According to Audi the DTM exit: What about the four teams?

With the announcement of Audi's withdrawal from the DTM with the end of the season 2020, the manufacturer teams, Rosberg, Abt and Phoenix, as well as the custo

According to Audi the DTM exit: What about the four teams?

With the announcement of Audi's withdrawal from the DTM with the end of the season 2020, the manufacturer teams, Rosberg, Abt and Phoenix, as well as the customer team WRT in front of an uncertain future. How is it more so with the 20 to 25 employees that work per Audi team currently on the DTM project?

"We will now put everything to the test," announces the Phoenix Audi team principal, Ernst Moser in conversation with ''. "From the looks of it currently, will stop the cooperation between Phoenix and Audi with the end of the year. And it is clear that we are not able to get route, a Team with this long project on the Nürburgring, certainly in the life", he refers to the stakes in the VLN and at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

But you have to rely on a new manufacturer order? "We went from 2006 to 2011 without factory involvement in the GT1 world championship" says Moser. "The times have changed a bit, but now we need to look at what happens specifically in the LMP area."

LMDh as a perspective for the future

A reference to the new LMDh regulations, which provides cars by the cooperation of the IMSA and WEC in the Topklassen of a long sport route in the world - including the battle for the overall Le Mans victory-is used. And at a lower cost than in the DTM. "Maybe there's possibilities," says Moser.

And what is the significance of for him and Audi's announcement that they will in addition check zumWerksengagement with Abt in formula E is "more progressive Motorsport formats"? "I'll be sure to try to place us so that you include us again, if you do something," says Moser, but next season, no Chance. "I don't think they have new projects, because as soon as something will go. And in formula E, everything is currently occupied."

In the Customer racing range, you will be representing Audi, but "safe more", Moser is convinced. "And if there are commitments such as the 24-hour race, then I hope that we get back a partial support of the work. In addition, we are in everything that happens here around the Nürburgring, one of the best addresses. Therefore, I am optimistic that we will work again in the future together."

Abbot needs in addition to formula E the new project

The only Team that has to 2021 an official work order from Audi, the Abt-squad from Kempten, which is reacted with the formula-E-use. However, even if the Abbot is instructed to the DTM-retreat on new projects. "We look for Alternatives in and outside of the racing scene," says Abt sports Director Thomas Biermaier, in conversation with ''. "With the clear goal that we can retain our people."

Still, it was too early to have Details to announce: "There are different scenarios that we test, but I can still say nothing, because, as in the case of Corona, I don't know if this is true then next week at all." It was clear, however, that the short-time working-have used the model so far, absolutely: "as a result, we had to make us to separate us immediately from someone."

Despite the "bloody nose": Dare to Rosberg GT3 Comeback?

Particularly hard, the Audi-retreat hits the best-team Rosberg, as the team from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse has to show for it in addition to the DTM, no other commitment. "We have, of course, the topic of the second leg is already longer internally with us," confirmed team Manager Kimmo Liimatainen in conversation with '' the difficult initial situation. "We now need to turn over every stone and consider what opportunities there are."

A customer sport use in the GT3 field will be a path to consider, but Liimatainen speaks of a difficult compromise: "With Pay-drivers, you might often not-so-good results and it is more difficult, but when you get professionals, then these must be financed."

The Finn speaks from experience. "We have brought in two years ago, with the last GT3 project a bloody nose", he refers to the three years of Rosberg-use of the Lamborghini Huracan in the GT-Masters, which took place under his leadership, and not the hoped-for successes brought. "This is to appreciate not to."

WRT toying with LMDh manufacturer support

In the search for a new field of activity and to new partners you have to show for it but at least two of the DTM championship title from the past three years. "I think that's important, because this is also a selling point," he says. "You can say we have done something, we can bring a certain Standard. That definitely helps."

still, the Audi customer team WRT, Vincent Vosse. How to do it for the team from Belgium? The team boss putting feelers out similar to the Phoenix team boss Ernst Moser is already in the direction of LMDh-class. "LMDh is virtually a copy of the GT3 class. And you have to fight for the Chance to overall victories in Le Mans, Daytona or Sebring", he sees to '' the advantages of the new approach.

As he imagines a use? "Our idea is that we would be riding the big races with the manufacturer's support best. Because this is likely to be the future of Motorsports. It is more High-End to customer teams, with manufacturer support to overall victories as a pure work of the teams," said Vosse.

This article was written by Sven Haidinger

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Date Of Update: 25 May 2020, 23:27