Son considers leaving Tottenham - Real show interest

Heung-min Son's time at Tottenham Hotspur may end after eight years.

Son considers leaving Tottenham - Real show interest

Heung-min Son's time at Tottenham Hotspur may end after eight years. Apparently, the South Korean is still considering a big career step. That could possibly bring him to Real Madrid.

It's been more than an incredible seven years since Heung-min Son left Bayer Leverkusen for Tottenham. He moved to London in the summer of 2015 for 30 million euros. At least since his second Spurs season, he has been one of the best and at the same time still underestimated players in England.

In what is now 341 competitive games for the club, he has already scored 136 goals and directly assisted 76 more. While his teammate Harry Kane is much more in the (media) focus than he is, the attacker would probably be a whole lot less successful without Son.

However, the duo could go their separate ways next summer. Kane is being courted by FC Bayern, and it seems that Son is now considering leaving the club at the end of the current season.

This reports Sport1. Since his time in Leverkusen, the German medium has repeatedly attracted attention through information from the Son environment. Despite the rather low importance of reports from England, the report can therefore be regarded as reliable.

It is said that the 30-year-old is toying with the idea of ​​joining a new club despite his contract running until 2025. He's been playing at such a good and consistent level for a long time that he could switch to the highest category. So to teams that are at least among the title contenders or even among the regular title winners. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Tottenham.

Son will therefore "weigh carefully in the coming months" how he would like to proceed in the future.

Although he is no longer the youngest, he undoubtedly still has the quality to perform at the highest level for a year or two. At the same time, the slowly but surely advancing age forces him to take a close look at what may be the last chance for a big change.

A possible destination could be Madrid. According to Sport1, Real coach Carlo Ancelotti has kept an eye on Son. Apparently he can be counted among the numerous fans of the offensive player.

The royals would therefore be a potential transfer target. The Spurs, meanwhile, could bring in a decent transfer fee. With a two-year contract running next summer and an estimated market value of 75 million euros (via transfermarkt), Real would have to dig deep into their wallets.

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