What comes after the SUV? How I learned to love a small van

vacation by plane is just due to the Corona discharge measures more out. What is not surprising, if one has no certainty about whether or not the country is sud

What comes after the SUV? How I learned to love a small van

vacation by plane is just due to the Corona discharge measures more out. What is not surprising, if one has no certainty about whether or not the country is suddenly declared to be a risk area, while one is unaware on the beach. The year 2020 is likely to be remembered as the year in history, in the the short holiday with your own car or the camper suddenly incredibly safe and attractive.

For a mobile home, the Budget is not enough most of the time, both new and used we pay the highest prices for such cars . But it doesn't have to be a real Camper. The long-maligned, high-roof station wagon, and even a Mini-van offers itself as a cheap Alternative, if you must be chauffeured a few people, but a lot of clutter. It's a daily test of the fairly unknown Nissan NV250.

body and interior

Nissan Mini-vans - it is also available as a window-Bus benches - is reminiscent of the Renault Kangoo. The Japanese are divided over the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the technical platform and, ultimately, the Cockpit with the French model. The Transporter comes in two lengths: 4.3 or 4.7 meters, each with a double door at the rear and a sliding door to the right. By the bulge on the wall of the Cabin to the driver's area of the usable length varies slightly; bulky objects pushing best along the floor up to the wall, to the place to make maximum use of. By the height of 1.13 meters, many things can also be put upright, smaller bins, for example. Cattle man a Lot of space: Mini-vans like the Nissan NV250 are ideal for craftsmen and garden-Fans - but also for recreational athletes. Everything in the back throw, done

advantage of the closed Transport compartment, especially in comparison to a large station wagon or SUV: You will neither loose cargo at risk (which has the weight of the load, of course its limits), nor must you of building rubble or garden waste, unpleasant odors, or dust endure. If you need to transport a lot of, whether it be as a craftsman, a Hobby-gardener, or recreational athlete who is learning to appreciate the lush load space quickly. Through the double entry rear doors and the, however, when you Open pretty hakelnde, side sliding door - is Inviting even more practical than an SUV, which has a balancing, a high loading lip. The Nissan would be good in case of emergency, even as an improvised camper van: Simple mattress in the back throw, done. Cattle man with The Nissan NV250 it is available with two different wheelbases

In the Cockpit of the NV250 it is of course much more barren than in a Nissan Qashqai or VW Tiguan. A lot of hard plastic, a little Chic. What is not a point but, when it comes down to use an already in everyday life. And the leader of the house, with its uncluttered Cockpit, the large glove compartment and also on long-haul routes is quite comfortable to Sit. By the way, the Nissan surcharge has not only two seats, but three. Three adults side by side, it is thought, although not easily, but the third seat is more for the craftsman-for use on short routes. And Not that it would be sufficient for the small family. Germany's lowest Van in the great Video Test of FOCUS Online, Germany's lowest Van in the large Video Test

operation and in-car Infotainment

A couple of things disturb but when NV250-Cockpit: The Cup holder is positioned under the centre console, that not even a small bottle or a 500 ml can find space there. Overall, there is a lack of storage space would have been Yes in the lush plastic landscape. The other Vans can be better. And the navigation system with the very wide front-placed screen is neither on the amount of time still comfortable to use. CarPlay't mastered the technique. The Bluetooth connection via a mobile phone is a game of chance - time to build after the restart of the engine automatically changes also. Our recommendation: the great infotainment system, and instead of a good navigation App for your mobile phone to install. Cattle, man, Nissan NV250: Cockpit

engine, drive and fuel consumption

Nissan is offering the E-NV200 also has an electric Transporter. This may be for the downtown traffic is a good solution, with all other of the good old diesel engine however, is unbeatable. In the NV250 the well-known Renault potters-diesel 1.5 dCi 59 kW / 80 HP, 79 kW / 95 HP and 85 kW / 115 HP. With 115 HP - a lot of SUV don't start with so little power in the first place - and 260 Newton metres of torque, the unladen is motorized, 1.5 ton Nissan perfectly. Enough with the SUV craze! A combination can delusional the bottom line is that much more FOCUS Online final with the SUV! A Combi can. the bottom line is a lot more

Plenty of pulling power when moving off and Overtaking, easily, and with still acceptable noise at 180 km/h on the highway - and all of this combined with a low consumption: 5.4 liters on 100 kilometers, the car approved in the trial period , little difference to the official 4.9 l in the data sheet As you come quickly to the answer to the question of whether there is, at least for a lot of drivers in a cheap Transporter or in a Van with a sensible Alternative to a diesel engine. No, there is not.

suspension and driving behavior

there Would be the vans with all-wheel drive, the Low-Budget-SUV-spare-perfect. But "only" with front-wheel drive, the Nissan makes a good figure. He puts unkommod a comfortable driving behavior of the steering is still precise enough and the suspension, in spite of the commercial vehicle use of no. For the benefit of the car, which does not require, in contrast to many SUV's with a small, consumption-reducing tires, in all walks of life be light weight layers. When Manoeuvring the car Parking sensors and rearview camera help.


The base price of the box car is located at 18.490 Euro (80 HP). On Board there's not much of a luxury, but Essential as Parking sensors, Radio, reversing camera, cruise control and fog pig launcher is then. With 115 HP, Diesel, Infotainment System, dual seat, as well as the glazing for rear door and sliding door in our test car-price on 22.320 euros. You look at a lot of SUV or station wagon, so the extra cost between the base - and-Top-motor tion often significantly larger, usually at all sorts of equipment packages coupled. The price of closest competitor for cars like the NV250 is, of course, every Minivan from Dacia. The van Dacia Dokker for under 14,000 euros, the Van Lodgy even for under 12,000 euros.


cars such as the Nissan NV250 or Renault Kangoo will not have to win a lot of SUV owners for themselves. But who needs to only carry a few people and a lot of clutter, or the car already partially commercially could use for relatively little money, a very versatile vehicle. By the way, the car proves that economical diesel engines are not logged out. Who knows: Maybe this breed of car is - especially in a time in which the car is more attractive than ever, but a lot of HP and a fancy plate no longer appear to many as important as practicality, and frugality - a Renaissance.

type Nissan NV250 engine four-cylinder diesel engine displacement (cm3) 1461 power in HP (KW) at rpm 1 115 (85) in the case of Max. Torque (Nm) bei Umin-1 260 Nm at 1750 U/min and High
speed (km/h)
acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.) transmission 6-speed manual drive front wheel drive Fuel type Diesel fuel consumption EU Drittelmix (l/100 km) 4,9 FOCUS-Online-test consumption (l/100 km) 5,4 CO2-emissions (g/km) 128 length (mm) 4666 width (mm) 1829 height (mm) 1836 weight manufacturer
specifying (kg)
1493 price (euros) 18.490,00 € emission standard Euro-6 d temp
Updated Date: 31 August 2020, 20:26

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