Police Commissioner warns: riots, such as in Stuttgart, also threaten in the NRW-cities

In her book, described Tania Kambouri, 37, from Bochum, the most difficult strip service with aggressive, young migrants. Now the police chief Commissioner crit

Police Commissioner warns: riots, such as in Stuttgart, also threaten in the NRW-cities

In her book, described Tania Kambouri, 37, from Bochum, the most difficult strip service with aggressive, young migrants. Now the police chief Commissioner criticized the policy sharply due to the standard of racism allegations and says: "The police can areas of the growing readiness to use violence is less and less to a halt".

FOCUS Online The SPD Chairman, Saskia esque has the police a latent racism, like something is in them?

Tanja Kambouri: That are hard-to-output end of the allegations. It is not for me to understand how can a whole state Institution is a racist. Police officers represent a cross-section of the population, so that it can also come here to misconduct of the individual. To put us under General suspicion, it makes me very angry.

FOCUS Online : How politicians come to such a judgement?

Kambouri: I don't know. I assume that many politicians have little insight into the everyday challenges of the police profession. You may see video shots in the network, which represent only a part of the action. Often only the Intervention of the police is to see, and the previous behavior that made the Intervention of the colleagues necessary in the first place, is suggestive of the part.

the images on the terrible death of the African-American George Floyd by U.S. police officers in Germany – and finished the cliché is. Politicians like Mrs esque seem to be the judge here is very reflex-like, without the complexity of action be in order to meet.

"We are not looking at the skin color or the origin of"

FOCUS Online , The accusation of Racial Profiling is Yes, according to how you will experience this in everyday life?

Kambouri: This accusation is not new, I described as early as 2015 in my book, "Germany in the blue light". The controls of these persons do not come about by chance. We are not looking at the skin color or the origin, but on the overall picture. How is the body posture, the facial Expressions. We examine whether or not the Person is already entered times by the police in appearance. If the vehicle you are driving is unique to certain criminal circles. If we stop, for example, a Person with African roots, then only on the basis of their suspicious behavior and not, for example, due to the origin.

FOCUS Online , Especially in the Ruhr area make up the Kurdish-Lebanese Clans wide, now you will see a swank Mercedes, there is a well-known environment size is the Racial Profiling, if you stop the man?

Kambouri: Absolutely not, because this is a police known offender, has a thick file at the police station. It is our job to control these. Reuters police officers secure during a RAID by customs and police, a hookah Bar.

FOCUS Online Sometimes it is said that the police have too few officers with an immigrant background, in immigrant milieus to navigate.

Kambouri: We live here in Germany. I must not understand the Turkish language or the traditional clan thinking, in these environments, to intervene. It is German law that all must keep. It would be the wrong way to go, if the police would have to adapt here.

"The police can areas of the growing readiness to use violence is less and less left in place"

FOCUS Online In Stuttgart and Frankfurt have recently rioted groups, in which young men with immigrant backgrounds were represented. Repetition of scenes such as in the NRW-cities?

Kambouri: Absolutely. The police can areas of the growing readiness to use violence is less and less to a halt. Attacks on police officers have reached a frightening dimension. Through these attacks, and a massive burden for many young colleagues, meanwhile, remain not long on the road. Earlier, a number of officials went from 25 to 30 years on Patrol. Today, it is in urban agglomerations rather an exception.

"Not sufficient time or only very delayed sanctions,"

FOCUS Online What's going wrong?

Kambouri: These customers learn quickly that you can almost do what you want, because there is no sufficient time or only very delayed sanctions. If these people know after attacks on police officers, robbery and sexual Assault no boundaries and consequences, it is only logical that you put your behavior to continue. To worry about

is that it will also come with us in NRW to such riots and de facto law-free spaces in certain districts. If we are not able to identify this clearly, we must not be surprised about a division of society and a growth of right-wing populist parties.

FOCUS Online : this Is not a gloomy forecast?

Kambouri: What do you mean, too dark? Meanwhile, the normal citizens in many major cities in NRW, places to avoid due to the lack of safety, such as the Dortmunder North city. During the day, it is already uncomfortable at night but I would not go there alone. From my point of view, those areas in many cities where you can feel really safe. I used to be as teenagers in the evening, often alone, in the city of Bochum on the road. This is what I would do today.

"The crime statistics are not in line with my daily Experience"

FOCUS Online But according to crime statistics, the crime in North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Federal.

Kambouri: , The crime statistics do not coincide in large Parts with my daily Experience and that of my colleagues. Many threatening experiences and aggressive behavior do not appear in these statistics. From my point of view, the aggression is increasing potential for more and more. And even small conflicts can lead to a major escalation. In particular, in the aforementioned groups.

FOCUS Online : Now they're hacking all the time on the migration background, are you also a Racist?

Kambouri: no, why? The migration background is an important factor and should be recorded in the case of offences. Only if we name the problems and weights, we are able to analyze them and find solutions. dpa Duisburg-Marxloh is because of the Clan Assaults are often in the focus of the media

"We need faster judgments, accelerated procedure"

FOCUS Online What needs to change?

Kambouri: We need faster judgments. I think of the accelerated procedure. The funds must be used. It may not be the case that criminal proceedings are six months or a year later before the court. In time, many offenders have committed new offences. Offenders without a right to stay in the country would have to leave. Obstacles to deportation have to be shut down, because these people threaten the order and internal security in our country.

FOCUS Online five years Ago, you have written about your experiences as a patrol officer. What women today expect the police to deal with offenders?

Kambouri: The police profession has never been easy. This must be every colleague is clear. Special problems of the Muslim understanding of the role of a man and a woman are preparing the civil servants. It starts with insults such as "You don't bitch, you we're talking about, you're a woman" and can increase up to physical attacks. Here Germany stands for the equality of women. Exactly, but in these environments, not again. As a health Minister Huml resignation offered, offered, presented Söder your only two questions PCP As a health Minister Huml resignation, turned Söder your only two questions

Updated Date: 14 August 2020, 17:26

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