Cyclist death: The eternal Beat

Raymond Poulidor, 83, has died. He was regarded as a notorious Second in the Tour de France and was one of the most popular cyclist in France. at the Time, ev

Cyclist death: The eternal Beat

Raymond Poulidor, 83, has died. He was regarded as a notorious Second in the Tour de France and was one of the most popular cyclist in France.

at the Time, even without a helmet: Poulidor in the Tour of 1965 in Provence photo: imago

beat The heart of a record man has stopped. Raymond Poulidor died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday due to heart problems and exhaustion at the age of 83 years. For 33 of those years he spent the month of July at the Tour de France, 14 Times as an athlete, 19 Times as a brand Ambassador for the Sponsors of the Yellow Jersey. He always was surrounded by Curious, as a driver, but also as a Pensioner. For the son of a farmer, the self, the pitchfork swung, it was in spite of his successes, always the prototype of the normal French.

He had not the aristocratic charisma of his rival, Jacques Anquetil, he also had the elemental force of the Belgian Eddy Merckx. A fighter's heart but he always had. Motivated by the poverty he grew up in liked him. With Cycling, he started on the wheel of his mother. The Cycling career of the Hunger drove him.

the age of ten he wanted to be rich, to be able to a lot of cake to eat, he told journalists. Because every day he came to school past a bakery – and the Only one not the Treats make.

at The end of his career, he said: "I'm happy, when I see the stress my daughters in front of the bakery shop around and you may not devour all this candy." One of the two, Corinne, later married the Dutch professional cyclist Adrie van der Poel and gave birth to Mathieu, the biggest multi-talent of Cycling between Cyclocross, mountain bike and road.

On Mathieu van der Poel, the adventure of the Tour de France is still waiting. The Opa was 14 Times. The only Time he's not ranked in the Top Ten. In 1975 he fell ill during the Tour, in transit but, nevertheless, and came in 19th place. In the next edition of the Tour he was as a 40-Year-old in third place Overall.

Eight Times in total, he stood on the Podium, but never bonus veren siteler won the Gencobahis Tour a record of the failed one. This Poulidor was also unique. His Name was included in the French language. As the "Poulidor" referred to politicians who are attracted in the case of elections to the Shorter.

In the case of the Cycling fans the Project was, according to contemporary representations, is more popular than Anquetil. This led to him racing with a Criterion of a higher appearance fees was once rich. Was a legendary duel in 1964, on the Puy de Dome. 56 seconds ahead of Anquetil before this last mountain stage of the tour had. A group of four had settled, the Spaniard Julio jiménez and Federico Bahamontes as well as the Frenchmen Anquetil and Poulidor. A Minute time credit attracted for the stage win, 30 seconds for second place. Poulidor had the overall victory already in front of eyes.

He neutralized the attacks of the Spaniards. He saw Anquetil weakened. This gave him self-confidence. One of the Spanish rivals to the departure, he could not follow, however. The time credits were then, Anquetil but he dominated. Elbow to elbow they drove up the mountain. Then the Project is dissolved, Anquetil lost ground, defended his Yellow Jersey but to 14 seconds and won to the final time.


After the end of his career, he has become one of my biggest supporters

Poulidor had to press Anquetil on the Podium a congratulatory kiss on the cheek. An additional penalty. "When we were rivals, I hated him. And I think that it was the other way around as well. After the end of his career he's become one of my biggest supporters,“ said Poulidor.

The rival that became a friend, died 32 years ago. Now Poulidor follows him. Furthermore, Bahamontes, now 91, and Julio Jimenez, 85 can tell from this stage. The Cycling of former times, apparently, in spite of confirmed Amphetamine of the protagonists, for a long life span.

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