Fresh start when 1.FC Cologne: A case for two

The new management team of Markus Gisdol and Horst Heldt demonstrated in Cologne and unity. The first Bundesliga match is on. optimism spread: Markus Gisdol c

Fresh start when 1.FC Cologne: A case for two

The new management team of Markus Gisdol and Horst Heldt demonstrated in Cologne and unity. The first Bundesliga match is on.

optimism spread: Markus Gisdol collected in his first Cologne-based Training photo: Reuters

COLOGNE taz | Since joining from VfB Stuttgart in January 2006, Horst Heldt, as the head of sports, a lot of experience. After four and a half years in the Region, it drew the native of the Rhine countries to Gelsenkirchen and from there to Hannover 96.

this week is now Heldt as the new sporting Director of 1. FC Cologne are presented and set the same, of which the Waiting of he will pursue his initial game with the descent-prone intermediates.

On Saturday evening the table, performs next-to-last in the torwütigen Leipzig. And Heldt should first reveal whether he's eyeing the Cologne games now on the stands or on sward height. "I have," said the 49-Year-old then, "as a Manager, taken both courses, but am on the edge of the field more comfortable. I must have only by yourself in the grip.“

That Heldt is trying from now on to have right next to him in the grip, welcomed Markus Gisdol on the Warmest. The former Chief instructor of the hope Heimer and hamburgers, which he kept before his release, in each case prior to the descent, finally, is also quite fresh on the Billy goat home. He was introduced on Tuesday in parallel to Heldt as the new Bank's Board of Directors.

In praise of the man from Swabia not only the benefits of Heldts Cologne's local knowledge – the former midfielder kicked from 1990 to 1995 for the FC in the Bundesliga, he also stressed his desire for close proximity to the sports editor: "If Horst would have said that he wants to grandstand, I would have asked him to come down."

The climate crisis is made by men, this is also why the faces of the new climate movement are women. Two of them, Luisa Neubauer of Fridays For the Future and Nike grind house by the end of the grounds, met the taz. Also: In football, it Marsbahis can allegedly create any*r, whether migrants or working child. Is that true? These and other texts in the taz on the weekend of 23./24. November. Always starting on Saturday at the Kiosk, in the eKiosk or equal to in the practical Wochenendabo. And in the case of Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, the two men form a kind of community of destiny – they want to prove themselves again. "Anyone who knows me knows that I've lost. I have changed since April things in my life and now I wanted to work again,“ said Heldt, who should start in Cologne, Germany almost two years ago already – at the time, as the successor of Jörg Schmadtke.

Hannover Boss Martin kind was the exchange of the senior officers of the lanyard to the Rhine at the time, burst. However, Heldt slipped now flight into the hair shirt, and made it clear: "That it has not worked out in 2017, was not due to Martin child alone. I have also contributed my part.“

A little humility can't hurt – the Markus Gisdol, who came not as a Topkandidat to the Job in Cologne, Germany thought to himself. Huub Stevens, his former boss at Schalke, just mentioned Gisdols excessive ambition, and a certain disloyalty of his former assistants in the common S04-times. One of Gisdols messages is now: "There must be no 'I'. It must be a 'We'. This 'We' we want to transfer to the team."

training trips through the English stadiums, or through conversations with game analysts have tried in the last two years, "to be a better Trainer," said Cologne's new head coach yet. But too much modesty of the 50 like-Year-old then but do not impose.

For the game in Leipzig, before he caught up to the opinion of the man Council, wants to Gisdol, the strengths of his Team, especially the Defensive. In the attack of the last-time in the Background portrayal of Anthony could get to Modeste a new opportunity.

"I have something to mix together, in which the team finds again. Maybe you have to have the courage to be a gap, a bit of play with fire“, winks at the FC coach to the residents of Leipzig. And also the new head of sports, Cologne, Horst Heldt, said: "We don't have much time, but we don't have to invent new", and inflates the cheeks: "experience is very helpful – to go Full speed."

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 18:00