Climate Protest at the Tegel airport in Berlin: The police blocked Tegel

Around 50 climate Activists "On the ground" manages to stay a protest action at the airport. The police provides for the Blockade ring. Together Tegel block

Climate Protest at the Tegel airport in Berlin: The police blocked Tegel

Around 50 climate Activists "On the ground" manages to stay a protest action at the airport. The police provides for the Blockade ring.

Together Tegel blocked: penguins and police photo: Christian Mang

BERLIN taz | Shortly after 11 o'clock at the airport Tegel: Within seconds of being formed from inconspicuous standing around, supposed passengers with rolling suitcases, a sit-in blockade. Directly under the flight indicator panel of over 50 young people settle. From the bags you get to stay penguin costumes – the Symbol of the climate protection initiative On the ground. At the same Moment a Banner on the side of the panel being lowered in the: "Cancelled due to Climate Crisis" – Deleted because of the climate crisis.

Facilitates the activist to catch inside to sing: "Fight them, resist the airports in the country." For you, this Moment is a success that no longer seemed at all likely. To solid the police had been trying from early Morning all the announced airport protests to stop. Dozens of Climate protection were already stopped on arrival. Whether it could ever succeed someone without a ticket, to the airport building to penetrate anything other than safe.

but Now the Blockade, icon sits to the table though, because with detours or crowding, everyone can reach his gate, but by many representatives of the press are accompanied. The first police officers added 15 minutes later.

at nine o'clock, had taken the action, participants at the place of the air bridge on the disused airport Tempelhof. Which airport should be on the action goal, there was still not known. The more committed, the police tried to come in Flyer and circulated among the Activists. A blue folder, to see among other things, a Plan of the octagonal Berlin Tegel airport building, was, was captured by cops after a chase across the square. However, to remain reported On the ground shortly afterwards, 150 Activists were on the way to Tegel, to disturb by means of an action of civil disobedience Bonus veren bahis siteleri in the process.

But at the latest on the Kurt-Schumacher-Platz, for many, is final. Penguin Protesters be intercepted on the way to the bus stops, some even from the buses brought. Back in the car, a scared-looking Holiganbet tourists are allowed to couple, in contrast to the demonstrators, you can show the flight tickets.

those Who can't, is searched. A police officer carries the car in a plastic box penguin costumes in a use – to "avert danger". It is the place for references of the threat to be arrested, follow, you should come to the airport yet to close. The legal basis for this remains unclear. The Left-the Deputy Michael Efler, of the is as a parliamentary observer on the road, referred to the measures as "legally questionable" and announces, "this Parliament, to reappraise Aryan".

The airport buses to the Station to air freight. From here, it means: run. At the Tunnel in front of the airport, the police are not controlled from the morning every, also cars with no Review left. The result is massive traffic jams and long walkways that need to take the passengers to themselves. On the ground, had announced to stay, no passengers to prevent them from reaching their flights. The police finally solved for you.

A penguin-protester sits while in the Blockade, and beams: "Our aim is to draw attention to the issue of air traffic – and we succeeded," she says in an interview with the taz. The action is placed in the climate justice movement: the Anti-coal actions by the end of the grounds, and those against the automobile exhibition of Sand in the gearbox is now flying in the focus of the movement. The international network of "Stay Grounded", one of the On the ground, has announced the coming year additional actions.

Through a bullhorn, an activist, explains her concern: "Where is the rain forests burning, Tsunamis rage, and habitats are destroyed, people fly the least. Fly is part of the Imperial life.“ The Central demands of the Initiative are flights to the prohibition of domestic and short - haul, an extension stop of any airport infrastructure, as well as higher taxes on airline tickets, especially for frequent flyers.

When the police come for the eviction, along the back of the lock inside, close and make a piece of the way. With a tape, they are delimited by the. The airport company shall reimburse no Ads. After about two hours, the protesters premises voluntarily to the place. Using the police, you have achieved everything today.

Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 02:00