Ramelow will be the successor of his successor

Bodo Ramelow stands in the centre, especially when it comes to attention. To ten in front of two of the candidate of the Left of the cameras enters surrounded t

Ramelow will be the successor of his successor

Bodo Ramelow stands in the centre, especially when it comes to attention. To ten in front of two of the candidate of the Left of the cameras enters surrounded the Erfurt Parliament, to become the successor of his successor as head of the government of the small Federal state of Thuringia. "Today is not a day of the Principles is, today is the first day of a new stability." The mess is already big enough, said Ramelow.

tactics battle expected

This Time Ramelows opponent Björn Höcke of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) is called. Politicians, journalists, all waiting for days, a new tactic of battle. Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, country - and group leader of the Left, said: "I think you have to expect everything. The Filth of the AfD knows no boundaries."

The historic meeting starts with a minute of silence for the victims of the terrorist attack of Hanau. "Right-wing extremism and xenophobia in this society has no place," says state President Birgit Keller (CDU). It follows the first election: The CDU contains all closed up, and the AfD selects Höcke, Left, the SPD and the greens to vote for Ramelow. The liberals just sit in the car and Surprises for the time being.

The self-imposed incompatibility decision prohibits the Christian Democrats any cooperation with the Left or the AfD. In Thuringia, where both parties are particularly strong, has led to unprecedented political contortions. Mario Voigt, CDU parliamentary leader, and University Professor of Jena, together with representatives of the red-Red-Green, and three party colleagues, the "stability mechanism", which abbreviates contains the following Deal: The Union Ramelow head of the government, and escapes so a quick new election, which would probably be associated with significant mandate losses for you.

The loser is Höcke

in Front of the Parliament has been formed, meanwhile, a small Demo, the "grannies against the right" are, you can hear the whistles in the chamber. In front of the Windows Antifa flags. Then let down the blinds. The second round brings back the same result as the first.

The AfD had excluded votes for Ramelow before. Unlike the February candidate Christoph Kindervater Höcke wanted to be a straw man. On Tuesday evening, several Hundred AfD had-pendant with tea lights, and Germany flags gathered in front of the Parliament. They wanted to ignite "a light for democracy," it said.

With his candidacy Höcke took the split, the CDU into the visor, wanted to make the voting behavior of the deputies of the CDU and the FDP, despite a secret ballot and comprehensible, and the civil bearing of the word quarry can be converted. Both intentions come to nothing. On this day, the loser Björn Höcke means that his party withdraw the candidate before the third ballot.

of Thuringia new Prime Minister, is Bodo Ramelow. "In every crisis is an opportunity", said Ramelow, in his first speech as the new age, father of the country. Höckes Hand, he does not grasp.

It is a historical turning point. Thirty years after the reunification, the CDU After working together for the first time, with the left party, the successor of the GDR state party SED. The Thuringian CDU offends against an explicit party to the decision – however, not voluntarily, but in the highest Need. It does not open, but concealed. And only at the second attempt, after four months of Irrlauf.

The Thuringian CDU has not been selected, the left Bodo Ramelow directly. Their abstention was sufficient that this was again Prime Minister. You will now form a coalition with its minority government, or systematically tolerate it, but only from case to case. The cooperation also applies only to a one-year transitional phase – in April 2021 is to be re-elected.

The Thuringian Christian Democrats had, in fact, only Alternatives that you are all terrible occurred as a quasi-homeopathic co-operation with the Left. Should see the traditional ruling party from the sidelines as Thuringia sinks deeper into a crisis for the government? Should you agree to immediate new elections, in which in sight, each second of its members, and its headquarters would lose?

Many Conservatives are angry about the Thuringian and talk about the "taboo". In these circles, the anti-communism of the Cold war, still belongs to the core identity. The political development, this is no longer justified. While the AfD radicalized and targeted the constitutional protection device, the left party today almost everywhere solidlyon my own democratic base. No left-wing politician is also less than Feindbildals the De-facto social Ramelow Democrat.

The support of the CDU is therefore not a "sin", but a pragmatic solution in case of an emergency. It also creates no precedent, but a "Lex Thuringia". Since the CDU has to go through.

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