Because of Racing Point: Ralf Schumacher, another idea goes, where Vettel soon

the formula 1: Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel arrives in the season of 2021? Ralf Schumacher brings AlphaTauri instead of Red Bull and the Racing Point/

Because of Racing Point: Ralf Schumacher, another idea goes, where Vettel soon
  • formula 1: Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel arrives in the season of 2021?
  • Ralf Schumacher brings AlphaTauri instead of Red Bull and the Racing Point/Aston Martin into the game
  • News Ticker for formula 1 Comeback perfectly: formula 1 on 11. October at the Nürburgring

The six-time Grand Prix-winner Ralf Schumacher is "firmly convinced" that Sebastian Vettel will also be driving in 2021 formula 1. In addition to the speculation about a possibility in the case of Aston Martin and Red Bull Schumacher for the outgoing Ferrari driver sees an additional variant, to continue his career in: the second Red Bull Team AlphaTauri.

"Sebastian started there," said Schumacher in an Interview with Sky on Vettel's first full formula 1 season in 2008, in which he has the "miracle of Monza", the only victory of the former Toro Rosso team celebrated. "Franz Tost is a big Fan of him, just like Dr. Marko. Perhaps what is developing."

"copy gate"Protest could be crucial to stressed.

Schumacher, however, that this option is only realistic if the "copy gate"Protest Renault's against Racing Point will be rejected. This should be the case, namely, "I could imagine that Red Bull will act in the next year and four equal cars at the Start can bring", speculated the 45-Year-old. LAT Sebastian Vettel and Franz Tost have going to be the game of the 2007/08

working together is A thought, for the Moment, no concrete evidence - but for all the parties Involved make sense. Red Bull could leave the of the Thai group pushed Alexander Albon owners in the A-Team continues to make. And you would not get in the fix of a stable war between Vettel and Max Verstappen in the same Team.

Vettel and Newey: A successful partnership

Nevertheless, you would benefit from Vettel's experience in the area of technical development, and Vettel could deepen in the collaboration with the brilliant Designer Adrian Newey, with whose concepts he has working in his successful Red Bull-years better than his then team-mate Mark Webber. imago sports photo service At the "miracle of Monza" won Sebastian Vettel completely by surprise in the Toro Rosso - his first victory in the formula 1

Vettel and AlphaTauri, the only sounds in the first Moment, completely utopian. The 33-Year-old has on several occasions made it clear that he would like to ride under the right conditions, like more, and that money is not important for him. And the career with the Team end, where it started, which has made him his mate Kimi Raikkonen so.

Vettel has Leclerc in the handle

With his performance at the Grand Prix of Hungary, finds Schumacher, had recommended to Vettel, at least for a continuation of his career: "You have to separate the Performance from Sebastian and Ferrari. Ferrari was expected to be very bad. Actually, you have made the Best of it. Above all things, Sebastian."

"He had brought from the beginning to the end of the weekend his team-mates in the handle, and he has made the difficult package the Best out of it and drove an absolutely flawless race," says he. That Ferrari was lapped, anyway, was "not a funny Situation. But in the last year, Mercedes was already in another world, such as Sebastian has said." the imago images/PanoramiC Currently has is Sebastian Vettel's team-mate Charles Leclerc in the handle

Clearly, that Vettel was in the Ferrari at the moment no Chance to win own race, or to ride only on the Podium. "If Lewis Hamilton would be now in Ferrari, he would also not a victory for drivers," says the former Mercedes sports chief Norbert Haug in an Interview with Sky.

Haug: Leclerc was also better than Vettel

"Leclerc, certainly not better than him in the last race. Sebastian can offer Paroli and is at least at eye level. If he makes the impossible possible, he is really good on the road," analyzes Haug - and it would, therefore, "beautiful", "if it would work with Aston Martin".

self-runner, however, there is none. To make up for Vettel's square and to dismiss Sergio Perez, despite his existing contract until 2022, "seems to me to be an expensive endeavor," says Haug. "If Perez would drop out, the sponsor money he brings to the table. And surely he must get a release."

Racing Point with Mercedes engine

"What is planned in detail, I do not know. But I wish Sebastian, of course, that he can make. So, as Racing Point is on the road, going in the right direction. What set the gentlemen in the first race and is worthy of all honor. The really are a second force behind Mercedes."

"All the Unker say, it is the last year's Mercedes, I don't, very athletic," says Haug. "It is not the last year's Mercedes. The FIA is aware of that. It is a clever project, with a fraction of the money of Ferrari. But with a Mercedes engine, Mercedes gearbox, a few suspension parts, everything is permitted."

"who made this simply not very smart. Honour to whom honour is due. I think it has everything its accuracy," he explains. "Should something be wrong, the FIA, the discover. And then, hopefully, announce. In contrast to the case of Ferrari, where was not disclosed, what is wrong ..."

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