Yves Mourousi, the splendors and miseries of a presenter of JT - The Point

most tv news presenters are not known for their trunk. To him, it was his buttocks. His right buttock more precisely. Since 1985. That day, he had dared to comm

Yves Mourousi, the splendors and miseries of a presenter of JT - The Point

most tv news presenters are not known for their trunk. To him, it was his buttocks. His right buttock more precisely. Since 1985. That day, he had dared to commit a crime of lèse-majesté : stand and sit on the table, at the same level as the monarch republican. His audacity had been hailed. Three years later, another daring it will be this time fatal. Yves Mourousi, after thirteen years at the helm of the journal of 13 hours (welcome to the logic), presents his last NEWSCAST. In the premises of TF1 was privatised, the headquarters of the chain trembles : the hellion journalist will he take the antenna as a hostage ? Will he make a comment moved on to the new owner of TF1 ? Or oppose the decision of his superiors to remove him ? The minutes will be long. It is 12: 59 p.m. on that February 18, 1988, when Yves Mourousi debuts its " hello ". But the "goodbye" is near.

Mourousi the JT it is an institution. Mixing information and entertainment, bursts and blows to the chin, gravity and lightness, the journalist, the more punk of the Paris stands out by its tone, his insolence, his inventiveness. In 1975, after a decade on France Inter Yves Mourousi landed on the French tv channel TF1 to present the journal of the mid-day. The change is immediate. The journalist of 33 years is innovating. He dares to leave his studio for great interviews or stories of spectacular. It can be seen in a nuclear submarine, hélitreuillé, on the Red square to interrogate Brezhnev, Tian'anmen square, to board the Concorde. Sometimes, he traded his three-piece suit for a leather jacket and sunglasses, such as in 1981 during the coup of general Jaruzelski. He questions the great of this world in a relaxed manner, but not to serve the soup. Often, there is a hint, a question, or a note. Mourousi is independent. He opens his JT to the stars of showbiz for relaxing after a news tense and anxiety-provoking. It is stress and sequins. The infotaitment in France, it is him. Its coprésentateurs (Michel Denisot, Claude Pierrard, Jean-Pierre Pernaut and especially Marie-Laure Augry) to ensure safety in the treatment of the info.

Yves Mourousi, disguised as general Jaruzelski at the time of the visit in France, in December 1985, the president of the State Council of the people's Republic of Poland, opened the newscast by launching " Dzień dobry " (hello in Polish). © MORRIS RAYMOND/SIPA

Alcohol, drugs, boxes and gay scoop

Because Mourousi leads a double life. Baron of the info on the day, he becomes prince of the night. After his dinner at Castel, the journalist likes to frequent the boxes gays – several in the same evening. Exuberant, he is in leather and chains to Baths and Showers, or Seven, the top homosexual of the capital. One evening, he goes to get Freddie Mercury to a bike after his concert at Bercy. The two roam the halls of paris. While aids was ravaging the gay community, he visited the backrooms taking unnecessary risks when we know the star that he was. Its night tours, where sex, alcohol, drugs, mix, ends at 4-5 o'clock in the morning. Without as much as the quality of his journal in to be altered. Only brand of this life of debauchery, his "hello" everyday, more and more fat, the throat of increasingly tight : we could almost feel the alcohol vapors, the smell of the nicotine and the smell of coke out of his mouth. In April 1985, he asked Frankie Goes to Hollywood its programme of the afternoon : "We're all going to the Louvre. "Response of Mourousi :" I have to inform you that the Louvre is in front of me. If you want to spend the afternoon at home, this can be a very friendly meeting. "One can imagine the after-noon...

the Home of Rhonda at 5 o'clock in the morning with Kissinger

Sometimes, the log is created in the evening. "One of the first scoops the world that I have been able to do that is the time where I got 13 hours Kissinger to present his plan for the Camp David accords [, in 1978, editor's NOTE]. I have found in Régine at 5 o'clock in the morning and I made the bet that he would not be woken up at a time when I do my journal. He held the bet, and it came to 13 hours, " let go of it, proud of his stroke, at Thierry Ardisson.

