Weather in Germany: solar in the southwest - also on Thursday it will remain Sunny

the The Weather Channel tells you how the weather is with you. Click here and enter the location of your choice a Here is the weather service warned on Mond

Weather in Germany: solar in the southwest - also on Thursday it will remain Sunny
  • The Weather Channel tells you how the weather is with you. Click here and enter the location of your choice a
Here is the weather service warned on Monday

Monday, 25. May, 10.40 am: The German weather service (DWD) warned on Monday in several regions. With stage 2 (orange) is warned of storms in the following counties in Bavaria:

  • circular Cham
  • regen
  • circle of Freyung-Grafenau
  • Kreis Berchtesgadener Land
  • circle of Traunstein
  • district and city of Rosenheim
  • Kreis Miesbach
  • Kreis Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen
  • the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • circle Ostallgäu DWD

it Also warned in Dingolfing-Landau, Deggendorf, County, and city of Passau, Landshut, Rottal-Inn, Mühldorf and Altötting before the gusts of wind (level 1, yellow).

in many Parts of Schleswig-Holstein and in the North of lower Saxony is warned of gusts of wind.

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With a Yacht on the move: a Double rescue for sailors-couple and dog

22.36 PM: twice on the same day, a sailor has been rescued a couple of velvet dog in front of the island of Borkum. The two were with their Yacht on the road, as they reported on Saturday noon, rudder problems, such as the German company announced to the rescue of shipwrecked people. Dutch search and rescue personnel were in the vicinity of the pair and the sail brought a yacht and a crew to Eemshaven (the Netherlands). There, the Defect should be repaired.

in The early evening the same sailing delivery yacht in the Fischerbalje in front of the island. The couple put out a distress call. As the rescuers approached the wrecked boat, boarded the sailors, contrary to the instructions of the German Maritime search and rescue with her dog in a small Dinghy. The Wind was blowing with up to 74 kilometers per hour, so that the small boat capsized quickly. The couple and their Board dog had to be rescued from the water. The sailing yacht was brought to the Borkumer port of refuge.

weather on Sunday: lots of warnings due to Thunderstorms in the East of Germany

17.21 PM: The Thunderstorm to the East of Germany Polish border in the direction of. In the majority of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, only warnings of level 1 apply.

Strong Thunderstorms (warning level 2) is currently facing in the following regions:

Berlin and Brandenburg

  • district of Barnim
  • Kreis Märkisch-oderland
  • Kreis Oder-Spree
  • Kreis Dahme-Spreewald
  • the district Elbe-Elster
  • the circle of Spree-Neiße
  • oberspreewald-Lausitz
  • Cottbus


  • circle of Bautzen - deep country
  • circle of Meissen
  • city of Görlitz - deep country

Also apply to numerous regions of the warnings against gusts of wind. Are affected continue to the North-East of the Federal Republic of Germany and large parts of Bavaria and Baden-württemberg. An alert level 2 was issued for the erzgebirgskreis district, and parts of the circle of resin.

Due to drawing severe weather: 22 people from Chiemsee

11.23 PM: saved by 22 people during a wind storm been from the Chiemsee saved. The water sports were on Saturday part with kayaks, sailboats or electric boats and Stand-Up Boards on the lake, as the strong gusts of wind and heavy rain began, the police announced on Sunday. The large-scale operation of water rescue services in upper Bavaria, a rescue helicopter were boats, 14 rescue, and more than 70 helpers involved. No one was hurt.

weather on Sunday: squalls and Thunderstorms

Sunday, 24 threaten. May, 10.30 am: While the weather is in the southern half of Germany today, some friendly, threatened in the Northern half of squalls and showers, as well as part of a fierce Thunderstorm. Also, the Alpine can give it to rain. The temperatures stay a little lower with maximum values of 16 to 19 degrees. Only on the upper Rhine up to 21 degrees.

The German weather service (DWD) has already pronounced for some regions of the warnings.

Strong Thunderstorms (warning level 2) threaten in the following regions:


  • district of Ludwigslust-Parchim - East
  • circle of Rostock within the country - South
  • circle of Rostock inland North
  • circle of Vorpommern-Rügen - North
  • circle Mecklenburg-North
  • circle Vorpommer-Greifswald

Berlin and Brandenburg

  • Kreis Prignitz
  • Kreis Oder-Spree
  • district of Barnim
  • Kreis Oberhavel
  • circle Ostprignitz-Ruppin
  • Kreis Potsdam-Mittelmark
  • Kreis Märkisch-oderland
  • County of Teltow-Fläming
  • town of Berlin
  • Kreis Havelland
  • Stadt Cottbus
  • the circle of Spree-Neiße
  • Kreis Dahme-Spreewald
  • the district Elbe-Elster
  • oberspreewald-Lausitz


  • circle of Stendal
  • Altmarkkreis Salzwedel
  • circle Börde
  • circular resin - low country
  • circular resin - Bergland
  • rural district of Jerichower Land
  • saline County
  • city of Magdeburg
  • circle of Anhalt-Bitterfeld


  • the district of North Saxony - North
  • the district of North Saxony - South
  • circle of Meissen
  • circle of Bautzen - deep country
  • district of Görlitz - deep country

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warning level 2: Strong Thunderstorms in the North

20.37 PM: The situation in Germany more and more. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the warning of the DWD, however, remains still - still strong Thunderstorms and squalls threaten.


  • the circle of Parchim (warning level 2)
  • district of Ludwigslust (warning level 1)
  • circle Were (warning level 1)
  • district of Ludwigslust (warning level 1)
  • circle Güstrow (warning level 1)


  • circle of Kassel (warning level 1)


  • district of Höxter (warning level 1)
  • district of Recklinghausen (warning level 1)
  • district of Coesfeld (warning level 1)
Orange alert: Several warnings in the North of Germany

17.58 clock: Now has calmed down, the weather in Bavaria. The severe storms are deducted in the direction of Austria. There are now some severe weather warnings the alert level 2 in the North of Germany, especially in lower Saxony.

town of Hamburg

lower Saxony

  • circle Brake
  • circle Bremerhaven
  • circle Fallingbostel
  • circle Easter wood
  • Kreis Rotenburg a. d. Wümme
  • the circle of Winsen
  • Circle Nienburg
  • circle city Hagen
  • district and city Jannover
  • Kreis Hildesheim
  • circle of Hameln


  • circle of Ratzeburg
  • circle-Bad Oldesloe

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