Deals with dictators: John Bolton raises hard accusations against Donald Trump | politics

Donald trump's former security adviser John Bolton is planning the publication of a revealing book. It should contain serious accusations. John Bolton writes

Deals with dictators: John Bolton raises hard accusations against Donald Trump | politics

Donald trump's former security adviser John Bolton is planning the publication of a revealing book. It should contain serious accusations.

John Bolton writes tell-all book about Donald Trump . The US President wants to prevent publication. The publisher defended the publication.

Update 22:00 PM : John Bolton has caught up to the all-round blow-out. The former national security Advisor of Donald Trump does in his tell-all book hard accusations against the US President.

Donald Trump should have done Indicators Like

Trump should have been ready, "Ditatoren, he liked to make a personal Favor". China's head of state Xi Jinping should have asked Trump to buy American products, from agriculture, to secure to Trump votes in the coming election.

, And Bolton to submit to. Safety briefings with Trump would have been pointless, because "he was the only one there that spoke there". The foreign policy Knowledge of the US President: pathetic. the Trump knew , that the UK is a nuclear power, and asked whether Finland belongs to Russia. From the Nato, he would have wanted to on several occasions to get off.

Mike Pompeo and John Bolton make jokes behind Trumps back

Bolton describes in his book "The space in which it happened", in addition, as he and foreign Minister Mike Pompeo behind Trumps Rückken jokes about him would have made. Pompeo to him during a meeting of the Trump with North Korea's commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un makes a note slipped on the stand: "He is full of Shit."

fierce allegations against Donald Trump are now come to light, because the "New York Times" has received a copy of the book before its scheduled publication plays. The book differs from the many other revelation books and to the White house in times of Donald Trump. the John Bolton is a veteran Republican who worked under Ronald Reagan and George Bush and George W. Bush. As Trumps national security Advisor, he was in the closest circle of the U.S. President.

Donald Trump wants John Bolton's book by action to prevent

first message from the 17. June 2020, 8:00 PM

Washington - U.S. President Donald Trump wants to stop the publication of an obviously highly controversial book of his former security adviser, John Bolton by legal means. The U.S. government filed on Tuesday in Federal court in Washington lawsuit against the for the next week is scheduled to Appear in the book. It should contain serious allegations against Trump.

Bolton published a book about Donald Trump

In the lawsuit, it is argued, Bolton have not kept to the set by the government approval process for the publication of a book. The book should appear on the next Tuesday, without his examination was completed by the government not for the publication of permissible secret information. In its present Form the work contains such information, and therefore constitutes a "clear violation" against the terms of Bolton's previous job in the White house.

The publishing house Simon & Schuster advertises the publication, saying "This is the book Donald Trump doesn't want you to read it". In General, it is expected that the former security consultant expresses in detail to the Ukraine affair, because of the - ultimately failed - impeachment proceedings against the President have been initiated.

Donald Trump is accused of serious misconduct

According to the publisher, announcements of Bolton casts the President, not only in dealing with Kiev heavy incorrect behavior, but also on a number of other foreign policy fields. In a pre-published extract from the Bolton writes, almost all of the important decisions Trumps were determined by choice of tactical "calculus" - a just five months before the presidential election, a particularly sensitive accusation. In addition, Bolton is reported according to the publisher about the "Chaos in the White house ".

Simon & Schuster, explained to the lawsuit, Bolton have cooperated in the preparation of the publication with the National security Council in the White house . He had made changes to the Text, to take into account the "concerns" of the Board. In the final Version of these Changes will be included. The publisher also stressed that he tell the Boltons by the freedom of expression covered right support, "the story of his time in the trump White house".

2019 was discharged Bolton, Trump

Bolton was eliminated in September 2019 in the strife from the White house. He is a particularly rigorous foreign-policy hardliners, and had located with Trump on a number of issues on the cross, and when dealing with North Korea. Later, Bolton threatened that he would testify in the impeachment proceedings against the President. It was about the Trump pressure on the Ukraine to have local investigations against his presidential rival, Joe Biden, and to reach his son.

The opposition Democrats wanted to Bolton during the impeachment proceedings, subpoena, however, this was blocked by the majority of Trumps Republicans in the Senate. The Congress chamber acquitted the President in February of charges of abuse of office. (afp)

Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 17:34