The fear in Neukölln is growing: Militant neo-Nazis and Clans to worry Berlin scene

The characters of concern to the neukölln, are no longer to be overlooked. Almost four weeks ago, it was a van, the night ablaze in the sun alley was on fire. O

The fear in Neukölln is growing: Militant neo-Nazis and Clans to worry Berlin scene

The characters of concern to the neukölln, are no longer to be overlooked. Almost four weeks ago, it was a van, the night ablaze in the sun alley was on fire. On the wall directly at the scene the police found a freshly sprayed-on SS-runes. The target of the attack: a Syrian bakery.

Neukölln has a sad and long history with militant right-wing extremism, Bianca Klose, Head of the Association "Mobile counseling against right-wing extremism in Berlin" (MBR). But for months, a development that'll make the people in the neighborhood, more and more afraid to face more and more. "For 2016, we have experienced now make up 75 attacks in Neukölln. To you can quite clearly see that the aggressiveness and readiness to use violence is on the increase,“ said Klose to FOCUS Online

extremism expert: "acts of aggression have increased markedly,"

what the right-wing extremism expert at this development worried the most are two things. "In the past, the extreme right-wing intimidation and attacks directed against members of the white majority society. Book dealers, for example, to engage openly against the Nazis.“ In the meantime, but have changed the target audience. "Today, it is mainly people from immigrant societies."

The second point concerned the type of aggressiveness. "It has been earlier arson attacks. But in the meantime, we have to conclude that the aggressors take more and more, the attacks that people get hurt.“

That this is not yet happening, you have to do especially with the rapid and prudent the help of local residents, which would have prevented that fires attacks on residential houses. "And the Nazi symbols like SS runes, for example, are increasingly found at the crime scenes, are a clear indication that the aggressiveness has increased significantly."

Michael Helbig/dpa-Central, picture, and d a the window of their shop had been smashed by A policeman during a RAID against extreme Right-wing in Berlin (icon image)

bookseller: "The queasy feeling that remains"

A bookseller, whose business between Sonnenallee and Karl-Marx-Strasse in the North of neukölln is, according to FOCUS Online, that some time ago. "The state police was there. In the end I don't believe that it has acted as a stop with a right-wing extremist Background. But that queasy feeling remains,“ said the bookseller.

Shocking examples of escalating violence, there is enough. In the fall of 2016, Unknown attacked a book dealer in Alt-Rudow, after he had participated in a discussion series entitled "What to do against the AfD?". Twice within six weeks, Unknown persons threw him with stones the Windows of the business. Only a short time later, his car went up in flames. The perpetrator or perpetrators had made his residence in Britz to find.

The bookseller in the North of neukölln, which is also involved in theme nights against right-wing extremism, with no illusions about the fact that in the fight against the Right fast success could be achieved. And you recognise that the police also bar your contribution. "But what frustrated me is that on the part of the police, not energetic enough, and too little in touch. It comes easy to little from this side.“

"fear grows that, one day, Nazi stands in front of its own door-to-door"

The Klose also concerned Bianca. As an example, she cites the "enemy list" with 500 names of Berliners. She had been found in one of two main suspects of the attack series for the last four years on a computer hard drive. "After the deadly attack on the politician Walter Lübcke in Kassel, one year ago, hard seems to me to understand how we can say that the list 'should not pose a concrete threat'. I would be much more careful with such an assessment,“ says Klose.

The sow in the Rest of the 500 Affected similarly, adds the Head of the MBR Association. The employees coming up behind them with the advice of many of these people, "barely", since you have been informed by the police that they were on this list – even if the list was already eight years old. "The sudden certainty that Right-wingers have for years collected information and photos about you, triggers in the Affected a distressing feeling of powerlessness . Ask yourself: 'Why collect because the extreme Right info about me, and how at risk I am?' These people have always been more afraid that one day, as in the case of Lübcke shows up on your doorstep a Nazi.“

Reuters police officers stand in a large control action in Berlin-Neukölln, in front of a dining operation.

mayor to Clan-crime: "the New law makes important police work to break"

The second major problem area that has caused the Neuköllnern, more and more Worry, is the organized crime of the Arab clan families. The phenomenon is not like the militant right-wing extremism a new Dimension already. "What we have been missing in the fight against the clan crime just yet, is the Anti-discrimination act of the Senate", said Falko Liecke (CDU), councillor for citizens ' services, youth and health.

This fight is "already hard enough," says Liecke, which is since 2011 the Vice-mayor of the district of Neukölln. There is a lack of effective legal instruments, such as a "complete reversal of burden of proof" to be able to do business with illegal money, to prove. Also, investigators in the field of Organised crime, call for a tightening of laws following the example of the Anti-Mafia fight in Italy again and again.

But now, as the Anti-discrimination law is decided, it's time to ruin this important police work. "The cops will notice it when controls are already in habit and Gesture of the owner of hookah Bars, where to get food for the officials, in most cases, is always something, whether it's now untaxed Shisha tobacco, rigged slot machines, bridged power meter, illegal possession of weapons and much more," explains Liecke.

With the new rules, however, would be even simple traffic control "more complex and risky" for the officials, who alone, in the case of repeated Discrimination will face charges quickly with legal consequences such as the carriage lock. "The police tell me that it was actually even not in the mood to control in certain Parks always back to black Africans. But what have they got left, if you don't know that only a small part of the Dealer bears the German name, and for the most part but? Who ignored it, denied reality.“

"self-awareness-the Clans will rise"

The result of this Senate was the policy that the officials were now more and more often, simply at a standstill and nothing would do. "This law is a pure determination of an obstacle, a law that officials discriminated against. I shall do everything in my power to ensure that it will be undone,“ says the Vice-district mayor.

What is lost in the fight against the Clan-crime, the new law now also, whether the "deterrent effect", which would achieve the controls so far, in the Clan scene. "Self-confidence is not lacking the Clan members anyway. And that will now increase again, if the cops hands are tied,“ adds Liecke.

Without a "superordinate concept", are not involved in the various instances, such as the courts, police, politics and the state Prosecutor's offices, however, it was futile to fight the Clan-crime effectively.

Clan-raids show success: Berlin police chief talks about the "iceberg principle" FOCUS Online/Wochit Clan raids show success: Berlin police chief talks about the "iceberg principle" is a risk of super cells: 80 Liter continuous rain and dangerous Thunderstorms in the afternoon, PCP is a risk of super cells: 80 Liter continuous rain and dangerous Thunderstorms in the afternoon

Updated Date: 11 July 2020, 03:26

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