The PSOE would win in Andalusia, but the right sum more that the left

The PSOE would win the elections in Andalusia, according to the latest Barometer of Public Opinion in Andalusia carried out by the Fundación Centro de Estudios

The PSOE would win in Andalusia, but the right sum more that the left

The PSOE would win the elections in Andalusia, according to the latest Barometer of Public Opinion in Andalusia carried out by the Fundación Centro de Estudios Andaluces (Centra). The socialists, with 27,78% of the supports, reduced their advantage to just three points with respect to the PP, which gets 24.5% in terms of voting intentions. In June, when it was published the previous poll, the difference was five points. The new delivery certifies the fall of Citizens, the partner of the Government in the regional government of Andalusia, which is passed from third political force to fifth, with a 10,54%, and the consolidation of Vox that replaces them in that position, from 8,12% and 16,16%, in line with the projection of both formations at the national level. The sum of the three parties of the right is still higher than that of the formations of the left, despite the slight rebound Ahead of Andalusia, (the confluence between May and IU), which passes of 14.0% and 15,57%.


The PSOE won the elections in andalusia, according to the first barometer of the Government of PP and Cs-The ERE deepen the wound of the PSOE in andalusia

To point to the one year anniversary of the taking possession of the popular Juan Manuel Moreno as chairman of the Board of Andalusia, his party not just to monetize their rise to power, since I almost left with the same percentage of the vote that it obtained in June (24,77%), when it published the first edition of the survey. The arithmetic of the parliament, however, will allow you to revalidate your Government in the future. Moreno has improved in the citizens perception and remains the only political leader that approves, with a 5,44 about 10 (in the summer got a 5,20). Its management, however, does not end to convince the respondents. 36.6% considered it poor or very poor, compared to 31,2%, which argues that it is good or very good. A similar impression is reflected in the performance of his Cabinet. 39.1% consider that their work in the past 10 months has been bad or very bad, and 30.6% see it as good or very good. A feeling that is not reflected in their advisers, where, unlike the previous barometer, in which neither approved, now pass all of the five.

The general secretary of the socialist andalusian, Susana Diaz, accuses its passage to the opposition, and his note falls out of a 4,74 a 3,98 about 10. It also lowers the out head of the list of the extreme right, Francisco Serrano, whose role in the party has been diluted greatly in these months, from 4,55 to 3.9. The vice-president of the andalusian Government also suffers from a decline in the appreciation of the citizens (4,76), while Teresa Rodriguez, the number one Ahead of Andalusia, together with Moreno, the only one that spikes (4,55).

2.627 interviews conducted for the Barometer were made between 25 November and 12 December last year, after we knew the harsh sentence of the ERE and before you know the arrangements for the investiture of Pedro Sanchez. The ruling that convicted two former socialists of the Board and the challenged work of opposition of the PSOE have taken a toll on the party, which, while still counting with the support of the citizens in terms of estimation of vote, low to lower levels even to that garnered in the regional elections of December 2, 2018. Then, despite winning the elections, 27,94% of the vote was not enough to keep the power on the Board. The socialist is, however, the match that the andalusians perceive as the best you can solve the problems of Spain; not so the community.

In the last quarter of last year arreciaron the complaints of health professionals by the unfulfilled promises of the new Government, a discontent that has been added to the teachers of Primary and Secondary education. That anger has moved unevenly to the respondents. In Health the percentage, 40.1%, which was considered to work well or very well, is the same that has a bad perception (26,%) or very bad (13.9 per cent), a balance to evidence the crisis of a sector that was among the best valued by the andalusians. In the case of Education, the 32% understand that it is good, and the 5.1% is very good, compared to 21.6% who claims that he is poor and 10.8% who argues that it is very bad.

The hangover of failure, the ERE bound with the processing of the former dome of UGT, known in December, explains that the corruption has been placed as the third most pressing problem for the andalusians (8.1 per cent), behind unemployment, which continues to be the scourge that most alarm to the respondents (22.1 per cent). 39.8% think that unemployment is about encouraging investment through the establishment of enterprises in the community.

Question about the re-centralization of powers

In the first barometer made by the Government of PP and Citizens, published in June last year, were included among the questions the assessment of the first measures taken by the new Executive, including the fight against gender-based violence or the tax rebates on the tranche of income TAX or in the tax of Successions and Donations, this edition has eliminated that issue. From the Centre of Andalusian Studies, explained that the decision should be “it has been decided to put the emphasis on the valuation of public services, such as Health and Education, and not wanted to do a survey too long”.

instead, it has asked respondents, among other questions, deciding on if they are in favor or in against of that competence, such as Education or Health, get back to the central Government, reducing the of the Autonomous Communities. An idea that the leader of the PP, Paul Married, slipped in the previous elections in andalusia and defending Vox. The issue 37.9% of the respondents have responded that they agree, compared to 19.3% which is not. A percentage that, however, is in contrast to the 43.1% prone to Andalusia to fight for having more skills and power autonomous.

The new Government has made lowering taxes one of its political flags, however, 39.8% of respondents prefer to endure a greater tax burden to increase spending on public services and social benefits.

Updated Date: 14 January 2020, 16:00

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