Hochkaräterin with a turbulent history: Saskia Putzke of HSG Würm-Mitte | Region Würmtal

With Saskia Putzke has Würm, the HSG-center of a high-profile new arrival. The 25-Year-old Bundesliga has experience and should lead the third division-promoted

Hochkaräterin with a turbulent history: Saskia Putzke of HSG Würm-Mitte | Region Würmtal

With Saskia Putzke has Würm, the HSG-center of a high-profile new arrival. The 25-Year-old Bundesliga has experience and should lead the third division-promoted to the Bundesliga.

Würmtal – Saskia Putzke is on 12. March returned from a trip around the world to Munich. Also on the 12. March had the Bavarian football Association (BHV), the game and training operations in the free state until Further adjust. A short time later the Federal government followed a wide season of demolition.

Since then, the 25-year-old's Campaign is waiting like many others for the return to the hall. "I wish, of course, that we must start as soon as possible," says the new arrival of third in the League newly promoted HSG Würm-Mitte. After all, a couple of units in the Free was able to complete Campaign with her new Team. Since Monday, the halls are open again from normal football training, it is removed by the pads but still far.

HSG-trainer Mittasch praises: "experience and quality"

four weeks Ago, announced the Würmtaler wild cats, the obligation of the height of 1.67 meters, large back-room player. "We are delighted that Saskia will start next year for us. You will be in the League three an important source of support and us, through their experience and quality in a playful way further to the front,“ said coach Stefanie Mittasch. Putzke would like to meet this claim: "I have a lot of experience from higher leagues and high expectations of myself."

The native Taufkirchnerin is a former Junior national player. You are left with 16 years of their Bavarian homeland and moved to Westphalia in the volleyball-boarding of team HSG Blomberg-Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia.

After high school, she stood for three years in the cadre of the Swabian League club TuS Metzingen, even if they came there for only a few inserts. During her sport management studies in Tübingen – initially played a second game right – for several years, for second-tier SG H2Ku Herrenberg and in the meantime, for the then second division side TSV Haunstetten.

return to Munich and ascent into the Bavaria League

In the summer, returned to the Campaign after Munich and eleven national League games (78 goals) completed for the new handball game community HT Munich, one of the your home team SV-DJK Taufkirchen.

even Though you enabled HT on your favorite position, return the center of the room, to the ascent into the Bavaria League, was a Campaign after the short Intermezzo is clear: you want to play again later class. The focus of their lives, the 25-Year-old sees after completing your studies and entry into professional life for the time being in Munich, therefore, the contact-to-third-League-newcomer Würm was the middle of obvious. Some players like Alexandra Müller, Nicole Huber or goalkeeper Patricia Contro, you know from common times in the Bayern-selection. Putzke can also imagine to stay longer, in the case of the wild cats.

in 2013, suffered Putzke, a rare inflammation of the brain

you can even play basketball, is not a matter of course. In the spring of 2013, as the put the then 18-Year-old in the midst of high school stress, ill you heavy. Putzke was suffering from a rare inflammation of the brain. Anti-NMDA-Receptor encephalitis is the Name of the in 2007 for the first time described the disease is. You would have lethal ends.

But the inflammation was just diagnosed in time, and the treatment proposed. After half a year's Campaign was fully recovered, began to study and fought his way back onto the field.

Putzke in review: "Full of unrealistic,"

With the Münchner Merkur, you spoke about for the first time in April 2015. You will always be asked then, not bothering you. However, she has hardly any memories of that time. "It was just time, but I know very, very little," says Putzke. Today, you will feel fit as a fiddle, feels no after-effects. "Fully unrealistic," is she in the story now. She adds: "It's been so long."

Yet not quite so long, but also been a while since your last volleyball game is on 1. December 2019 for HT. Putzke hopes that they can soon show their qualities for the Würm-Mitte. Not quite as optimistic as the German handball Federation (DHB), which is calculated from September with regular Playing before an audience is not you. "It could take two months longer", she suspects.

Putzke trust HSG Würm-Mitte relegation in 3. League

your new Team you have to trust the League's whereabouts in any case. The HSG collected in the 2018/19 season third League experience, sees the Campaign as an important advantage. Also Würm-Mitte Executive Board Benedikt Waterloo is confident – not least because of the high-profile Transfers: "Saskia is a Topneuzugang for us. With her, we come closer to the relegation in the third division is sure to be a piece.“


Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 14:33

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