The electric car completed the discount battle in the car trade? VW wants to disempower dealer

With the new electric model ID3 wants to make a Volkswagen from the Start money. While the group at the electro-Golf and E-Up - both of which are merely for the

The electric car completed the discount battle in the car trade? VW wants to disempower dealer

With the new electric model ID3 wants to make a Volkswagen from the Start money. While the group at the electro-Golf and E-Up - both of which are merely for the Stromer upgraded gasoline - note, despite a significant sales success of a few thousands per car, pay on it, must ensure that the ID3 in any case, for the green. Because the group is just each and every cost item on the test. A building block for a new Agency system, with the classic retailers undermined and discount battles is to be prevented.

VW ID3: the Agency model instead of traders-intermediate level

With the direct sales to the dealers are disempowered quasi. However, they hope that you will remain as a contact person on site even more indispensable. "The Volkswagen dealer, who settle their conflicts with the group, as a rule, self-confident, have agreed to the Agency model. From their point of view, it is reported offers the opportunity to integrate the retail stores with the digital auto marketing, close to are instead of online trading in the years to completely overrun", the "world". Tesla falls apart while driving - rain tears rear bumper from FOCUS Online/Wochit Tesla falls apart while driving - rain tears rear apron from

"Volkswagen finalizes the contracts with the customers of its electric vehicles directly in the future. So far, the car dealers did this. The traders get in the future, a Commission for all the services and advice of the customers, the trips of the sample and the delivery of the cars," the newspaper said. Tesla is an even more radical way and the classic dealer, has abolished it. With advantages and disadvantages: The Americans save a lot of money, but also your Service problems due to the lack of workshop network in a bad light in the handle. Customers report weeks, sometimes months-long times on repairs and parts and a hard-to-reach customer service wait. UBS Bank, Tesla Model 3 and BMW 3-series comparison: the BMW is significantly more profitable due to the expensive electrical drive. In order to achieve the same margin, you have to save the E-car elsewhere - for example, the dealer margin

dealer margin must, in order to optimize costs

in fact, the dealer margin is a key lever to improve profit margins on electric cars. As a comparison, the UBS Bank shows that in the case of a BMW 330i in the US, a dealer margin of between 5000 and 5800 U.S. Dollar reduces the profit, while the electric car Tesla Model 3, this Item is the lack of dealer nets exactly zero Euro. The only way Tesla can achieve a positive margin and the high battery cost increases; however, only in the better-equipped models, while the base models still Minus. That might be the reason why Tesla is in its latest model, the SUV Model Y, the cheapest base model completely from the program has taken. Electrical China-Volvo: Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2 FOCUS Online Electric China-Volvo: need to tremble, tremble, Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2

electric cars are massively subsidized by the taxpayer

For the truth, meanwhile, that the car manufacturers, especially in Europe costs a good part of their extra battery cars from the taxpayers to Finance, in the Form of state purchase premiums. Up to 9000 euros bonus, there are in Germany when you buy a E-car. What is the meaning of the manufacturer's share of 3000 Euro that the German taxpayer will have to shoot at each electric VW up to 6000 euros, so that E-mobility is picking up speed.

It threatens to be a habituation effect, the buyer and a long - term dependence on subsidies, the taxpayers cost billions-and particularly in Germany, hitting, where the citizens in the Form of Europe's highest electricity prices without subsidies in non - viable Solar and wind industry financing. The largest electric car market in the world, China sets, however, in promoting the reverse gear and shift the risk back to the car manufacturer: The purchase premiums from the run and will be replaced by electric car production quotas, which can mitigate the manufacturer, however, by an increase in the production of small micro hybrid petrol engine .

discount expert don't believe the end of the bargain prices

While the dependency on state funding-drip is likely to remain a Problem, could the new distribution models for more transparency for the customers ' worries. And you do not exclude discounts in the future. "The Agency model for Mercedes in Germany since more than 30 years. And it has proven itself. The other car manufacturers will go piece by piece in this distribution model. A trader to Franchise partners and new forms of Marketing such as Auto-subscriptions that's not the Worst," says car market expert Professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer to FOCUS Online. Cattle man of new cars with high discounts at a car dealer

New marketing power discounts, "democratic"

Dudenhöffer analyzed for years in his "discount-Index" the price and Discounts on various car markets. He does not believe that the time the bargain is with the electric car: "there are, of Course, also in the future discounts. But then, transparent for all, because in the Agency model of the car manufacturer controls its pricing strategy Central. If the economy remains weak and the car maker underutilized plants, there will be Incentives, i.e. discounts on the vehicles type. The big difference to today: The discounts are then 'democratically', so all these discounts. The Internet has brought with the new car intermediaries such as "my car" or "price optimizer" to a Pro-democracy movement in the discounts," says Dudenhöffer.

VW ID.3 starts from today

The new ID.3 VW discounts are only once in the distance. After the early bird launch of the "1st Edition" in June, VW has opened in the beginning of this week, the ordering system for the electric-Compact for all. Those interested can now choose between two basic variants with different battery sizes as well as seven pre-configured trim levels. The first deliveries are scheduled for October.

All first-order ID.3 with the 150 kW/204 HP and 310 Newton metres of strong rear combined propulsion system that enables a sprint from 0 to 60 km/h in 3.4 seconds. In combination with the smaller 58-kWh battery (420 km range) is the base version of the "Pro Performance" around 35.600 Euro. Here, distance cruise control, navigation system and a Bluetooth hands-free velvet inductive charging shell as standard on Board. Opel Corsa-e in the Test: a Comfortable small car with lots of assistance systems PCP Opel Corsa-e in the Test: a Comfortable small car with lots of assistance systems

in Addition, variant are available for this Battery of six other facilities to choose from. The next higher level of "Life" offers, with prices starting at 37.800 Euro also heated seats, heated steering Wheel, and more USB ports. For € 40,900, there is the ID.3 "Style" Design package, LED Matrix headlights, a panoramic glass roof and comfort package.

Alternatively, the ID can.3 with a 77-kWh-battery can be ordered for 550 km range. In the basic equipment of around € 40,900 be called. In the high-end equipment, "Tour" costs, the big battery version of 48,400 Euro, the many features of the previously mentioned versions of the bundles.

In a few months, VW will offer the ID.3 continue to expand. The below 30,000 Euro, the entry-level model "Pure", with 330 kilometres of WLTP-range should be available. WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok: "Scary-Goofy" calls for children to live in dangerous Games on PCP WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok: "Scary-Goofy" encourages children to live a dangerous Play

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