Max Verstappen to P2: much more not

Five podiums in six races: Red Bull driver Max Verstappen swims since his failure in the first Grand Prix of the formula 1 season 2020 on a wave of success. In

Max Verstappen to P2: much more not

Five podiums in six races: Red Bull driver Max Verstappen swims since his failure in the first Grand Prix of the formula 1 season 2020 on a wave of success. In Spain, he managed his second place in the drivers ' standings, more secure. In the victory but was not thinking in Barcelona.

Verstappen had directly after the Start, in which he captured from the P3 coming in second place, while connecting to Pole man Lewis Hamilton. "As he did, but at the middle of the first stint a little bit more pressure, I could not keep up," says Verstappen. "He left me. Since I, the wars knew for today."

For him, it was then only a question of defending P2 behind Hamilton, whose Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas. "[This] have I controlled my own pace," says Verstappen.

Verstappen rustic on the radio

His Team have put the strategy in a way that he was never seriously in danger of Bottas yet intercepted. "This has to work. And I'm happy with it," says Verstappen. "We went between the two Mercedes. Very much more is not at the Moment."

Quite smoothly, but the race, the Dutchman was not. The same multi-verse began to fall very energetic radio messages in the direction of Red Bull. This had different reasons, as he explains in retrospect.

There was the tire situation. "I wanted to go to the Box and not caught up with me, even though I had massive problems with the tyres and two laps, and a lot of time had been lost," says Verstappen.

a lack of understanding for the Red Bull-orientation in the race

And then his race engineer spoke to him, calling the distances to Hamilton and Bottas and possible scenarios for the Grand Prix. Therefore, Verstappen came in for a verbal counter-attack and made it clear how he imagined an ideal tactic in his Position.

Verstappens Thesis: "the Bottom line is you can't control what [have your opponent]. You can only control what you do yourself. So we need to make sure to have the fastest strategy is possible for us." Red Bull should not let other things distract you.

"We had no Chance [against Hamilton]," says Verstappen. He'll give it, if the Mercedes a speech competition in front of a race strong. "I don't pay very much attention to it. We need to look to ourselves and not so much on the other, what they say or do."

team boss Horner contradicts Verstappen

"It is important that we are competitive, and that we find a little more performance in the car and the engine."

At this point, but Red Bull team boss Christian Horner speaks to him. He said 'Sky', Verstappen know in the Cockpit of all backgrounds. "[Max] has not, unlike the strategist, the big picture in front of."

"He is ambitious and attacked, and you can hear that his engineer with instructions about what is to be his task to take care of what the engineers have, is very clear."

admired for What Horner Verstappen

Red Bull have wanted to avoid in the case referred to on worn tires simply that Verstappen in the traffic would come back to the track. "And we were not one hundred percent sure how long the tyres will last," says Horner.

It but find it "unbelievable that Max has the mental capacity to lead this conversation," he says. "As if it were a drive on Sunday afternoon."

But for a ride it was, at least not for Verstappen, who could not match the pace of Hamilton. Course two was the "absolute Maximum," said Horner. "The Mercedes was the faster car. I don't think more would have been there. With Max's performance, I'm satisfied."

Now it's Red Bull, lacking only a vehicle to the Mercedes W11, because Verstappen and Hamilton are currently "the two best drivers of the formula 1". "I think there's nothing in between is almost."

"Max is 22, Lewis is 36. They are in different stages of their career, but I hope that we will see the two in the next race. It would be good for formula 1."

This article has been written by Stefan Ehlen

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