Fourcade wins in the last career race, the Boe and Wierer win overall world Cup

the Biathlon world Cup in Kontiolahti Last race of the season, the winter of 2019/20 the Boe and Wierer win the overall world Cup The result 1

Fourcade wins in the last career race, the Boe and Wierer win overall world Cup
  • Biathlon world Cup in Kontiolahti
  • Last race of the season, the winter of 2019/20
  • the Boe and Wierer win the overall world Cup

The result
1. Julia Simon (FRA)
2. Selina Gasparin (SUI)
3. Lisa Vittozzi (ITA)
4. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN)
5. Monika Hojnisz (POL)
9. Franziska Preuß (GER)
16. Denise Herrmann (GER)
23. Vanessa Hinz (GER)
26. Karolin Horchler (GER)

Biathlon: pursuit of the ladies

soon: have not been able to engage The German biathletes in the last race of the season in the fight for the Podium. In pursuit of the Sprint-Second Franziska Preuß delivery to five errors as the best German on rank nine. Sprint winner Denise Herrmann had to give in after eight laps with a ranking of 16 satisfied.

her first world Cup victory, the French Julia Simon, the Swiss Selina Gasparin and Lisa Vittozzi of Italy referred to the courts secured. Finland icon by Kaisa Mäkäräinen was in your last career Fourth race. She was even the fastest in the race.

before the last shoot of the leading Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff awarded by a total of six errors, and as a Tenth, for the first time winning the overall world Cup, the as in the previous year, the Italian Dorothea Wierer (11. Course) secured. Vanessa Hinz (three errors) was 23., Karolin Horchler (3 error) was 26. to the finish.

Thus, the German St ski hunter to finish the season with three individual world Cup victories by Herrmann, as well as three further podiums. After the race in Kontiolahti, where, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, no Fans were admitted, ending the season prematurely. The two Mixed relays on Sunday were also cancelled as the actual world Cup final next week in Oslo. imago images/Newspix24 Denise Herrmann

The race in the Ticker-Protocol

16.17 PM: Preuss is Ninth. Dorothea Wierer wins the overall world Cup! In the race she manages to rank eleven.

Denise Herrmann is 16, Karolin Horchler lands on the 25. Space

16.16 at: Julia Simon holt her first world Cup victory! Selina Gasparin is Second, with 17 seconds behind, Lisa Vittozzi gets the third place. It is 20 seconds.

16.14 at: Julia Simon will win the race, leads you a few metres in front of the goal by far. Second is Vittozzi. Gasparin and Mäkkarainen duel for third place.

16.12 at: Franziska Preuss pre-presses ahead on rank twelve, it shoots error-free. Denise Herrmann shoot loose with an error. Wierer with an error.

16.10: Hinz is a Minute behind the Leading and on course 16. It goes to the last shoot. This is not good for the Leading! Eckhoff, with three mistakes, you will fall far. Simon the race now.

16.08 PM: Eckhoff performs in front of Simon and Hojnisz. Vanessa Hinz is the best German on rank 14.

16.06 PM: Davidova is 34 seconds back and is now on eighth place. Eckhoff has the best chances of the overall world Cup with it.

16.04 PM: Vittozzi missed a disc, must be in the extra round, while Tiril Eckhoff meets all five of Write. The previously Leading Davidova makes three errors.

16.01 PM: Dorothea Wierer's fighting for every place, it is Tenth. It goes to the third shoot.

15.58 at: Marketa Davidova took, therefore, the guide, Lisa Vittozzi is Second. Preuss and Herrmann are far fallen more than 20 places.

15.56 PM: Ui! Franziska Preuß and Denise Herrmann will have to run four rounds of penalty! The second shoot running can be disastrous for the two DSV athletes.

15.50 Herrmann makes two errors, the Prussian remains free of error. Thus, it has conquered the number one position for the time being. Karolin Horchler is six, she has met all five targets, and also Vanessa Hinz. Dorothea Wierer is currently off.

15.48 PM: Herrmann and Preuss to lead the field, Tiril Eckhoff is currently third. Now, it is the first Time to the shooting range.

15.45 : go to it! Denise Herrmann will start! As a Second Franziska Preuß going into the race.

