2 invisible risk factors contribute to ovarian cancer when you to the doctor

About 7,000 Times will have to be made in the current year in Germany, the diagnosis of "ovarian cancer". The ovarian cancer makes up around a quarter of all

2 invisible risk factors contribute to ovarian cancer when you to the doctor

About 7,000 Times will have to be made in the current year in Germany, the diagnosis of "ovarian cancer". The ovarian cancer makes up around a quarter of all gynecological tumors, "however, 50 percent of all deaths from these cancers," says Marion Kiechle. The Director of the women's clinic at the University hospital rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) research on the subject of operative and oncological gynaecology, especially to hereditary cancer diseases of women.

in addition to ovarian cancer belong to the group of gynecological tumors of uterine body cancer and cervical cancer, but also Vaginal and vulvar cancer. However, if ovarian cancer is particularly aggressive to continue: the numbers trend a positive development. In the last five years, the number of new cases has decreased by nearly ten percent.

risk factors for ovarian cancer ovulation and the genes BRCA-1 and BRCA-2

the cause for this positive development, the Anti-Baby-pill. It is since decades the most common means of contraception. The drug is not the ovaries, so to speak, to rest, the ovulation will take place. Several pregnant and Breastfeeding this positive effect have.

Ultimately, ovulation is associated with a tiny violation of the surface of the ovary, which can pose the risk for a change. Around 400 Times a woman has in her fertile period of life a ovulation by taking the pill or pregnancy and breast-feeding significantly less.

A particularly large influence on the risk for ovarian cancer, certain gene mutations, such as BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 have, however. This as the "breast cancer genes" known mutations – BRCA stands for Breast Cancer – can be in addition, in connection with ovarian cancer.

an Average of 30 to 60 percent of the women with these gene mutations and ovarian cancer develop in the course of your life. "Many who have this genetic risk, or breast cancer, and these genetic changes have – what can be done with a Test – therefore, as a precaution, the ovaries removed," says Marion Kiechle.

ovarian cancer> grows often unnoticed,

1. He makes only in an advanced stage of symptoms. Growth of ovarian cells and is a Tumor that forms in this Region is often unnoticed for a long time. Because the female body is known to be aligned so that a Baby room can be challenging to grow, what emerges is often only after months, a slight belly bulge. Approximately 75 percent of the tumors are discovered, therefore, only in a far advanced stage.

2. Ovarian cancer grows quickly and spreads out in the abdominal cavity, can also affect the lungs. "Even if the wife goes every six months to control, can form in the meantime, an advanced ovarian cancer," warns Kiechle.

This is also one of the reasons why a General Screening for ovarian cancer is not recommended in the guidelines, quite unlike, for example, as the connection with breast cancer. Ovarian cancer Screening has been proven in various studies as an effectively, it has little impact on mortality. Ovarian cancer is one of the types of cancer that still has no effective early detection measure researched.

symptoms of ovarian cancer

The symptoms are rather unspecific, such as:

  • abdominal circumference increases, with no increase in weight, the rest of the body loses even more weight. "Ovarian cancer needs a lot of calories in order to grow," explains the Oncologist the Background.
  • vague abdominal pain
  • digestive problems
  • need to urinate more often than before

especially women over 50 years, as well as those where a family history exists, should these non-specific symptoms in any case clarify.

diagnostic ultrasound is at the beginning of

With a TRANS-vaginal ultrasound, a ultrasound examination through the vagina, the doctor already suspected ovarian cancer. Have more accurate results then a computed tomography (CT), or, if necessary, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET). Thus the extent and spread of the tumor to other organs. Laboratory tests to complete the diagnosis.

Based on the investigation results of ovarian cancer can be divided into four stages classified depending on whether it is limited only to the ovaries, or already distant metastases have formed. More on the topic of cancer The are the 10 Golden rules that allow you to minimize your risk of cancer, This reveal 10 signs that you are suffering from cancer, more and more young people could develop cancer of the colon, the protection would simply be cancer-milestone: immune therapy to defeat tumours - works better than Chemo Every 8. Women with breast cancer: What are the symptoms you should not ignore

therapy – Operation is crucial

Depending on the stage the Doctors determine the treatment schedule together with the patient. "The first and most important treatment for ovarian cancer is surgery," says the gynecologist. Every Millimeter of the tumor tissue needs to be removed. Experience and skill of the surgeon is crucial. The Tumor is by surgery to completely remove, the Chance of a lasting cure. This is the case, if the cancer is only on the ovaries has been limited.

However, mostly carried out in complex, large operations, because the entire abdominal area is affected, including parts of the intestine, the diaphragm, the liver or the spleen.

for the treatment of ovarian cancer certified centers, which have specialized in gynecological tumors are therefore Recommended to find, for example, on the OncoMap of the German cancer society.

in Most cases, chemotherapy follows the SURGERY. As cytostatic drugs in ovarian cancer Carboplatin and Paclitaxel are recommended.

New therapies to improve prognosis is crucial

The new Generation of drugs, so called Biologicals, and PARP inhibitors, have improved the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer in addition to antibodies, such as Bevacicumab significantly. They include agents such as Olaparib, Rucaparib and Niraparib include. They inhibit the enzyme enzyme P oly A DP R ibose- P olymerase, which plays an important role in the apoptosis of certain cancer cells.

The drugs are simply taken as tablets, usually in connection to chemotherapy. "The prognosis for Survival of patients treated has doubled," says Kiechle about this resounding success. So, 60.4 percent of the patients who relapsed were in the studies, after three years, if they had received the new therapy. A group of patients that received these drugs, was only 27 percent in this period, tumor.

- prevention of ovarian cancer

However, a cure is not yet in all cases of ovarian cancer in perspective. It would be best therefore, on this gynecological cancer, specifically to prevent and not get sick in the first place to him. "And the is active possible", explains the expert. Two measures come into question:

1. You will be Overweight. Obesity is an important risk factor for ovarian cancer, because certain regions of the body fat as a separate body hormones to manufacture, which also act on the ovaries.

2. Carriers of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 Mutation should consider to have the ovaries removed as a precaution , such as after the completion of the family planning. However, in women under 40 years with this genetic risk, this decision should be considered, because the prophylactic ovary removal reduces the risk of mortality significantly, as studies show, and no effective screening tests are available.

This is the risky mutations are inherited, statistically, 50 percent of the offspring. If you have these gene mutations can be roughly with the queries of hereditary factors tapping – such as whether someone in the family had breast and/or ovarian cancer. You can be at the best of your gynecologist or your gynecologist, or in special centres for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer advise.

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