8th matchday: Letsch after a botched debut: "Don't be afraid and don't worry"

Thomas Letsch was taken by surprise in Leipzig by his own game philosophy.

8th matchday: Letsch after a botched debut: "Don't be afraid and don't worry"

Thomas Letsch was taken by surprise in Leipzig by his own game philosophy. The new coach of VfL Bochum had nothing to oppose the "immense quality of RB Leipzig".

The Saxons whirled in the 4-0 (2-0) victory at will, for the tail light there was a single goal chance thanks to Gerrit Holtmann (69th minute) in the working paper. "We were inferior to our opponents in every respect. We invited Leipzig to score the goals, it could have been more. It's now important for us to find solutions and learn from them," said Letsch at the press conference Side by side with his former youth coach at RB Salzburg. Marco Rose relied on offensive power against his ex-boss and was rewarded.

"It was a totally deserved win today. We did a lot of things well, we were really sharp. We had a lot of chances and we still kept a clean sheet. On Wednesday in the Champions League we need to put in a similar performance after two defeats ' Rose emphasized.

Sunday morning training

Then Letsch is right in the middle of the reappraisal process. "Now it's about finding solutions," he said, not wanting to talk about RB. "But we have to see that we have a compact team performance over 90 minutes. We have to think about what the approaches are to get chances in ball possession." Already on Sunday morning he asks his team for training. Because against Eintracht Frankfurt next Saturday (3.30 p.m. / Sky) you want to present yourself differently. "Just because we didn't get it on the pitch today doesn't mean we'll never get it on the pitch," said Letsch.

But the risk of relapse remains. Just like the 0:2 deficit after just 23 minutes. First, Timo Werner (15th) shot RB in front of 44,403 spectators before Christopher Nkunku increased the penalty kick. After the change, Werner (53rd) dusted off to make it 3-0. Nkunku initially only hit the post with the second penalty kick (63'), but shortly before the end the Frenchman managed the brace (85'). "Of course the team has the results they had and they come back up depending on how the game goes," he said. But the 54-year-old does not want to talk about problems. "I'm looking for solutions, there are things we can start with. I'm not worried about that either, we have a completely different game ahead of us against Frankfurt, in our own stadium. We have to be much more active ' Letsch said.

Holtmann self-critical

For that he needs the right players. "The player who says we're in a difficult phase, we give up, they're the wrong people. I'm miles away from saying after a game, oh dear, that's a lot harder than I expected. No, we knew what it was like," he said. Holtmann, in particular, was self-critical. "We didn't have a playful solution. It's also my job to find solutions, to move more. We can't find any solutions against these top teams this year, so we have to act as soon as possible not happen to the situation."

RB started with high intensity and could have led through Werner in the sixth minute. After Silva (12th) narrowly missed the VfL goal with a turning shot, Werner (15th) used his second chance to take the lead: After a ping-pong ball, the national striker reacted with lightning speed and flicked the ball into the top right corner. It was also his 100th goal for Leipzig. RB continued to run at high speed. After Bochum debutant Jannes Horn could only stop Nkunku with a foul, he safely converted the following penalty kick, although Manuel Riemann guessed the corner. After the change, Werner followed up wide awake after a shot from the post by Silva (53rd) and increased to 3:0. When the referee then points to the point after a kick at Halstenberg, Nkunku (63') put the ball on the outside of the post on his second penalty. In the 85th minute he did better and scored the final score.

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