Jonas Folger wants to be Van der Mark's place at Yamaha Needs to bring results

In contrast to the MotoGP are allowed in the Superbike world championship in this year's Wildcards. Thus, Jonas Folger can claim adherence to his Plan, if chos

Jonas Folger wants to be Van der Mark's place at Yamaha Needs to bring results

In contrast to the MotoGP are allowed in the Superbike world championship in this year's Wildcards. Thus, Jonas Folger can claim adherence to his Plan, if chosen to race as a guest starter. At a Trackday in Oschersleben follower spoke exclusively with '' about his expectations for the season 2020 and the goals for the upcoming season.

"The WSBK Wildcards are still to come. Barcelona in September and Misano in October, we have on the Plan," says Folger, who is relieved that there is in the Superbike world championship no fundamental Wildcard ban: "At the first WSBK race, there is no Wildcard Starter. It is a kind of test run for the world Superbike championship with the all the requirements. From the second racing weekend of Wildcards are allowed again."

In the case of the WSBK Events will take followers with a material of the Yamaha. "We get the world Cup-replacement machine from Yamaha. It is completely the same Material. This was promised to us. We will be testing in front of Barcelona for another day, to us on the motorcycle set. It is definitely a different bike than the one in the IDM," noted the German.

Harmony's Jonas Folger, with the WSBK Version of the Yamaha R1?

In comparison to the IDM Yamaha, the R1 in the Superbike world championship, some of the differences. "The machine has more power and more electronics. It is a other electronics. The swingarm is different, the brakes and the suspension also. There are some differences," says Folger.

"I'm never a world Superbike hazards. If the WSBK Bike in the MotoGP is a step closer, then that should me meet but. I drive with traction control and Wheelie control. That should be me", said the former MotoGP Pilot.

is Not afraid of problems

In the past, some drivers had problems to get used to the WSBK Version of the Superbikes. Markus Reiterberger is a good example that a world championship motorcycle does not have to be always faster than a stick machine.

"of course It must also blend well with the Team. I don't know if the Reiti has had the right people in the factory team or not. But the world Cup-Bike must be the bottom line faster than the IDM Bike. If this is not the case, there is somewhere a mistake. The technical level is higher than in the IDM," says Folger.

the guest appearances, receives the follower-support from Yamaha. "We have Yamaha an expert in the Box that looks to our people on the fingers. We get support. In addition, there will be a data exchange between the factory team, the client team and us. It goes Hand-in-Hand," says the longtime Grand-Prix-Pilot.

this year follower at the IDM Team by Michael Galinski is under contract. Is Yamaha there is no direct connection. "Yamaha Germany has made this project its Finger in the game, and pressure, to make it all work with the Wildcards. It is in the spirit of Yamaha Germany, we drive the Wildcards. I was happy to hear, of course, huge. We receive from Yamaha Germany is a very good support," commented follower.

Jonas Folger Moves as IDM champion in the WSBK?

is the aim for 2020 is clear: the follower wants to be IDM-master, in the Wildcards, Shine, and then 2021 in the Superbike world championship drive. Follower wants to step-by-step procedure: "I can't even look ahead to 2021. We need to put a couple of races behind us. The goal is of course to win the IDM. This is the priority of the team."

"We don't know yet if we will drive all four of the IDM race or whether the race to come. At the moment, like everywhere, pretty crazy. Therefore, it is difficult, far ahead. My goal is of course to drive next year in the world Cup. I got two Times the Chance to prove myself in the Wildcards, and to present, to get a Chance," notes Folger.

In the case of Yamaha, for the WSBK season in 2021 is still a free place in the factory team, while Michael van der Mark goes to BMW. Follower can be calculated on the basis of his MotoGP past and the experience with the Yamaha R1 might have a chance on the place.

Michael van der Mark's place is in hot demand

"I was surprised when I learned the news," he commented on the exchange of Michael van der Mark. "He was a built-in Yamaha driver. Van der Mark has always brought the same with the Yamaha in conjunction. From here it was a surprise to me too. Probably it was, as is so often the money. Now a place is free."

"There are so many candidates and other riders that are keen on the place. Sure, my Name will fall. I must now try to bring results, Wildcards, to exploit and to put an exclamation mark. Then the other Teams will be noisy. Maybe the Chance arises", thinks the German.

The negotiations follower leads now. A Manager of multiple Grand Prix has winner. "I'll take care of the Management. In Spain I have yet to have someone who supports me and the sensor extends. Otherwise, I do all my own work," said Folger.

Scott Redding is, according to Jonas Folger, the great favourite

And what are the expectations of follower for the WSBK season 2020? On which driver he would put his money? "My clear favorite is the Scott (Redding)", so follower is. "I know Scott and know what he can driving. He is after a difficult period, again on a wave, riding for a factory team and the've never been more motivated."

"I think Scott has the best chance to drive the other drivers to the ears," notes Folger. "Scott worked for several years in MotoGP. The experience can take none. He is now in the Superbike world championship."

at the end of July, the Superbike world championship season 2020 will continue in Jerez. 30. July, Jonathan Rea, Scott Redding and co. encounter in the Free practice sessions again. 31. July will start the first race after the Coronavirus-forced break. The day after the super pole-race and race two on the schedule. A week later, the WSBK season continues at Portimao in Portugal.

This article was written by Sebastian Fränzschky

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