Maddie McCann missing: suspect mischief in Bavaria - more terrible cases revealed | Bavaria

Kidnapped and killed Christian the little Maddie McCann? The suspect was already sentenced in Bavaria. The little Maddie McCann from England is still considere

Maddie McCann missing: suspect mischief in Bavaria - more terrible cases revealed | Bavaria

Kidnapped and killed Christian the little Maddie McCann? The suspect was already sentenced in Bavaria.

The little Maddie McCann from England is still considered as missing. Christian B. is considered to be strongly Suspect for the BKA. The track of the man leads to Bavaria.

Praia da Luz/Bavaria - One of the most spectacular criminal cases of the current century could, in fact, just before the enlightenment, is now solved the crime of the small Maddie McCann finally? The BKA Wiesbaden is sure that Christian B. the little girl in 2007 in Portugal kidnapped*.

Now, the suspect, Christian B. is also targeted in the missing person's case Inga*. The 43 has to do Years of something with the girl and her Disappearance* in Saxony-Anhalt?

Maddie McCann missing: Christian B.‘s trail leads to Bavaria

The 43-Year-old can already look back on a total of 17 convictions. Currently, the German sits in a prison in Kiel, a sentence imposed by the district court Niebüll, already in 2011, against him. The trade with narcotics.

Parallel is arranged for the rape allegations against him remand in custody. Because the district court of Braunschweig sentenced him on 16. December 2019, because of heavy rape with the inclusion of earlier penalties to seven years in prison.

The deed should be already in the year 2005 in Portugal, but for years the rape of the woman could not be shown to the German. Accordingly, approximately one and a half years before the Disappearance of Maddie's, in the Portuguese Praia da Luz, is supposed to be a 72-year-old American woman raped.

a DNA comparison and found a Video of the rape resulted in the arrest and extradition to Germany. The judgment is not yet final, the Revision lies to the Federal court of justice. In this very small place in Portugal, the small Maddie disappeared in may 2007.

Madeleine McCann missing: suspect, shuttled between Portugal and Germany

According to the investigator , the Accused, between 1995 and 2007, lived regularly on the Algarve, including some years in a house between Lagos and Praia da Luz. Again and again he commuted between Germany and Portugal, has been in both countries several times for offenders.

In September 2017, he was convicted of possession of child pornography: and sexual abuse of a child by a court, Braunschweig . The man had received a sentence of one year and three months he had already served, was confirmed by Thomas blade, speaker for child and youth pornography, competent prosecution Hannover.

Maddie McCann missing: Alleged perpetrators of Christian B. between Würzburg and Augsburg

According to der Spiegel, the criminal record of the man has a total of 17 entries. As the daily news reported, Christian B., born in 1977 in Bavaria, and there, first in a children's home to be raised. For the first Time criminally striking B. was, therefore, in 1993. Due to driving without a license and theft of the German was sentenced to eight months in parole .

a Few months later, Christian B. had to answer again in front of court . In October 1993, imposed in the district court of Würzburg a two-year youth punishment against the then still Minors for "sexual abuse of a child, attempted sexual abuse of a child and engaging in sexual acts in front of a child," as from court documents.

How to picture, to B. on a Playground in Würzburg, Germany, a six years old girl abused. As the child will cry, have started to be B. run away. On his escape, the würzburg 've tried to need a nine-year-old miss. The verdict: two years in Juvie, because B. was, at the time of the sentence on probation free.

over the years, the now 43-Year-old again to Bavaria. As the BKA said in the current issue of the "aktenzeichen XY", could also be tracked that the car of the suspects had been reported in Augsburg and in Munich.

Maddie's missing: well-Known of the suspects is reported declared accurate Details

As a well-Known of the German compared to RTL , should have Christian after his return from Portugal in Augsburg, Germany, as a sub-tenant in the usual way. His former roommate declared in the Interview , the 43-Year-old is said to have admitted his Jaguar on him, as a Christian B. had to go to Portugal to prison.

After the 43-Year-old had served his sentence in Portugal, came to Christian B. back to Augsburg. "Later, he has re-registered the car on a well-Known in Munich", explains Alexander B. in an interview with the TV channel. This re-registration is to be done, such as RTL reported, citing investigators, a day after the Disappearance of little Maddie.

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