Foal joy in the Rheinderby: The Gladbach voices for the win against 1. FC Köln

The jubilation was great in Borussia Park.

Foal joy in the Rheinderby: The Gladbach voices for the win against 1. FC Köln

The jubilation was great in Borussia Park. After the clear 5-2 win in the derby against 1. FC Köln, fans and team celebrated the victory over their arch-rivals after the final whistle - after three derby bankruptcies in a row. The victory was garnished with a look at the table: the foals pass the billy goats in sixth place.

Coach Daniel Farke: "Coming back after the difficult result in Bremen and winning the derby for the first time in a long time was very important. In the first half you saw why Cologne have lost so seldom in the past few months. They are very intense in pressing and brutally compact in the centre. You have to be very clever tactically and patiently prepare the attacks - like we did before we made it 1-0. After the equaliser, we immediately put the pressure back on It was of course extremely important to make it 3-1. I didn't like the phase after the 4-1 that much, we were too hectic in our possession game, but all in all we clinched a well-deserved victory."

Jonas Hofmann: "This victory goes down like oil, it was an all-round successful afternoon. It was important for us to come back immediately after the 1:5 in Bremen - and we managed that. At the beginning it was back and forth, then we did it we got more control of the game and scored the goals at the right time. After going 3-1 up we let it slide a bit, otherwise it could have gone even higher but in the end it was a totally deserved win."

Marvin Friedrich: "We were really hot today, you could see that on the pitch. The coach adjusted us very well to our opponents. We were there and deserved to win. Unlike last week in Bremen, we were much more compact today and had overall much more possession and control.We started the derby well and I'm glad I was able to help the team with my opening goal.Obviously the dismissal against Cologne played into our hands, but I think we've got it were the better team in the first half in 11-a-side."

Christoph Kramer: "Winning the game 5-2 was incredibly important. Not only because it was the derby, but also because the three points will bring us further up the table. The key to success was that we prepared our opponents. We deliberately moved the game a lot, because that's the only way to beat this Cologne team. The way we played the game was good, although oddly enough we showed less dominance when we had a majority than before at eleven against eleven."

FC trainer Steffen Baumgart: "We got five players today, it doesn't feel good, but we have to get through it. That's why we won't let that deter us from our path. After the 0-1 draw, we're a little happy back into the game came back. The chances beforehand weren't as clear as we would have liked. After the penalty kick to make it 2-1 and the yellow-red card against Florian Kainz, things got difficult, of course. We tried to come back at half-time but then we made it 3-1 right after the break. After that, the game was more or less over. The Gladbachers then did very well with a majority. They let the ball run and we were in one situation or another played well."

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