15.30 : In a quarter of an hour, the last Biathlon begins race of the season in Kontiolathi. After the victory of Martin Fourcade in his last race, the DSV ladies in pursuit of at the Start. In the Sprint, the ladies were already in their strong Form. Denise Herrmann won the Sprint in front of her colleague Franziska Preuß. imago images/Newspix24 Martin Fourcade

The result
1. Martin Fourcade (FRA)
2. Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA)
3. Emilien Jaquelin (FRA)
4. Johannes Thingnes Boe (NOR)
5. Arnd Peiffer (GER)
18. Benedikt Doll (GER)
26. Johannes Kühn (GER)

Biathlon: pursuit of the men

soon: France, Biathlon Superstar Martin Fourcade has won the last race of his successful career, and in spite of the 79. World Cup success, missed narrowly his eighth overall victory. The 31-year-old Fourcade won on Saturday in the season finale in the Finnish Kontiolahti in pursuit of his team-mate, Quentin Fillon Maillet (27) and Emilien Jaquelin (24).

but Because his adversary, Johannes Thingnes Boe was Fourth, secured the 26-year-old Norwegian, as in the previous year, the Large crystal ball. At the end of Fourcade missed only two points to the historic Triumph. On the day exactly ten years ago, Fourcade had in Kontiolahti in a hunting his first world Cup race brought success.

the Best German in the hunt race on Saturday, Sprint-Olympic champion Arnd Peiffer (32) as the Fifth, Benedikt Doll (29) was 18. Thus, the German finish the season with six individual podium finishes in the world Cup, the only victory of the Season Doll went.

The hunting races, finished the season after Friday because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the two Mixed relays on Sunday were cancelled. Already a week before the actual world Cup had been cancelled-final in Oslo without replacement. In Finland, the races were held without spectators.

The race in the Ticker-Protocol

14.18 PM: Benedikt Doll comes as 18. to the finish, John Boldly 26.

14.16 PM: Fourcade is in the goal! The Frenchman wins his last race. The second is Fillon-Maillet, behind him Jaquelin comes to the finish. Boe is the Fourth, Peiffer Fifth. Boe wins the overall world Cup.

14.15: Boe is Fillon-Maillet is over, and is currently in third place. Martin Fourcade is the victory very close.

14.13 PM: While Fourcade scores all of them, battling evil to the podium. It is located just behind Fillon-Maillet. Peiffer is the Sixth.

14.10 PM: Show the podium contenders nervous? Jaquelin and Fillon-Maillet with three errors in last shooting. A powerful performance of Boe! He shoots error-free.

14.08 PM: Fourcade runs counter to his last victory, he rushes to the last shoot.

14: 05: Peiffer is the Fourth and before the Boe. On the podium Fillon wants Maillet -. He has taken the third shoot everything, and is now catching up mightily on the.

14.02 PM: Fourcade arrived at the third shoot, behind him Jacquelin comes immediately. Both with an error. It is a Chance for the Boe, but to him to run three errors.

13.57 PM: Fourcade and Jacquelin are in the lead, the second shoot is for you. Boe is now a third party, he must in the penalty round. Arnd Peiffer error-free, when you second shoot.

13.55: Fourcade and Jaquelin chase Boe, the distance is reduced.

13.51 PM: Boe is already at the first shooting, Fourcade is Second, Peiffer and Doll are 5 and 6.

13.45: let's go!

13.44 PM: go, we look forward to the penultimate race of the Biathlon season.

10.27 PM: welcome to the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online! Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the season of the biathletes will be finished early on Saturday.

In Kontiolahti, Finland will be the two pursuit races of men (13.45) and women (15.45), to the exclusion of the spectators held before the competition mode is set. The world Association IBU announced on Friday, after it had been given to the women's Sprint, a team meeting. Thus, the two Mixed from fall-seasons on Sunday.

  • Herrmann before Preuß: German Biathlon Duo brings double success in the Sprint

the Americans had Already flown before the world Cup in Finland due to the President, Donald Trump has imposed entry ban home. The Austrians will leave already on Saturday morning in front of the hunting race.

Previously, had already been the world Cup final next week in Oslo, deleted, in addition, Mesto had been excluded, as in the Czech Nove in Kontiolahti the Fans.

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