Pig Bobby runs away three times before the butcher - and now makes a career on Instagram

The Star holds first covered - stirring the pork with the impressive name of count Bobby of sunshine in the back corner of the outdoor enclosure. the Front of

Pig Bobby runs away three times before the butcher - and now makes a career on Instagram

The Star holds first covered - stirring the pork with the impressive name of count Bobby of sunshine in the back corner of the outdoor enclosure.

the Front of his brothers and sisters, and Cousins crowd - while TV crews and photographers only because of the Angler saddle pig with a propensity to Obesity is currently at a farm in East Frisia. Because Bobby has with his 14 months of an eventful history that is shared on the Internet platform Instagram.

pig Bobby to the butcher, but for him the escape

"Bobby succeeds three times from the beginning was the one who was the greatest, and he was always Everybody's Darling - he is a very cozy," says a farmer, Nadja Fuck on the organic farm sunshine in Aurich. "Then we wanted the battles to start, and because he was the Greatest, he should think first." Attempt one fails, however: "He is always running through us, or has us run over," says the 40-Year-old. Also in the next week Bobby defends himself successfully, and the farmers are giving up: "Okay, you win, you stay here and we'll figure something else for you." dpa/Mohssen assani Moghaddam/dpa saddle pig Bobbyauf the Bioland Hof sunshine.

Via Instagram sponsors for pig Bobby wanted

To the breeding animal Bobby is not suitable in any case. "Angler saddle pig actually have a light saddle on the back." Bobby has a cost of the operation of the Poppens: accommodation and food must be paid for - raspberry eat Gourmet for example. And also veterinarian costs could come within the 10 to 15 years that Bobby probably old, on the family.

Via Instagram want to find the Fucking godfather. In addition to many photos as it is written from Bobby's perspective, see the Account of stories. In the first post it says: I "am a handsome pig, some would say, I am very strong. My Hobbies are wallowing: in the mud, race make, chill and delicious organic enjoy.“


180 kilos of weight: is Now Bobby is too thick for the butcher

180 to 200 kilograms bring Bobby on the scale - much more than his peers. And for the butcher, the Poppens too much because Bobby does not fit in the entborstung machine. The Plan of the Farmer, however. The food sponsors who pay on a monthly basis, ten Euro costs are thanks enough, for a year covered.

The number of Followers is a well-2300, however, manageable. The most famous animal Influencer - Petfluencer after the English word for a pet, called bringing it to more than ten million Followers: dwarf Spitz Jiffpom.

Petfluencer: Also successful in Germany

the founder of The Petfluencer Marketing Agency Tony, André Karkalis, speaks about 10 000 followers of Petfluencern. Of these, there were in Germany several Hundred to a few Thousand. "One to two handful of people can make a career out of it." So, for example, Talitha Girnus, owner of the now deceased Weißbauchigels Mr. Pokee, or Annica Hansen with her horse Wölbchen.

"Just the entertainment factor is very important. And this is, of course, in the case of animals, which differ a bit from the Norm,“ says Karkalis. It was important to him that the animals are likely to be, and not always in costumes and humanized to be invested.

Farmer Poppen reached criticism

also, Lea Schmitz, spokeswoman of the German animal protection Association so provides. "That can mean Stress for the animals." Some channels are extremely influential and could also promote the messages of the animal or species protection. At Bobby's Account, the animal rights activist is split: If you are already going to be slaughtered, "these animals should be maintained at least under the best possible conditions. What you see here is not bad - that is to say an organic farm, the straw, the animals have space.“

Farmer Poppen reach of criticism. "Some say that this is very macabre, we have to be a pig, reports, and other pigs to die." If the critics would not be offensive, deal with them. "I know that a lot of people see it differently. But we like to eat meat, we produce it. This is our livelihood.“ She wants to inform consumers with Bobby's Account about organic agriculture.

The has ventured out finally to the rest of the pigs and their human visitors. Very leisurely, as it was a matter of lining dust. German diver disappears in Walmaul: "Nothing can prepare a" FOCUS Online German diver disappears in Walmaul: "Nothing can be a prepare" Hai, only a few centimeters: COP little boy saves away before the attack PCP shark only a few centimeters: policeman small saves boy from attack

Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 11:27

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