Who responds to Green, only with old Yuck-reflections, could charge hard

seemed to be the thing eaten: The Green of today, which can't be done. With their former counterparts from the realm of knitting Susen and shag-boys, you don'

Who responds to Green, only with old Yuck-reflections, could charge hard

seemed to be the thing eaten: The Green of today, which can't be done. With their former counterparts from the realm of knitting Susen and shag-boys, you don't have a lot in common. Not ideologically driven, they have become looser, not so reflexively in dismay. Or is it?

FOCUS Online Margarete van Ackerens Berlin week

Robert Habeck has stoked this week doubts about the theory of the flipped Green. The Co-Chairman will be introduced across the Board a speed limit of 130 kilometres per hour on motorways. That will "probably be the first measure of a new government, if the Greens are going," announced the 50-Year-old "Media Pioneer". Please? The world economy is in the deepest crisis that anyone can remember. Companies to control in their droves in the failure of markets is at a low point, the order on the globe sorted a new one and the first priority is to get the speeder?

"full throttle into the summer hole"

So raced Habeck self because even "full-throttle into the summer hole," as prompt someone (formulated admittedly not entirely impartial Central Association German motor vehicle trade) aptly. And since you have said in the Union and in the car-friendly faction of the SPD, "Hey, politics according to Pavlov, we also can". Because prompt the stop sign: speed limit – came not from which a reflex with us. Traveling on ancient paths.

Probably you have to capture the political racer rally this week as the last twitch of a bygone time. Because so easy to the biggest competitor is not more of it to come out on the parquet in the debates in the future. Neither the Green nor the other, the Black.

say goodbye to the cramp-fight

The Green-namely, the sort completely new. The draft of the policy programme on which the party base to the end of the month can join in doing Handicrafts, sealed in a process that has been running for two years on high tours: farewell to the ideological spasm fight.

There were early signs that something was coming. In the summer of 2018 the (then new) Duo named his summer tour after a row of the Germany song: "happiness guarantee." A formula of the national anthem, written live from the romantics, August Heinrich Hoffmann von Faller.

Who brought Patriotism and Green to date, together, had to learn: Habeck is the Habeck of 2010. His old statement "love of country, I always found disgusting. I knew what to do with Germany never to something,“ he corrected. The abhorrence of any national sentiment – once a kind of duty in the left bearing, she is no more. And the left camp itself is no longer what it once was.

dpa/Guido Kirchner/dpa Robert Habeck and Anna Lena Baerbock at the Federal party in the last November in Bielefeld, Germany.

of The state, we are

And on it goes with the Green. Your basic program will overwrite To make sure you with the formula, "and to protect." Article 1 of the basic law. Of the state and we the state we are in – so you, the Green of the 21st century. Century. The protection of human rights is a core concern of the Greens since the Foundation, the sound is but new.

The double top itself is three – day beard, sneakers – and, increasingly, state-supporting. 2021 Habeck and Co-Chairman Anna Lena Baerbock want to interpret this more closely: as a Partner in a Federal government. If you upgrade to one of their top people with the title of "Chancellor candidate/Registrar candidate", it appears as almost as a minor Detail.

dpa/Peter Kneffel/dpabild Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (l) and his counterpart, Michael Kretschmer.

Stealing Habeck, the conservative silverware?

And so, a short essay by Bernd comes special man in the sense that he wrote ten years ago for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung: "Robert Habeck is working on the Vision of a left-wing people's party (...) Here is someone to seek the conservative silver. It will not be sufficient to just call: ,Stop, thief!‘“ The author has to give at the time, obviously, a Union of middle readers as a kind of warning on the way.

The party chief Markus Söder (CSU) and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) are clearly understood, and that you get to these turned-up Green better than simple competitors than as enemies. Söder last gave up the Slogan of "Agro-Ecology instead of Agro-capitalism," and the reigning No. 1, the CDU has committed her party to a temperate environment course.

The pattern of movement in the overall look: We tried the classic profile of the fields of the other in one's own profile, not longer as a simple blank space to appear. The Greens are "bourgeois", the "bourgeois" rivals green.

It shows in the green robe

So it appears today as a reminder of a distant past, that Habeck in the Talk at Maybrit Illner CDU strategists a strange offer submitted: "We now need to consider how we manage a political Alliance capability without the CSU." Just two years ago. Today's CSU, from Söder turned and again of Anti-foreigner resentment freed connection is capable to the Green, as the party was ever there.

And the Greens, for their part, connection are able to economically ambitious Union politicians. You want to have a social-ecological market economy, of "growth, efficiency, competition and Innovation" in their place. Blow to in the principle program. That is there in the Detail between the Black and the Green are still many, even very serious differences, is evident.

vaccinate Only: Green in age Reflex manner to be decided, it appears increasingly inappropriate. Therefore, Friedrich Merz, one of the candidate for the CDU presidency was the last, literally in a green guise.

"invitation for new alliances,"

So the Green are defined in the draft of the policy programme, as well as the "Alliance party", to formulate an "invitation for new alliances". Because it comes to all the possible alliances and also to government alliances with the Black.

right here, but it will be really hot for the Green. In surveys, you can achieve values of up to 20 percent, because they are fighting for a rigid policy against global warming, because they existence-securing the promise of social benefits, because they want to explain to the health sector to the Zone beyond the profit motive, and perhaps also because they want car-free cities.

Only green trees do not grow in the sky.

With Both-and the conclusion of the

soon, The actual litmus test before the party. In the case of your "new alliances", you will soon need to be specific. With a cunning of Both-and you can't get through any longer. The Greens are open in the next year with a coalition announcement of the brand "on all sides" in the election campaign, then you will lose a nenenswerten part of their followers. On the one side or the other of your spectrum. And if you are unlucky, even on both sides.

For all who want to realize in a red-red-green coalition urlinke dreams, is a "bourgeois" Alliance of the Black and Green of the devil. And who hoped, in turn, by a black-green coalition creative, but moderate renewal, the danger is that he allows at the end of may red-Red-Green, definitely want to exclude.

A vote for the Greens can be used for individual risk-to-voice. So here is the real Dilemma of the new Green inserted: you will have to decide. Really dead, the former political bearings are, in fact, but still.

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