5 big mistakes of the Stauffenberg assassination attempt and the truth about the 20. July

the preconception no. 1: "Stauffenberg would have shot Hitler better..." "If he was really brave, he would have shot the' leaders ' easy!" How often yo

5 big mistakes of the Stauffenberg assassination attempt and the truth about the 20. July
the preconception no. 1: "Stauffenberg would have shot Hitler better..."

"If he was really brave, he would have shot the' leaders ' easy!" How often you read these or similar "courageous" comments Stauffenberg articles, and in particular Facebook. To date, the miscarriage of justice economic, Stauffenberg would have had to shoot Hitler better, instead of a bomb.

In fact, Hitler would have been able to be relatively easily shot, but in the years before the outbreak of the war, as he was by the crowds as their chauffeur-driven in an open car. Since the beginning of the war, but Hitler was only rarely open to the public. About the author

Tim Pröse (50) has taken 25 years, people who opposed the Nazis. He has been looking for you, accompanied and portrayed – and witness in his long-selling "Century. The message of the last heroes against Hitler“ to be immortalized. For him, the anniversary of the death of the Scholl siblings on 22's. In February, a similarly important and touching day of 20. July – and for him, Stauffenberg is a real Hero.

Forget, too, that Colonel Claus Graf Stauffenberg, on 20. July 1944, his weapon had to pass before he was allowed to go to the führer's headquarters wolf's lair in the location of the barracks of Hitler. And he would have decided to a gun attack in front of the barracks, he would immediately become guards themselves victims of Hitler's body and could not use the "Operation Valkyrie" in Berlin to enforce.

He was the center of this roll-over plan, and on him everything depended. "He was the Motor of the Whole, he was allowed to sacrifice," said to me, co-conspirators, Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist, the Stauffenberg on 20. July 1944, in the bendler block with the gun had defended.

dpa/dpa The German officer and later a resistance fighter Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg.

the saw also an other comrade-in-arms of the count, Baron Philipp von Boeselager, I interviewed shortly before his death, to Stauffenberg. Boeselager said: "The Stauffenberg and the gun was difficult anyway. He could hold with his right Hand, not a gun. And so, he had Hitler not even a snap shot.“ In addition, the Baron, "came only Stauffenberg so close to Hitler. And Only he had the guts to do it!“

Exciting, but just no time?

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"He was actually physically incapable of an assassination run," said Boeselager. The then 37-year-old Graf had lost in the Africa campaign, an eye and a Hand, and the other two fingers were missing. Physical limitation, a Change in the schedule came up. The location of the meeting has been brought forward by half an hour, Stauffenberg was only able to make one of the two bombs. He committed a serious mistake. Instead of leaving the second explosive device without a detonator in the briefcase, took out he him. He would have to leave him in the bag, no one would be remained in the barracks alive.

preconception no. 2: "The attack came too late,"

is True: After the age of 20. July killed more Germans than in all the years of the war earlier, to 4.8 million. Prior to that, there were 2.2 million. The trains to Auschwitz could have been stopped. Cities such as Würzburg, Potsdam, Dresden, or Darmstadt were still intact. Even before the 20. July, there were 15 known Attempts to kill Hitler. Most of them were of the conspirators to General Henning von Tresckow, and Stauffenberg.

preconception no. 3: "the heroes were the students of the White Rose, the men of the 20th century. July“

How hard is Germany doing today in order to appreciate its resistance easy to love Yes! And how little devotion to the post-war Germans, both have brought the men of the 20th century. July as well as the students of the White Rose opposite. To this day, many struggle amazing, to mention the brave men Stauffenberg hero. Even most of the experts in history of today admire, however, the civilian resistance, especially those of the Scholl siblings and their comrades-in-arms. Also the fact of Georg Elser. All of this is right! But why don't you do that too - at least approximately - with the military French Resistance?

of The non-violent struggle against Hitler is the heart of the most that deal with this topic in more detail. So wonderful and important it is that Hans and Sophie Scholl and their comrades-in-arms respected today only finally, but also loved by many will be off: Hitler and Germany free of the Nazis – the only had the men of the 20th century. July been able.

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More about Stauffenberg, Sophie Scholl, and other brave people you read about in Tim Pröses long-term "century witnesses. The message of the last hero against Hitler. 18 encounters“. He appeared in the Heyne-Verlag.

To the book at Amazon

prejudice, no. 4: "Stauffenberg himself a Nazi"

was Wrong: excited is Not even the beginning of the war he was really for the Nazi ideology, but soon for the military successes of the rulers - like the overwhelming majority of Germans at that time. "The fool makes war," he said in 1939 about Hitler. Nevertheless, the euphoria over the lightning victories in Poland and France also recorded him. He writes for his wife, Nina from Poland and reported a "mixed people, and many of the Jews", a "people feel the only under the Heel" well.

shoot But when someone from his troop two Jewish women, he let him in front of a war court. Already in 1941, the career officer learns of the crime in the back to the Front of civilians, prisoners of war and Jews. He reacts with anger, as in the days of the "Reich crystal night" in 1938. He leaves the room, as the Nazi propagandists Julius speaks strings in Bamberg.

"no officer, kills the pig, Hitler with the gun?", he says to a Major in 1942, when he learns of a massacre of Jews. Stauffenberg was, because to him, the warfare was against it and because he wanted to save Germany's honor. The Holocaust was but as one of his main motives to want to kill Hitler. More on the history log of the Mega-outbreak: the last hours of Pompeii-double-ended-spy, for example, Felfe was of the GAU for the BND: "He betrayed everything and everyone" Iran and the US were friends, but in the Cold war they trusted a confused Shah, Hitler's debris-troupe: historians have refuted the myth of the Waffen-SS

It is not true that a democracy after the war, Stauffenberg was thinking. But given the majority of hangers-on, the barbarism watched up to the end of the war from the sidelines seems to be the reproach to Stauffenberg to be a pure Democrat, late insight is shown to have acted too late, very strange.

prejudice, no. 5: "The Nobles wanted to save their own privileges:"

Who was obliged, like Stauffenberg himself and his Conscience, is calling then, as now, the doubters and the cynics on the Plan. It is true that The predominantly aristocratic conspirators felt that their country committed. Among them there were also hangers-on, a few were involved in crime, such as the SS-commander Arthur Nebe, the massacre of Jews was responsible for.

But the majority of the conspirators was morally louder and louder. Stauffenberg said, the one who "dares to do something, you must be aware that he will probably go down as a traitor in the German history. He omits, however, is the fact, then he would be a traitor before his own Conscience.“

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The men of the 20th century. July had circles of contacts to the Christian, bourgeois and social-democratic Resistance. Stauffenberg himself was a friend of Julius Liver (SPD). And yet Hitler's words, "a small Clique of unscrupulous officers" to echoed after the war, long and held on to the master tables.

Later, the majority of the ' 68 generation could not do much with the military orientation of the Nazi enemy. How wide is the resistance was situated, reads alone, the number of those who gave her life for him. 200 men were executed, almost all known to be outspoken to 20. July. The historian Joachim Fest, coined the word from the "wages of futility": your Failure to leave the men in a "light purer emerge". Today, hundreds of roads in Germany to bear their name.

From my point of view, is precisely this willingness to surrender one of the great legacies of these heroes. You did something without a view, to be rewarded. How valuable is this just for today: Stauffenberg and his friends are good for that reason alone very well as role models for the many Dedicated volunteers and Helpful in Germany, the car for a goal, and, without asking, whether you gain something for themselves. seems to me

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