Daimler: exhaust-scandal - re-recall of hundreds of thousands of Diesel cars | economy

For the third Time, the authorities will arrange at Daimler, Diesel recall. It comes to hundreds of thousands of vehicles that should be illegal technique. Da

Daimler: exhaust-scandal - re-recall of hundreds of thousands of Diesel cars | economy

For the third Time, the authorities will arrange at Daimler, Diesel recall. It comes to hundreds of thousands of vehicles that should be illegal technique.

Daimler has not dealt with the exhaust-scandal still. The manufacturer is re-prompted to recall hundreds of thousands of vehicles . The Stuttgart want to challenge the decision of the German Federal motor transport authority .

Update from the 12. June 2020: automaker Daimler has the exhaust-scandal-still not quite worked up . The Stuttgart-based manufacturer has to re-call countless Diesel-powered vehicles because of the allegation of an illegal exhaust technology.

Around 170,000 cars are affected . It is models of the A-, B-, C-, E - and S-class Mercedes-Benz with the emission standard of five. the 60,000 of the weigh be in Germany , explained a spokesman. The recall notice issued by the Federal motor transport authority last year (see below) was supplemented by further series. Since 2014, the affected series.

Daimler stressed that it is cooperating with the authorities, but I will insert the against this supplementary notice of opposition . The Federal motor transport authority classifies the vehicles used technique as an illegal defeat device. Daimler holds them to be admissible.

exhaust-scandal: Daimler defends itself against the extension of the recall notice

The company had already emphasized the GLK recall a year ago, , that the disputed technology is still used in many other models would be investigated, and therefore, further recalls are to be expected. It is, therefore, now to not a new issue . With additional load on the result in the balance sheet through the additional callbacks was not expected also.

the advanced notice: a growing number of cars and Vans, Daimler, because of the charge of a illegal defeat device had to return a call or need to, according to the group information on more than 1.4 million, of which about 580 000 in Germany.

exhaust-scandal: Daimler have to call back hundreds of thousands of Diesel cars

first message from the 11. October 2019: Stuttgart - The automaker Daimler has in the opinion of the authorities in the hundreds of thousands of other Diesel vehicles used an illegal exhaust technology. The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) issued an appropriate recall notice, Daimler announced on Friday evening. Is affected according to the figures, a medium six-digit number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Europe, with the slightly older Euro-5 diesel engine with the designation OM651 on-the-go. Daimler intends to appeal against this recall notice of opposition. The group is of the view that its technology is legally in order.

A exact number of affected vehicles has not been called. The engine is in a range of Mercedes vehicles across the model range. It is an older model that is no longer in the current series. "The production of the vehicles at the latest in June 2016", - said Daimler.

The KBA had imposed on the car manufacturers as early as 2018, well 680 000 Diesel vehicles to recall, in June of this year, around 60,000 all-terrain vehicle of the type Mercedes-Benz GLK came again. According to the authorities an illegal defeat device for exhaust gas purification is in use. Daimler sees it differently and has also appealed against these decisions to appeal.

Daimler-recall: Also 260.000 Sprinter affected

include the concerned vehicles around 260,000 Transporter of the model Sprinter. The KBA has you in his sights, he turned on the last weekend known.

Daimler had, however, emphasized that it was not a new or surprising discovery. In connection with the arrangement for the GLK, Daimler informed "about the claimed functionality is included in various series and a review announced", stressed a spokesman. Daimler have introduced the function of the exhaust gas purification of the KBA in may 2018", and then since the summer of 2018 in further meetings thoroughly explained".

"advanced Far, but not yet

Regardless of the contradictions, to cooperate also in this case with the authorities, it said on Friday. Means Daimler will implement the recalls and affected customers informed, but it remains his view. "The clarification process with the KBA with a view on the functionalities of the engine control for Diesel vehicles of Mercedes-Benz is well advanced from the point of view of the company, but not yet completed," it said. It is not excluded, therefore, that the KBA will issue further orders.

On the business result will not have any impact of the new recall, said the group. Daimler also had high provisions for the Diesel recalls posted in the second quarter of a loss.

In September, the Prosecutor's office also imposed a fine in the amount of € 870 million against Daimler. Reason, driving was a willful violation of the duty of supervision with the vehicle certification of concerned Department. This led to a finding of the Prosecutor's office that the diesel vehicles have received permits, even though the emissions of nitrogen oxides in the cars, in part, to the provisions corresponded to. The brand new Mercedes-Benz SUV, however, massive security problems, and is also affected by a recall, such as nordbuzz.de* reported.

also read: The Federation of German consumer organisations complaining in the name of 470,000 diesel customers against VW. The pattern action was generally approved.

According to the exhaust gas scandal, the sales of Diesel vehicles in Europe decreased by far, but the CO2 emissions are on the rise. Why is the environment, although the supposedly dirty engines disappear from the road?


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Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 14:34