Trump described Coronavirus as Kung Flu | policy

In the United States to take the Coronavirus infections again. Experts are concerned. US President, Trump has his own explanation. And he fired racism accusatio

Trump described Coronavirus as Kung Flu | policy

In the United States to take the Coronavirus infections again. Experts are concerned. US President, Trump has his own explanation. And he fired racism accusations against themselves.

Washington (Reuters) - Despite the racism allegations, US President, Donald Trump holds on to its title of "Kung Flu" for the Coronavirus while the new infections in the United States allow experts for the alarm bells to ring.

Trump said during an appearance before supporters in Phoenix (Arizona), he had not heard of "19 or 20 names" for the Virus, which had been initially in China found and then about the world-spread. "It was never, what, there were so many names," said Trump.

As from the audience in Phoenix "Kung Flu"-Call sounded, the President said: "Kung Flu, Yes, Kung Flu." Then he got thunderous applause. In the USA the Numbers of new infections on the rise by the Virus in numerous U.S. States. Trump has compared the Coronavirus, contrary to the experts, repeatedly with a flu - in English "Flu".

Trump had for the first time said on Saturday at a campaign rally in Tulsa (Oklahoma), he know for the "Chinese Virus" different names, including "Kung Flu". He saw then racism accusations, which the White house objected to. Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in front of trump's appearance in Arizona, Trump I only want to on the origin of the Virus alert.

of The leading immunologist in the Corona-crisis, Anthony Fauci, expressed concern about the significantly increasing number of cases of Coronavirus infections in several US States. Fauci spoke at a hearing in the house of representatives of a "worrying increase of infections" in Florida, Texas, Arizona and other States. The next few weeks are crucial to offset this increase, he said.

About half of U.S. States reported an increase in the number of cases. Trump played the recent increase in known Coronavirus infections in the United States again. "If we test more, we find more cases," he said. "Testing is a two-edged sword." The United States had 27.5 million Tests, more than any other country.

Trump had already said at the rally on Saturday: "If you are testing in this extent, you will find more and more people, you will find more cases, so I told my people: "Slows down the Tests, please."" From the White house it was called then, Trump had "obviously joking".

The President said when he was asked about his statement: "I'm not kidding." Fauci stressed that no one from the Coronavirus group of the White house ever having been instructed to slow down Tests. "The opposite is the case. Who will be testing more, not less."

Trump is calling for a rapid reopening of the industry and wishes to - probably with a view to the election in November - the most rapid possible return to normality. His presentation showed that the Coronavirus is, to disappear gradually from the USA.

The most renowned experts reject trump's Declaration that the increase in infections is due mainly to an increase in the number of Tests. You make a priority the easing of Corona-restrictions responsible. The daily number of newly registered cases in the USA are again at around 30,000 - which is only slightly less than the height of the crisis in April. The Governor of Texas, Abbott, a Republican, Greg, called on the citizens in the face of a Record number of new infections within a day to stay at home - weeks after the state had loosened one of the first measures of protection.

the United States is The country with the most proven Coronavirus infections in the world. More than 2.3 million cases have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 120,000 people have died after infection with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2.

Trumps event in Phoenix had been announced by the White house as the President's address "to young Americans." In fact, it was a barely disguised campaign appearance that Trumps pendant is dense and mostly without protective masks in the auditorium sat. Trump had suffered on Saturday in Tulsa (Oklahoma) this is a setback, because at the rally of his intended reboot of his election campaign in the Corona-crisis, thousands of seats in the Arena remained empty. In the November presidential elections in the United States.

Trump is not only because of the Corona-crisis, but also because of the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis on may 25. May is under pressure. Trump has condemned the death of Floyd's several times, and the right to peaceful demonstrations, and stresses. He is however accused of not clearly positioning themselves against racism and to show little understanding for the anger about discrimination and injustice.

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