Munich: Karstadt-Kaufhof-Hammer! After the closure Stachus hardly recognize | Munich

Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof has a bad Geldnöte. So bad, that three prominent branches will disappear in Munich for always. Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof shuts thre

Munich: Karstadt-Kaufhof-Hammer! After the closure Stachus hardly recognize | Munich

Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof has a bad Geldnöte. So bad, that three prominent branches will disappear in Munich for always.

Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof shuts three branches in Munich. The most prominent stands at the Stachus. The closure goes through, will be in Munich hardly know the place again.

Update from 19. June, 21.08 PM: There were emotional scenes which took place in the operation of the closure-threatened Munich branches of Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof (GKK) meetings. "There's people that are 20 or even 30 years in the company, and now have to fear to lose their livelihoods are," says Dominik Dotz of the trade Union Verdi. Such a life had careers in the trade now rather uncommon in the Department stores they are a way of life.

"We know what this means for the affected employees. But this step is no Alternative to , because these stores threaten the total existence of the company,“ said the GKK-General Manager Arndt Geiwitz on Friday. On Monday, the creditors ' Committee to agree to the reorganization plan. Nationwide, 62 houses are to close (see below).

The Union Verdi hopes, however, that there is not yet the last word is spoken. "We do not give up the sites," said Dotz. They wanted to talk with the owners of the property and with a lower rental price to negotiate. The policy is intended to help "a top-class act from the city Council" could turn on.

On a success of such talks, Wolfgang Fischer of the City Partner, the Association of inner city retailers hopes. " The news has hit us very , in particular, the Galeria branch of the "Stachus" is an absolute tradition of the house." He hoped the discussions with the landlord and anxious with the affected employees that a solution to find.

Karstadt-Kaufhof: location on the Stachus is complicated

in Particular, the location on the Stachus is complicated. Because of the closure threatened Galeria branch is located virtually next door to the Karstadt at the Central station , was a closure for an Insider than likely. A Problem: "The product ranges of both houses were identical, as one would need to distinguish more", finds Dotz and asks: "Why would customers want in both stores go?"

on the Other hand, the closure of the Kaufhof's is likely to bring the landlords of the property in a tight spot – after all, other retailers reduce the size of its downtown locations. A single tenant for such large areas on this site may not be easy to find. Especially in these times, in which the trade subject to the limitations set by Corona pandemic groans. "The demand for income-producing real estate for retail space has declined significantly," reports City-Partner-spokesman for Fischer.

In the Olympia shopping center found so far, according to a Galeria and Karstadt store – the latter must now be soft. The former Kaufhof store was in the shopping center is the dominant house. And while the Karstadt must close at the Nordbad, the houses on the red cross course (Neuhausen) and at the Münchner Freiheit (Schwabing) to get.

downtown locations could face further adversity

Verdi man Dotz is now hoping that as many of the 350 employees affected by the closing can come in the remaining Munich houses of the group. "In particular, the Marienplatz and at the Central station, the fluctuation was the last large-scale", white Dotz. In the case of an exchange, employees of the affected houses might come into play.

you do not fall first to the Ground. "For at least six months, you will be caught in a transfer company and earn the 90 percent of your current salary ," says Dotz further action.

The downtown locations, further trouble could threaten the future of the Karstadt-Sports-houses is still uncertain. Here, more than two-thirds of Germany's 30 branches are considered to be at risk. With the Karstadt sport at the Karlstor and the Sport check in the pschorr house equal to the two houses of the group are located in Munich's pedestrian area.

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Karstadt and Kaufhof-closure: Munich with three houses

initial message, of 19. June, 15.14 PM: Munich - Six of the in the course of the renovation of that is threatened with closure branches from Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof (GKK) are located in Bavaria. Three of them are located in Munich itself. And these are no small houses on the edge of the city. If the locks are really set by, the town will be a different one.

a Total of around 800 employees would be directly affected, if the houses go on as planned-tight, like a Verdi-speaker the German press Agency said on Friday. About half of them are in Munich Make. However, the Union wants to fight to the houses.

Kaufhof and Karstadt Bankruptcy: Two branches in Nuremberg and Ingolstadt

Apart from the houses in Munich, is a threat to the Karstadt in Ingolstadt are the speaker , according to a specific Nürnberg the houses directly in the old town at St Lawrence's Church and the branch in length of water.

Karstadt and Kaufhof-Broke: Three stores in Munich are in danger of this From

not threatening, But only in Bavaria, North of the the bald spot. Also in the heart of the state capital, Munich* it comes thickness. In the Munich city centre, three well-known branches could soon belong to the past. The Verdi spokesman reported that it is planned to close without replacement.

+ From the closure affected: Kaufhof store at Stachus in Munich.©SIGI JANTZ

Kaufhof Hammer München: Galeria Stachus must close

probably The most prominent of the affected branch office is at Karlsplatz. The Galeria at Stachus would be affected by the closure. A picture can hardly imagine a Munich.

+ Anywhere in Germany, Galeria Kaufhof and Karstadt to close in the near future. ©Ippen-Digital-editor | Pries

Karstadt-Hammer: Two more stores in Munich affected

And that's not enough. According to the company's management, threatening even the branches on the Nordbad and Olympia shopping center to the.

"We will now put in it and fight for it, that this list is reduced," said a spokesman. To do this, you will want to speak with the policy, the company and the owners of the property. "The fair is not read."

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