The case numbers are increasing, so what? Why we fear of the Virus have lost

The case numbers in Germany are rising. 1226 new infections on Wednesday, 1445 last Thursday and 1449 on Friday – there are no good news had to be reported to t

The case numbers are increasing, so what? Why we fear of the Virus have lost

The case numbers in Germany are rising. 1226 new infections on Wednesday, 1445 last Thursday and 1449 on Friday – there are no good news had to be reported to the Robert Koch Institute last. Appropriately, the politicians are not tired, on the increasing threat posed by the Virus, to keep the citizens in Attention to.

"anyone Who believes that Corona is out and gone and will be deceived,“ said, for example, Bavaria's Prime Minister, Markus Söder, as he tried to explain the Test-Chaos in the free state in holiday returnees.

In the population is, however, much less alert than in may, when the infections were at a similarly high level. The images, on which masses of the North sea and the Baltic sea beaches or rivers, romp, have now become a habit.

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For many, it seems also with less restrictions – one, two, guests are likely to be much on the birthday celebration or a convivial evening in your own living room have experienced all of the most lately. The author of this text.

was Forbidden and this is not, of course, but it illustrates the feeling of carelessness, which has captured large parts of the society. We have lost the fear of the Virus within a few weeks? And we would endure a new Lockdown at all?

risk assessment. since the beginning of the pandemic dramatically

changed "The people have lost most of their fear of the Virus," says Ulrich Wagner The Professor of social psychology at the University of Marburg is sceptical about the Corona-carrying capacity of German society.

One reason: the change in the risk assessment. Had felt at the beginning of the crisis, many people by the Coronavirus is actually threatened, a reduction in the fear of the pandemic in the last few weeks gradually: "Many people have experienced that they themselves are not victims of the Virus and the risk of Covid-ill 19, is perceived as less likely."

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enticing A Virus without terror, "especially young people, to meet in this context, riskier decisions". This is, scientifically speaking, although polite. But, in reality, the joy of images resulting from the described risk as Mallorca or Berlin, where hundreds of young people forgot any hygiene rules in the rapture of recovered freedom.

Regardless of age, Wagner recognizes in the population, a Weariness, to continue studying intensively with the issue of Corona "unlike at the beginning of the pandemic". Also, the startle people to be more Laissez-Faire.

Again, Lockdown would be perceived as a huge injustice

And yet something is different today than just a few months ago: As the Virus in the beginning of March from China to Italy and finally to Germany spread, gathered, the company behind the Maxim "Flatten the curve" – that is, the common goal is to prevent the spread of the Virus through a collective custom behavior. AP quarantine in history after the Corona onset in the meat factory Tönnies (icon image).

In the population would be so entitled were created – the feeling of having achieved something and the expectation that these efforts would have been worth it, says Wagner. In this context, people would tend to the Virus is sub-consciously as a human interaction partner perceive. This should recognise the efforts of the company.

The result of this distorted perception: "A new Lockdown, many of us would understand subjectively as unjust, although there is no direct culprit."

information policy is. for acceptance of local Lockdowns crucial

Totally, the company would not feel the mercy of your subjective Injustice, and their Corona-Blues in the case of a re-lock downs, however, The right remedy, in order not to lose the citizens, would have found the leaders already, believes Wagner: "the Decisive factor will continue to be, the extent to which people feel, to get consistent and coherent information about it, why is it just you and why are you re-limitations need to share."

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The information policy of the governments and responsible institutions during the past months has been from many sides. In regular Briefings by the Robert Koch Institute and representatives of the Federal and state governments about the current status of the pandemic informed. This approach was also on a smaller scale, in the case of local outbreaks is necessary, says Wagner.

From a social psychological point of view, events also, especially in the case of local Infection, such as the meat giant Tönnies in the district of Gütersloh - the time limit is an advantage. "As soon as people are able to foresee, when it is over, are you even willing to follow stricter conditions", cites Wagner to a study at the LMU in Munich. The participants in the study had opted for a shorter and tougher measures to contain the Coronavirus. 36 percent were able to imagine a drastic tightening of the Output limits for a few weeks, and even 71 percent claimed to be willing to stick to it.

For dealing with new Hotspots are the important information. Because they show that Germany's citizens would be able, Once again, for a limited time, for the purposes of the company to take back – even if it is difficult.

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Updated Date: 14 August 2020, 16:26

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