Emmering, Bavaria, Germany: death of dog lady triggers violent Sstreit - owner on Transparent | Emmering (EBE)

The death of the dog lady "Feli" in Emmering for Trouble. The animal was run over by a tractor. His owner has hung up a protest poster. In Emmering (Landkrei

Emmering, Bavaria, Germany: death of dog lady triggers violent Sstreit - owner on Transparent | Emmering (EBE)

The death of the dog lady "Feli" in Emmering for Trouble. The animal was run over by a tractor. His owner has hung up a protest poster.

In Emmering (Landkreis Ebersberg) has been overwhelmed dog lady "Feli" of a tractor and fatally injured. Her owner is raising strong allegations against the farmer who was driving. With a Transparent is reminiscent of the late "Feli".

Emmering Ten days ago, Feli has died. Feli, the Collie lady, for your wife is an "angel on four paws", friendly look, black geränderte ears. 16 months she was old when she came under the tyre of a tractor with a trailer. Your owner Inge Hailer-People not get over the loss. And she is angry with the brakes on the farmer , the have made no effort for your favorite.

Emmering: dog lady "Feli" from tractor to roll over - Transparent

"set up He has seen the dog ," she says, "from a distance of 30 meters. And he is not stopped.“ Inge Hailer-People has now placed in front of your house in the hamlet of angel Bruck to Emmering (in the district of Ebersberg), a Transparent . Your dog died "by reckless frenzy", it says. "No time for a dog to stop life. Silo was a priority break-in.“

The woman Boss of a company for Event Management, says that it is "a hard bone". As a business woman, mind you. The death of your dog makes but you are stunned and sad, she says. So much So that she sees transparency as a valve. There is no Film of the incident, only a photo from the bad dog were. And people who see the incident differently.

farmer does not want to comment

Inge Hailer-People tells of a conversation immediately after the accident. The farmer said to her: "I'm sorry, but I'm just 25 kilometres an hour hazards." In a statement, the Hailer-People on the palm brings: "He looks at the speedometer, whether he is in the right. Whether a dog is, he doesn't care about.“

What the farmer says? The OVB-home Newspapers called the farmer over a dozen times to learn his view of things and to give him the opportunity for a opinion . Initially, the woman consoled the editors still, the man was on the way. After all, no one was ever on the phone.

Trouble to dog owners: there are Always conflicts between walkers and farmers

Josef Bodmaier , Rosenheimer circle Chairman of the Bavarian farmers ' Association, is aware of the possibility of conflicts for example between walkers and farmers. There is already a dog owners that do not behave properly. Not anleinten about their animals. Also the one or the other of Bauer suggest perhaps even on the strands. "But that's not the rule," stresses Bodmaier.

Emmering: dispute with the neighbors has been brewing longer

Inge Hailer-Voiks family and your neighbor have been living in strife. Your daughter Laura Bungart know to report a incident , which is five years back. With her boyfriend, she went close to the house for a walk. The farmer drove by with his tractor, much to fast as you think. Your dog, a puppy, was at the time, caught between the wheels of the tractor. "I screamed, jumped, was not seen, and kept going. Then I ran up to him. Came a Meter in front of me to Stand.“ The dog could catch them behind Dettendorf again, confused, but unharmed.

So good luck Feli had not. Inge-Hailer to the People was when the incident was not alone, she was accompanied by her friend and tenant. the Angelika Schweiger , Boss of a super market in Rosenheim, is shocked. "That was the worst thing I've ever seen." It was until then, a beautiful day, blue sky, only the distant clouds, suggesting that it might rain in the evening maybe. Perhaps, as conjectured in Braunschweig, it is urgent for the farmer because of the weather Yes. She was already on the horse, Inge Hailer-People made on the ground to the saddle, as Feli suddenly ran off. As her owner saw that she was running towards the tractor, it was already too late.

By tractor run over dog was not on a leash

The dog was not leashed, the grants Inge Hailer-People. Josef Bodmaier warns: "It takes mutual respect." Also, the machinery ring, about the farmers, equipment such as shredders, lend and borrow, warns you for a reason. In the "driver etiquette" of the machine ring it reads: "The high level of acceptance enjoyed by the agriculture in the population, is occasionally stretched to the limits." It follows the warning to the farmers, the Tempo however, to reduce voluntarily.

your Church is a rather "agricultural society," says Emmerings mayor Claudia scatter-shooter . Of larger conflicts between the farmers and the people of other professions, nothing can be known. But that there may be in individual cases, times of dispute. "Some farmers, for example, are upset because the dog owner let the Dirt lie."

insurance will pay for damage to well

How to do it now? The insurance , the farmer will have to pay. The money is not interested in Inge Hailer-People but you want to make it a animal shelter to. She didn't want to condemn the farmers to a flat rate, she says in an interview with the OVB-home Newspapers. She would rather give her grief and anger expression. And for consideration to advertise. She asks: "What if a child had been there?"

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