My father introduced us to the food in front of the door

women's radio, what time did you leave for the last Time in the house? I've picked up moved me last Thursday for the last Time, when I had my daughter from

My father introduced us to the food in front of the door

women's radio, what time did you leave for the last Time in the house?
I've picked up moved me last Thursday for the last Time, when I had my daughter from the daycare center. This evening there was great excitement, because it was informed that an employee was suffering from Corona. Many parents stood in the aisles and discussed. Later still, someone came from the authorities, to answer questions. And then we were sent to the quarantine.

What does this mean in concrete terms?
Since then, we are not allowed to go outside, but stay in our house in Riehen. We, I, my daughter and a friend who also lives here. The girl's father and I live separately.

you Have kept in mind, and are not in the last six days of a single Time just before the door?
the day before Yesterday we went to the hospital to have a Corona Test. My daughter had cough and runny nose. Since you had contact with the affected supervisor, I got Worried. For the way to the car I attracted to me as ordered in a protective mask. My daughter's I have kept over the mouth and nose. She is two years old and would not keep a thing voluntarily. I have also considered, with a protective mask, at least in the Long alder for a walk. But that was never a serious Plan. I would like to bring anyone in danger.

the result of the test Is already?
Yes, it is, fortunately, negative. I like the fact that children do not fall ill in General, calmed down. But the idea that your child could carry such a Virus is still a Worry.

the quarantine for you Is a time of fear?
Not basically. It is especially exhausting. A small child can do so well alone. Usually, she has children to Play with and on my days off, we go on trips. Fortunately, we have at least a small garden behind the house, in the you and games can enjoy. I can't imagine how people who are locked up in an apartment.

How do you pass currently the time?
You have to make the Best of it and the Positive to see. For the mommy-child bond, it is sure good that we spend so much time together. We can paint and craft a lot and have decorated the window spring. In addition, I and my roommate ordered a recess, which is already full. Time to Clean up, we have Yes. If my daughter plays or sleeps, I try to support from home for my employer. Nevertheless, the ceiling reminds me sometimes on the head.

How this is manifested?
Sometimes, we look around 15 or 16 o'clock full of hope at the clock to see if not soon evening. Only to find that don't even have time to cook dinner. These are frustrating moments.

you Have enough supplies at home?
I didn't have enough, because I would have never expected something like this. My father has asked me on Saturday a big shopping before the door, is also Known to help out when we need something. It is touching to see how many people strive to facilitate our everyday life. A friend sent a package with toys for the Little one, another came from the grandmother. Also my employer has sent us flowers and a Teddy bear.

How do you deal with the social Isolation?
I am very glad with my girlfriend, a second adult Person in the house is because I don't feel isolated myself completely. It hurts but somehow, if it is a danger to others. For example, when my mother puts something in front of the door and quickly goes away before I open. And as we were the day before yesterday, with protective masks on the sidewalk, to drive to the hospital, has changed a woman on the side of the road. I understand that, it gives me a stitch.

you Feel that the authorities care?
Yes, it calls every day, someone from the health Department and ask how to do it for us. This is maybe a bit more control, whether we stay well-behaved at home. (laughs)

How to do it now for you?
Next Thursday is the end of the quarantine official, and 16. March also makes the nursery again. I very much hope that we may then live our everyday life back to normal.

What are you looking forward to most when the Isolation is over?
to Me and my daughter to move freely, and to play sports. For people who prefer being at home and watching TV, is not quarantine may not be so bad. But I'm always on the move and do a lot of sports, I miss that very much. Two days ago I got weights for me online extra and a gym ball, to be able to at least be home a bit of exercise. But actually, we get along very well. Day three and four were bad, but now we have become accustomed a little to it. Except that my daughter is in the evening, just not tired. Now she goes only to 23 o'clock to sleep, because the days activity is missing.

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