Bavaria/grammer mountain: hiker shocked by a mountain biker - tears | Lenggries come

A conflict between hikers and mountain bikers to cook on Grammer hill. In the center of the narrow and dangerous "riding is dough". The Grammer district B

Bavaria/grammer mountain: hiker shocked by a mountain biker - tears | Lenggries come

A conflict between hikers and mountain bikers to cook on Grammer hill. In the center of the narrow and dangerous "riding is dough".

The Grammer district Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen reports hikers from reckless mountain bikers . You are very busy, narrow get in and damage it. A site visit shows, however: hikers and mountain bikers take care of each other - and the paths don't seem to suffer.
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case/Vorderriß – This Trouble was inevitable: Because the border to Austria for tourists is still tight, the narrow Bavarian Alps, strip now a mass rush . Thus, the conflict between hikers and mountain bikers high-boiling. The so-called " riding dough " of the Grammer to Rißbachtal you will encounter now in greater numbers. Uta Hofmann, head of the seniors group at the Tölzer Alpine club, has complained now in an open letter to the section Board of Directors on reckless Biker .

riding dough on grammer mountain: a mountain biker necessary allegedly hikers

Hofmann complained in the Letter that the mountain bikers ramponieren the way, and hikers necessary to Dodge them. "A minimum of 40 Biker " had met her one day, she writes and speaks of the "vandalism" because of the get take it under the tire damage. The area was so sensitive that he could not be driven, argues Hofmann in your letter. For the next few months, they feared Bad: "It is expected that after this summer, the anticipated big rush, many of the traditional Hiking trails by cyclists strong, if not destroyed, will be. The tears come to me now.“ Elsewhere, the Situation with mountain bikers already escalated - for example, in the pigeon mountain, in the County of Miesbach.

Hofmann asks the section, therefore, strongly to be here and to have the horse riding dough , but also other sensitive paths to opportunity for cyclists to lock.

riding dough is historically and get value

The horse riding dough is an artfully landscaped path from the time around 1840, which leads through an impressive Alpine landscape. The Wittelsbach family had their preferred hunting area. At the receive of the route: would there be no doubt, emphasizes the circle of home Keeper Martin Englert: "a Weganlage age time is also a valuable cultural heritage."

The spectacular middle section of the path crosses at 1600 meters of altitude on a steep South-facing slope just below the "pürschen cutting", is returned the whole of narrow and Expo, at one point even with wire ropes secured. Driving error could have nasty consequences. "Hairpins massacre, mega exposed," writes a Blogger on the Portal Freeride.Today.

mountain rescue Lenggries has saved a mountain biker riding a dough with significant injuries

The Lenggrieser mountain rescue service readiness Manager Christoph Brenninger has brought there already "out a pair of Biker – with a significant injury". He speaks of "a very high willingness to accept risk in some athletes" does not want to participate in the discussion of the legality and usefulness of such Trails: "We ask, and save everyone."

Also in the case of a heavy Boulder-accident in the Allgäu region, the mountain had to outdent controls to the rescue: A two-ton Rock collapsed and trapped a man (30).

At the district office spokeswoman Sabine Schmid stresses that such Trails are fundamentally right: "criteria for the Suitability of Paths for the Cycling , unfortunately, are laid down anywhere, especially to Alpine single-track trails are still no court decisions are known," said the spokesperson. On the basis of a feasibility study, which is being worked on, search it is a question of participation of the German Alpine Association (DAV) and of all other relevant possibilities for a harmonious Coexistence. This is also a concrete way will created concept. For Hanspeter Mair, who manages the DAV, the mountain bike concept, the lead, is behind the Trail at Grammer , of course, a big question mark, because he leads through a nature reserve.

mountain bikers fight back: no General verdict

lovers of such Trails in the "Flow Valley"Initiative around the Lenggrieser restaurateur Robert Werner teamed Clear: "at the Moment everything is pushing us, and the atmosphere is heated", he admits. He even estimates that equestrian dough because of its perfectly landscaped path with a relatively moderate slope than the "ideal Trail ", a. Of course, there are also "passages, where you can descend reasonably and pushes".

mountain bikers need their own offers in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

Robert Werner annoys it yourself, that there is among the riders "black sheep. However, this may lead to a lump sum judgment“. He appeals to a mutual respect: part of it is that it "adjusts the driving technique, not Abkürzer drives and pedestrians meeting the priority". There is, at this point, however, "a well-known Person, there is always stones, sticks and other dangerous obstacles in the way". The solution to the conflict he sees in the fact that the district creates an offer for mountain bikers .

on-the-spot appointment shows: hikers and mountain bikers take id out of consideration

Perhaps the conflicts could be, but really simply by treating each other with respect avoid. This is because a hike on ascension day no longer showed that the get also has erosion damage than other frequently committed way. Almost 30 sports mountain bikers were on this day, on the road, the number of hikers was significantly higher. The meetings were straightforward. All the cyclists were considerate and respected the code of conduct.


hikers and mountain bikers are very important for the Region. The tourism in the Tölzer Land is a heavy way back from the Corona-crisis. And also other recreational sports are currently increasingly on the go. So a Heilbrunner and a Lenggrieser were driving at the Walchensee boat and upset it.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2020, 03:33