my world Cup win in 2017, that I would have the German passport. I wanted to be world champion for Germany. Germany, the country that has given me and my family a second home. We came in 1989 from the war and had found a roof over their head, medical care and security. As I had prepared myself for the world Cup, I was under enormous psychological pressure. I don't want to disappoint my German Fans and the German people. Mahmoud, my real first name, I had even replaced against Manuel to the people to show that I have integrated. In the meantime, I see that I made a big mistake.

in 1989, during the reunification of Germany, I am at the time, as a refugee child along with my mother and my brothers and sisters from Lebanon to Germany. Up to my 27. Year I unfortunately only had a Duldung residence status and was not allowed to leave NRW. Only with an official permit that was possible. So many doors were then closed. I was not allowed to start a course of training and any job and any prospects for the future denied the remained to me. As a result, I had to depend on a lot of free time with people with the same problem. From my point of view, the parallel societies, and some Clans have arisen, with which I had to do for a while. I had accepted the desire, and the urge of the society. We all wanted to be Someone you respect, respects, and especially in the society receives. Our inexperience and youthfulness of thought, if one pretends that success is simply a must. So, Be more than apparent!

in the Meantime, I'm happy to see that the refugees will be helped more quickly. You want to come earlier in the integration courses and can be used to live to work. Also, the government has learned from the mistakes of the past. If there had been even faster procedures for asylum seekers, there would be today, probably less of a problem with the Clans to Germany.

Many of us would have been able to pursue an education or a job. For years, only tolerated and not allowed to travel for young people is very distressing. Just time for a weekend with a girlfriend to Paris for to ride was impossible. Fortunately, I discovered this difficult time in the Sport for me. Yes, the Sport was my personal rescue. There's only my performance and not the origin or from what social layer, I descended mattered. My ambition and discipline led to great success and for once in my life I had a perspective.

in 2018, I was exposed to very great criticism, because I presented as a peace Ambassador of the WBC mean WBC-peace belt to the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. At the time, it was important for me to thank the country and the government, as well as the Turkish citizens, who had recorded more than four million people from my country of birth, and thus before the death and Hunger in the war preserved.

As I in November of 2017-awaited world Cup, my long-winning the belt held in his hands, I was overjoyed. I went for Germany under the German flag in the Ring and I got it for "us" the title of world champion. Since I was 5. Years old I live in Germany and have seen the country of my birth never, except in time of war. Therefore, it was important for me to thank Germany and its wonderful people. That's why I said after my world Cup victory have been dedicated to our German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who I adore very much and I have my championship belt.

The decision to change my name in Mahmoud Charr I made, because I want to be authentic. To me at the time of the promoters and managers was advised to change the name to Manuel, in order to be accepted. To my own desire, convinced me at the time, finally. Now I want to be me again true to yourself and believe in me. I want to wear the name of Mahmoud Charr to me by my father before his untimely death had given back to with Pride.

I had to go in the last few weeks a lot of time in me and on many of the issues and problems of society thinking. It makes me sad when a German will be insulted as racists or people with an immigrant background as a Fucking foreigner. We all need to try more to communicate with each other, we must all try to understand each other better. We all need to learn that the common language helps to break down prejudices. Therefore, I appeal to all refugees in the last years, to learn the German language. It is not so difficult and if we support each other, the barrier created by lack of communication facilities will be dismantled quickly.

of Course, there are those on both sides of the groups, which shoot across the field and cruel deeds commit. I can quote at this point, only Mahatma Gandhi:

"If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the whole ocean dirty."

As already mentioned, I made some errors that I can't now undo. At this point, I hope that you will accept my apology. I regret it very much, because my passport is a lie. At this point, I would like to apologize to my friend Vim Vomland of the Bild-Zeitung. He asked for my German passport and I lied to his face. Unfortunately, I can't turn back time. It's not a day that I must not think of this shameful Episode in my life back passes. "Prefer Vim, please forgive me! I don't, but hopefully very soon have the German citizenship, because in my heart I am a German!“

I want to make a new start. The dream "from the road to the stars" is not yet to be dreamt! My special thanks go to my Promoter Erol Ceylan and the entire Team of EC-Boxing. You all stand behind me to support me in my new life 2.0.

In my former Investor and Manager Christian hunter, I would like to thank you at this point. Without his Investment and his Faith in me, I would not have managed to be world champion. My great thanks also to Bernd Trendelkamp of Global Sports for the use and monitoring.

I am very pleased Also, in the future, with wife Vida Rashid (Chairman integration Council city of Brühl) new projects for Integration to implement. She brings experience in this area and they, too, came as a refugee child to Germany. We have a lot in common and the same goal.

Mahmoud Charr

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Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 10:27

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