Last shiny, against Bayern a failure: In good BVB Team dives Brandt completely

the Three findings: Severe criticism of Favre this time is inappropriate, but for BVB, there are a painful knowledge Dortmund coach fueled rumors of Favr

Last shiny, against Bayern a failure: In good BVB Team dives Brandt completely
  • Three findings: Severe criticism of Favre this time is inappropriate, but for BVB, there are a painful knowledge
  • Dortmund coach fueled rumors of Favre in front of the From? BVB should have with Kovac spoken
  • Bayern in the single criticism: Four times in the Two and the best note-for-Boateng

ROMAN BÜRKI, NOTE 4: Looked at the 0:1 is extremely unhappy because he is off the Ball but no more cannot be exterminated. In American Football, the principle of "You can touch it, you can catch it" - measured, it must have the. Otherwise, with a strong game and several good parades.

LUKASZ PISZCZEK (up to 80. Minute) NOTE 3: because Of old - the veteran, it is justified why you have to build at BVB for another year on its services. Held up well against the fast Coman and Davies, but also had good support from Hakimi and the sixes. Saved in addition, on the line and prevented the 0:1 - first of all. The name of Piszczek found in Polish dictionaries under the heading scores. Jrgen Pious/firo sports photo/POOL Joshua Kimmich is the case, for 1:0 for Bayern.

MATS HUMMELS, NOTE 2: Saw to a Hold up against Coman early Yellow (13.), but you could hardly. Davies he stopped after his dream-a Solo against four men in the beer, cover almost alone, with his physical presence. Otherwise, again and again, with a good position game.

Hakimi unclean

MANUEL AKANJI NOTE 4: If Bavaria were dangerous, then on the left the Dortmund defense. In a difficult Matchup against Gnabry Akanji was good, but can not compete at the highest pace. In the case of the Counterattack of the guests but also often left alone.

ACHRAF HAKIMI, NOTE 3: Should Shine on the Counterattack through his speed, has been found in these scenes, but rarely. In the passing game with little impurities, the stop in a top-of-the-game attacks. Defensively, with excellent help for Piszczek against the quick Bayern Duo Davies-Coman. AP Dortmund against Bayern

THOMAS DELANEY (up to 46. Minute) NOTE 3: Ran, parted, and worked hard like there's no Tomorrow. Along with Dahoud is a guarantee for the stability in the Dortmund game. Had to soft in the break, the game stronger Can.

MAHMOUD DAHOUD, NOTE 3: Unobtrusively, its performance is probably Best, although he tried a lot. Tried to make the game, was not only in his unnecessary Yellow card in the penalty box unusually motivated. Not only with his shot (80.), that he can compete at the Top level - whether it is enough for more remains open.

RAPHAEL GUERREIRO, NOTE 4: Less highlights than the last, especially in the Offensive. Started well into the match, was absent, but then one or the other Time at the Counter next to Akanji. As measured by the strong performances of the last games to be weak.

Brandt and Sancho disappointing

THROGAN HAZARD, NOTE 4: Shines usually as a playmaker on the wing. With the exception of the start-up phase, as he was repeatedly involved in good attacks, the Belgians are very pale; as he will be retiring after the Haalands in the storm center moved. Jrgen Pious/firo sports photo/POOL Julian Brandt and Joshua Kimmich.

JULIAN BRANDT (up to 46. Minute), NOTE 5: Of him had many more expected. A shot had a chance right before it popped off but then completely. In the half, Favre Jadon brought Sancho to the German national team.

ERLING HAALAND (up to 71. Minute) NOTE 4: is Engaged directly to the beginning with the big Chance for leadership, the Boateng prevented on the line (2.). But it was repealed in the case of Alaba and Boateng well most of the times, and logged out. The injury substitution of their best goalgetter's after 71 minutes it was still bitter. AP BVB striker Erling Haaland in the top match against FC Bayern.

EMRE CAN (from the age of 46. Minute) NOTE 3: Replaced Delaney in the break and should put more accents in the game to the front. Strong presence in the centre, with good ideas in the Offensive. Is likely to play in the coming weeks from the beginning.

JADON SANCHO (from the age of 46. Minute), NOTE 5: Came to the break for Brandt, and should Shine again as the Joker. Only very rarely in his class. Usually logged out, with slight errors in their own half. - Weak Appearance.

GIOVANNI REYNA (from 71. Minute). without assessment

MARIO GÖTZE (from 80. Minute), without assessment

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