Corona Munich: Trouble to pads - animal Park-in-chief outlines the bleak scenario | Munich

Corona News for Munich: Prime Minister Söder has granted a further loosening of the pet Park-in-chief suggests, meanwhile, Alarm. the Prime Minister, Markus Sö

Corona Munich: Trouble to pads - animal Park-in-chief outlines the bleak scenario | Munich

Corona News for Munich: Prime Minister Söder has granted a further loosening of the pet Park-in-chief suggests, meanwhile, Alarm.

the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, has on Tuesday (16. June) more Corona-relaxations announced. The head of the animal Park Hellabrunn has made the fatal situation of the zoo's attention (Update 17. June, 8.05 PM). The mask duty is not for the time being, shaken. Many more stories from Munich in our App.

Update 17. June, 8.05 PM: , It selects a drastic words, the Rasem Baban - and their content is likely to leave many Munich sit up and take notice. "If we cannot now let in more visitors, I need to sign up by the end of September bankruptcy" - quoted image of the chief animal Park Hellabrunn .

Due to the Corona-requirements Baban and his staff to welcome daily only 4,400 guests. "The remains of a creeping death and very disappointing. It is also, the pay at the cash register no entry to be counted all visitors. For example small children or the card owner,“ complains the 54-Year-old to be suffering.

Corona News Munich: animal Park-head desperately - "Should I sell my elephant?"

His appeal to the state government: a Five-square-per-visitor (currently, of which ten are required) be enough: "That's good enough in the fresh air, but absolutely, most of the eh family, the need to keep any distance". So, the Zoo could receive at least of 8,800 daily visitors.

Baban is desperate. Animal Park is a public company, emergency plans of the Federal government and the state of non-grasping. "I don't know. We can self-generate any money. I can not, Yes to sell how other company's, inventory. Should I sell my elephant? Without help, we have to return in September as the First of our lions“ outlined in the Zoo -chief a grim scenario.

Corona-relaxations: shops in Munich are allowed to breathe a sigh of relief

Update, 15.18 PM: In München, on Tuesday, 16. June (as 13.30), 9 new Corona-cases reported. Thus are confirmed in the capital so far, in total, to 6,593 infections. In this figure, 6.096 people who have already recovered, as well as 211 deaths are included .

The 7-day incidence for Munich is 2.99. The reproduction number for Munich is at 0.72 (Stand 15.6.)

On the previous day there had been twelve new infections. The R value was 0.76. In this respect, a positive trend is shown. However, the Figures on Monday were due to delayed messages from the weekend will often be higher. Thus we can rather assume that the Trend is in the direction of reducing Infection.

Update 16. June, 13.08 PM: in Bavaria, the Corona will loosen-measures, and that in a very einschneidendem dimensions: from this Wednesday (17. June), are allowed to meet in groups of up to ten people in a public space . Until now, such Meetings were limited to members of two households.

In addition, there are in private rooms and gardens are now no numerical limitation any more.

The Cabinet decided on Tuesday in Munich - together with a whole range of other relaxations such as for gastronomy, culture and trade.

Bavaria loosens the rules for the trade in the Corona-crisis. the From the 22. June can shop in stores, twice as many people as in the past, such as the state Chancellery announced on Tuesday. employees can refuse under certain circumstances, to Wear a mask.

Specifically, the number of in a transaction permitted persons of one per 20 square metres will be increased to one per 10 square meters, as the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU). This should also apply to recreational facilities and cultural facilities such as museums and Zoological gardens. In addition, the staff at counters or checkout areas, wear a Mouth guard more, if it is protected by shields, for example made of plexiglass.

parties, in spite of Corona? Söder dares attempt should be pleased with many of the Munich - key pad to stay

first message from the 16. June:

Munich - The Anti-Corona measures to Bayern are to be further relaxed in the Future, should be allowed in the public room up to ten people to meet - so far, such Meetings are limited to members of two budgets . And on a whole range of other loose the coalition Committee of CSU and Free voters late on Monday night, learned in Munich , as the German press Agency from groups of Participants agreed.

Munich: Söder wants to announce a further Corona-relaxations - but the mask duty remains

Therefore, larger private celebrate and events in Bavaria, soon nothing in the way: Starting next Monday (22. June) should take place in pubs re wedding and other celebrations with up to 50 people indoors or 100 people Outdoors. Restaurants and beer gardens should be allowed to stay, according to data from coalition circles in the future, until 23 o'clock, instead of, as previously, only open to 22 clock. the Wellness -areas in Hotels should be allowed to open, and bus in the free state be allowed to happen again.

After three months of the end of the disaster . These had had to call the state government in mid-March, in order to secure in the fight against the rapid spread of the Coronavirus control, control and intervention possibilities.

Corona News Munich: Söder wants. after Cabinet meetings on relaxations

Formally to be decided on all the steps in a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday The Prime Minister, Markus Söder, state office chief Florian Herrmann (both CSU) and Minister of economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger (Free voters) want to inform you about the Details (we report in the Live-Ticker*). The mask of duty, however, should not be shaken, it said.


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The Coronavirus continues to spread, now researchers could actually be a breakthrough. Scientists from Baden-Württemberg want to have found that children infected less often than adults.

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Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 06:35