Yves Mourousi asks the president of the Republic, Valéry Giscard d'estaing, on the Red square, in Moscow, in October 1975. A first coup. © AFPCar behind the image of a night clubber, there is a man demanding that invites Nobel Prize or intellectuals on his shelf – something that virtually no longer exists. Valéry Giscard d'estaing wanted to décrisper the French company ; Mourousi will décrisper interviews presidential. It designs, with the teams Mitterrand, three broadcasts with the president of the Republic. Mourousi gets up, sits on the table and exchange with the head of the State. In complete relaxation. A sequence will remain in the history : the famous " chébran ". History would later say that the response had been in part prepared with the staff of a presidential decree. Yves Mourousi can bicher : it did not give expensive of their skin when the socialist was installed at the Elysée palace. We saw well that we were as giscardien be swept up in the wave rose as Daniel Gilbert and Pierre Desgraupes. He is assistant Marie-Laure Augry to calm his desires. The duo will fly. TF1 trustera good hearings. It is finally the return of the right in 1986, which will seal his fate.

TF1 privatized : a JT... "in progress"

Yves Mourousi in tuxedos pose for Yan Morvan at his home in 1994. © MORVAN/SIPARevenu in power, the RPR promises to privatize a public tv channel. François Léotard, minister of Communication, set his sights on the One. Jean-Luc Lagardère and Francis Bouygues compete. The second wins. For the opportunity to 13 Hours, Mourousi puts a leather jacket with fringes. Launch of the journal : it stirs the trunk " it moves to tv ", then puts on a helmet that starts : "Hello, Mr. Bouygues. We are going to talk about the information even if nobody believes it. A journal of quality, popular in construction... " same player shoot again a few days later : the white helmet was replaced by the helmet orange, Bouygues Construction. The new owner appreciates a little this new brand of insolence. The days of Mourousi are counted. All the more that these hearings are bunched together : he is exceeded by the duo of Antenna 2 : William Leymergie and Patricia Charnelet. Beginning in 1988, the decision falls : the management of TF1 to accept the application of Mourousi to be " relieved of the burden of 13 Hours ". Of course, the journalist does not agree. "This is obviously not my claim that I have been eliminated from the journal of 13 hours," he said to the AFP. The replacement is done very quickly : on February 18, 1988, the star presents with Marie-Laure Augry – also a victim of the purge – the ultimate journal. Sweat in the state-major of the French channel TF1. It is forgotten that before being a provocateur, Mourousi is first and foremost a professional. It does not say anything and greet the viewers. Pernaut takes over.

Yves Mourousi et Marie Laure Augry make the sign of the victory, February 18, 1988, on the plateau of TF1, in Paris, for the last log 13 hours of the star presenter. © GEORGES BENDRIHEM / AFP

How to reinvent yourself ? The journalist attends a time of special operations of the private channel. He's bored. After his departure from TF1, he was touched by tragedy : the death of his wife, Véronique, whose marriage had given rise to teasing, especially that of Thierry Le Luron and Coluche, who had simulated a union to denounce the masquerade Mourousi. The journalist turns in a circle and no longer has the income gone. His furniture were seized to pay his debts. His friend Marcel Campion repurchases and re-installs it in his apartment. It also finds applications in supermarkets. He delivers his "Hello" in the major hypermarkets of France. Grandeur and decadence. The tv does remember. Besides, how could she do it ? After years of excess, Mourousi has become almost inaudible. His latest toy will be the organization of the festivities of the year 2000 in Paris. Mourousi found a project to its height. But his body, weary from weight gain and drastically diet, the coward. He died on April 7, 1998 of a heart attack. As the tell a reporter in its obituary : "He was responsible for designing the great feast of the year 2000. This is the first holiday that he will be missed. "" Good-bye. "

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