With the Trinity rule, you can back up without the lottery of life-long additional content

In the ideal case, you have around 40 years time, a nice cushion for retirement savings. However, with the retirement of a psycho then starts logically difficul

With the Trinity rule, you can back up without the lottery of life-long additional content

In the ideal case, you have around 40 years time, a nice cushion for retirement savings. However, with the retirement of a psycho then starts logically difficult time, because with each Euro you shrink yourself as an additional pension Savings to pay off, and also this Saved. This, however, should not be so, if you do it smart.

researchers at the Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States have developed in the year 1998, the the to you named "Trinity rule". It says in the Rough, that you can refer to in the old every year, four percent of your Savings as an additional pension, without your basic stock is reduced. With this System, their Savings would be enough forever.

the perfect Portfolio for the Trinity-rule from

Behind the simple believe that your asset yields in one's old age returns. The researchers from Trinity University tested also in the historical dimensions of different types of plant depots, where they mixed stocks and bonds in various dimensions.

At best, a Portfolio section, consisted of 60 percent equities and 40 percent government and corporate bonds. It generated a long-term enough return, so that investors could refer to per year four per cent, plus the respective Inflation without reducing the real capital. Webinar with Marc Friedrich: How do you now protect your wealth

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such A Portfolio could be also for laymen easy to put together. It would also be possible, for example, the proportion of equities with Exchange Traded funds (ETFs) to replicate. This is a passive Fund with very low fees, which represent a stock index. An ETF on the Dax would be brought to you in the past 25 years, on average, about ten percent return per year on average.

German government bonds were in the same period to an average of three percent return came. This would result in a 60:40 Portfolio a average annual return of seven percent. Even minus the Inflation you could pay even four percent of your Savings in the year and would not need to touch their capital stock.

So you will have to pay in practice, the additional pension

the vorzurechnen once in concrete terms: Who is the entrance to the pension assets of 300,000 euros saved would pay off with the Trinity formula per year, an additional pension of 12,000 euros, so 1000 euros per month and the capital stock would increase to 9000 Euro per year.

For the past 25 years, would have increased our sample of pensioners to his assets even from 300,000 to 868.926 Euro, almost tripled, despite the monthly withdrawals of 1000 euros. In time, even payments of EUR 22,500 for the year would have been possible, which corresponds to 7.5 percent of the Savings. FOCUS Online The Trinity-as a rule - they live off their Savings in old age, not slowly.

however, This is only the simple theory. In practice, you have to sell shares at the ETF's and bonds. But rarely in the exact sum of 12,000 Euro a year. Also, you need to make sure your Depot-a Mix of 60 percent stocks and 40 percent bonds to maintain.

Depending on the development of the two classes of Shares, this could even mean that you have to buy in some years, stocks or bonds to do this. This is especially true in times of stock market crises, as in 2001 and 2002 in the dot-com Era or in 2008 during the financial crisis. However, our invoice shows: Who makes the conscientious, increase his profit even more than in the bare theory. In the example of the past 25 years, even 877.474 Euro would of 300,000 euros.

This are the weaknesses of the Trinity-rule

The Trinity-rule has been for the pension is designed in theory to but from any age. The rule of thumb is that you must have accumulated 25 times your annual budget to make up for all of eternity in a comfortable life.

Worldwide, there are about the movement of the Frugalisten, try this before your 30. Birthday to save up, then never work again. This is theoretically doable, but requires a very restricted life plus a well-paid Job and is therefore only for the Few.

The Trinity-as a rule, but it also has weaknesses. The most obvious is that it is created from data of the past. Although the stock indices have risen in the past few decades, on average, the study could not but consider a prolonged downturn, as is currently the Corona-crisis. Which could lead in the worst case, to three years, with rising share prices. Small Caps Champion: your 3 pillars for a successful wealth accumulation. Successfully and safely in addition to values invest. (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive free trial!

The offset in the past by high interest rates in the bond market, but also is currently on the ground. For German government bonds, you would have to currently pay negative interest rates. The reflect the Trinity-as a rule, not indeed per se, but stresses that you need to use still with reason.

The second weakness of the study is that the withdrawal rule takes into account only their normal annual budget. With 12,000 euros supplementary pension, as in our example, you can usually live well. But at any time can get – especially in the age – undreamed-of cost to you. The house has a water damage, the insurance does not cover, or a family to be cared for member tax, pre-need, under certain circumstances, more money per year, and at their base.

So, the Trinity rule is primarily a rule of thumb that you can follow in making payments in old age. To follow her blindly, but it is not recommended anyway. Buy now, or not? Who asks so, has not understood the most important stock exchange rule, FOCUS Online Now to buy or not? Who asks so, has not understood to be closer to the main stock exchange rule


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