Bartomeu: it has Not been a surprise for Valverde

When they reached the christmas break, from the sports area of the Barcelona, it was clear that Ernesto Valverde would continue as coach because they understood

Bartomeu: it has Not been a surprise for Valverde

When they reached the christmas break, from the sports area of the Barcelona, it was clear that Ernesto Valverde would continue as coach because they understood that the management of the wardrobe was excellent and the game is not hooked up although it served to express the supremacy in LaLiga. But it accomplished the defeat against Atletico in the Supercopa of Spain, everything changed from night to morning. Decision triggered by a directive which, however, he reaffirmed after the disasters in a row in Europe, two deletions, unexpected, first to Rome and later against Liverpool. As well, Valverde was fired Monday in bad shape and the race, as negotiated with other technicians without closing his dismissal and some are not orphans on the bench, while Xavi and Koeman refused to take the team to the competition in progress and with commitments to their current teams. “It is true that the loss of the Super cup has ended with consequences that the trainers costs us to accept, but the work of Ernesto and how it leaves the team is to thank,” he said Setién, his replacement on the bench.

Tried to deny the facts the president Bartomeu, the same as that to few weeks ago said that the important thing was to win before the good game. “For a long time we knew that the dynamic of the team was disappointing, despite the fact that the results are good, leaders, and in the second round of the Champions league. We had spoken many times with Valverde from the sports area as well as from the directive, which had many things to improve. So it is not a surprise to Ernesto”, he started; “the change what we have done now because we're mid-season and we wanted to give you a boost to finish the season. An impulse that we think is to aspire to the League, the Champions league and the Cup.” And, incidentally, sent a message to Valverde: “Thank you Ernesto for everything you have done. It has been a very close relationship, which has made us improve and that we have enjoyed. We have won and we must thank them”.


The fear of losing the Barca Quique Setién replaces Ernesto Valverde Setién: “I Only guarantee that my team will play well”

But has not been sufficient. There was no going back and is joined to Setién as a handoff of a Valverde who was fired on Tuesday from the dressing room barca. “I have lived very happy celebrating victories and titles, but also other hard and difficult. But above all I want to emphasize the lived experience and the love that I felt from the fans,” he wrote in his farewell letter Valverde, right until the end because he added: “I Want to thank president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the board the opportunity they gave me to lead this team and his confidence during this whole time.” One thing that has not been so, and that is expressed now with the signing of Quique Setién, 61-year-old to the bench for barca until 2022. “Ernesto has been dismissed as what it is, a lord”, resolved Bartomeu; “of course I would have liked that things were otherwise. The way the directive is not this. In the last few weeks we have spoken with many coaches, it is the duty of the sports area. Also with Quique. The work was done, and that was why it was in this moment.”

Valverde came in the morning at the sports city to say farewell to that has been his team for two and a half years. “It is a technical loved by the costumes, by how it has treated us always and how he has managed to handle the good and bad times,” explains an authoritative voice in the locker room. Although from the club filtered out that were not very happy with their way of working, too friendly with the dressing room and little demand or discipline. Manual, in any case, that applied from day one and that has given him two Leagues, a Cup and the Supercup of Spain. “I am convinced that I can pass on many things that I like and that can be done better from a long time ago, not only with Valverde. If I thought that everything was okay...”, she said Setién. Although he added: “Ernesto has always seemed to me a correct person, I appreciate a lot the work that he has done, his way of being, its principles... I have spoken with him and I hope that we have contact because there are many things at work that we are going to come in handy. Among other things because it leaves me with a computer that will be the first.”

That must have thought the board, who brought about the first impeachment of a technical during the season since 2003, when Van Gaal was fired and a few days later, so did the president Joan Gaspart. “The past year had a lot of requests for that not to continue. I've always relied on him and so we said to go ahead with the project. We are friends by your way of being. But in the last few weeks, the dynamics was not very good. We discussed it and we decided to give a boost to the team,” said Bartomeu, far from clarifying things and neither did Abidal, always with a smile ahead. “We've done a great job because the board needs answers to their questions. Every coach has a plan, a way of working, character, image,... We have to think about the project. And Quique is here because we like its philosophy, its way of working and we have full confidence in him. For us it is the perfect coach”, was resolved. The same thing that was said of Valverde.

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Updated Date: 14 January 2020, 16:00

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