Chelsea-exchange is for Werner to be a better step than Bayern or Liverpool

It was a message that caused astonishment. As several media reports, wants to join Timo Werner in the coming transfer window, the Chelsea and the Londoners a fi

Chelsea-exchange is for Werner to be a better step than Bayern or Liverpool

It was a message that caused astonishment. As several media reports, wants to join Timo Werner in the coming transfer window, the Chelsea and the Londoners a five-year contract.

Not the reigning Champions League winners Liverpool FC or Bundesliga leader FC Bayern, but the "Blues" to her young Trainer Frank Lampard would get the nod for one of the most sought-after striker in Europe. Superficially a goal, the less sheen is currently more clearly fully considered.

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save, Perhaps, Chelsea is actually only Werner's second or even third choice. According to the "picture"information, it should have Easter, a conversation with Jürgen Klopp has given, since then, Liverpool's interest is supposed to be cold again. And Bayern sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic had a few months ago, not announced, that Werner fit into the System of record for master. Also coach Hansi Flick to have doubts about Werner's Bayern fitness.

Regardless of the reasons Chelsea could be in for Werner is exactly the right step in his career.

Timo Werner: Liverpool is the "best Team in the world"

the 24-Year-old made his admiration for Liverpool is no secret, and referred to the team even as a "best Team in the world". But who will be the king of transfer to the industry leader, also has to deal with a considerably greater pressure than in Leipzig. Even if Liverpool will be crowned this season to the master, and the elimination from the Champions League has already been determined – on the expectation it will change hardly anything.

the squad quality is too high, too much has been invested in recent years in the transfer market. For Klopp's men in any competition for the title. Werner himself admitted in a Sky Interview in February: "I know that in Liverpool a lot of good players play. I need to improve itself, and many things to learn, to get to this Level, to play there." Similar to the Situation at FC Bayern.

Werner was the project of Leipzig

While Werner's time in Leipzig has developed in RB also a Top Team. As he moved 2016 to Saxony, was not to foresee this rapid development. Sure, a strong financial position in Leipzig was at the time. However, RB had just ascended, and seated on a young, developing players such as Werner. Only on Sky: Paderborn, Germany in the free case (display)

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The boy Schwabe see could develop with a project and was slowly built up. Werner found optimal conditions, Leipzig, was for him a kind of oasis of well-being. Similar to his hometown club in Stuttgart. The reward: Werner developed the best German striker, and supplies in this season, a record-breaking duel with Bavaria, Robert Lewandowski, the scorer cannon (before the 30. Bundesliga-round is Werner at 25 and Lewandowski in the case of 29 goals).

Leipzig-Trainer Julian nail man said recently, a Werner-departure would be for RB as painful as it is, a Lewandowski leaving for Bayern. Werner is in his current employer's undisputed top Star. "We know what we have together. I show, by playing me from the beginning and many opportunities to get to develop," said the nail man.

Werner: Strong competition at Bayern, and Liverpool

On a such special treatment could not hope Werner in Liverpool. There, he would be just one of the many top players and seasoned world would have to displace stars such as Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah or Roberto Firmino. Just that Trio, the Team from Merseyside to the Champions League Triumph in 2019, and likely shoots to the first League title for 30 years. At Bayern, the competition would be a battle with Lewandowski, Serge Gnabry, Kingsley Coman and summer, probably with Leroy Sané also not easier.

Reuters/Alexander Hassenstein/ Europe/Pool/dpabild Timo Werner on the Ball.

That Werner can handle the pressure the greatest stage, he has to prove yet to come. In 2018 he was regarded as Germany's new weapon at the world Cup in Russia. The dismal Failure of the national team to be fixed, would be unfair, but Werner remained in this tournament, far behind the expectations.

Since then he has developed further. But when it came in the Bundesliga round 2019/20 for the top duel with FC Bayern, from left Werner a few high-profile opportunities. The match ended 0:0. Werner (24) has not yet reached the end of its development.

Lampard leads Chelsea in a youth movement, a

At Chelsea would mean Werner's competitors Olivier Giroud, Pedro or Willian. Behind this young and promising players such as Tammy Abraham, or of the Ex-waiting-Dortmund's Christian Pulisic. With this new Chelsea Generation, the German could grow together, And according to the information of the "image" is intended to coach Chelsea to be a big Fan of Werners.

Chelsea was released, after the Champions League victory in 2012, the championship years of the early 2000s. Currently, the Team from the South of London is ranked in the Premier League table to fourth place.

picture alliance/dpa As a player angered Lampard, Bayern, among other things, in 2012 in the "Finale dahoam" and in the quarter-finals in 2005.

As Lampard the Trainer-Post 2019'm in charge of it, also due to a transfer lock on a took, a break. With Jody Morris and Joe Edwards, he won even two Coaches in the coaching staff that were previously long in the Chelsea Academy.

Lampard relies on young talent such as Abraham or midfield jewel, Jason Mount, and the figures of the confidence with strong performances. Werner would fit into this youth movement, and could quickly climb in the hierarchy to the top.

Werner can be at Chelsea next

At Chelsea tyre Werner would not have to act on the Position of the center striker: 1,91 Meter-man, Abraham can take on this role. Instead, Werner could form together with Pulisic, the wing-nose pliers, a Position that he can play his strongest weapon – the-speed – at best. Only on Sky: Bayern on the way to the title LIVE to see (display)

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Abraham see is 22, Pulisic and Mount are even a year younger, together they could usher in a new successful project. Rather than defend the top position in Munich or Liverpool, would be Werner in the Team of the Challenger. Very similar to the one in Leipzig. And the Team is not enough around him to his claims, can Werner change in a few years, still one of the big clubs in Europe.

his development as positive as in Leipzig, there will not be a lack of interested parties. Chelsea offers the right conditions.

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