At the Munich chamber wound R and Oracle Premiere | culture had to play

The Munich chamber games are from the Corona back to the forced break: watching the premiere of "wound R" and the Installation "Oracle" has premiered. It

At the Munich chamber wound R and Oracle Premiere | culture had to play

The Munich chamber games are from the Corona back to the forced break: watching the premiere of "wound R" and the Installation "Oracle" has premiered.

It is a long bow, the Munich chamber games to beat on this first day of the premiere, after the forced break: from the origins of theatre, the Telling, to the walk-in Installation that takes the viewer as an actor and calls him not just intellectually or emotionally, but actually physically draws you into the action. The real drama takes place in us.

"wound" and "Oracle" have already been! in front of the Corona

But of course this is the most important message of this Monday: play again Finally. With "wound" and "Oracle" celebrated two productions Premiere, for even before Corona was tried and which have now been reworked virus just. This is a successful two Director teams as well as the intake staff are able to provide for correct and relaxed processes.

Director Felix Roth häusler for his staging of the premiere of Enis Mace "wound R", a commissioned piece of chamber games, back to the beginnings of the theatre. The fire, at once, and just telling stories, it was reported, is now a transparent, brightly illuminated table. Katharina Pia Schütz has placed him in the center of the chamber 3; outside the circle that marks the playing area to move the 20 people who are allowed to watch free.

+ "wound R", (v. li.) Eva Löbau, Vincent Redetzki, Julia Windischbauer and Zeynep Bozbay.©Philip Frowein

Maci, Born in 1993, showed already two years ago in your Essay-Band "ice cream parlor of Europe" (Suhrkamp) clever and entertaining, that reflection can be a literary punk rock. For "wound R" mixes and weaves together scraps from the Internet with the historical sources, own experiences and observations. In his meandering, playful way tells of the work of the oppression of women. The flow of the text knows no target – finally, the Problem is not solved and the last question remains unanswered: "Are you on my side?" The piece is (-) suit and the state description. It speaks for the author, that the short biography of porn actress Sexy Cora, the OP died in your fifth chest, as well as respect, describes fully, such as those of the Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi, who was tortured after she testified in court to her rape.

Enis Maci wrote, "wound R" on behalf of the chamber games

In the hour-long staging of the actor. sitting inside, Zeynep Bozbay, Eva Löbau and Julia windischbauer, and her colleague, Vincent Redetzki the with tiger goddesses food-Laden table Elke von Sivers she has put in a completely exaggerated Outfits, which are, of course, perceived in the Vastness of the Internet and the Social networks are hardly cartoons. So precise, the structure is arranged so precisely, the Quartet works through the Text. The Object-like, Distanced from people and institution, which are illuminated in the Evening, more and more, and is reinforced by the distortion of the voices. That's why Ville Haimala cares, its sound collages that seem to be the only really Lively.

"Oracle", breathing is a absolutely individual experience

and pulsation in the "Oracle" even the walls and floor. Director Susanne Kennedy, the stage designer, Markus Selg, and quite a lot of very creative professionals in the areas of technology, robotics and Artificial intelligence have built this 40-minutes long track in the chamber 2. The staging is an absolutely individual experience: It is carried out individually and is finally alone with the Oracle, you may ask three questions. Not least, it's up to yourself, how close one can be to this experience.

of Course, you can dismiss the Installation as an exploded color noise, Eso-Trip, as the walk-through computer game and Ghost train for a shrink. However, no matter how much you have to look sober-distant on the Shown – "Oracle" wants to deliver, that you are engaging, also. "This isn't someone else's History. It's your own“, it says at the beginning, after it was scanned by a camera – then pick up the sirens (Marie Groothof, Thomas Hauser, and Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez) (threat? friendly?) and the walk begins to own me. How deep you like to go up (beware of the optical confusion to play on the floor and walls!), it is up to you.

What remains at the end of are less, the answers of the Oracle, but rather it is the Amazement about the technical perfection and the precise Interplay of people, cameras, computers, in the creation of this brightly colored psychological world.

Updated Date: 17 June 2020, 07:33

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